Twitch staff call the company out on sexual assault, racism

Twitch staff call the company out on sexual assault, racism.

In October 2020, Twitch, one of the largest online streaming platforms, was put into a microscope when
several of their staff exposed that there are sexual assault that is happening inside the company.

At least 16 employees came forward and revealed that sexual assault and sexual bias against women
happen inside the walls of the streaming company. This according to reports did not only happen
recently but since Twitch’s inception.

Employees feel that the company’s HR is covering up and neglecting their accusations and in some
cases, employees even face retaliation for reporting a sexual abuse that happen within the company.
Under federal law, sexual harassment especially in a workplace is illegal. It is not only limited to rape or
unwanted physical advantages. Unwanted teasing or jokes of sexual nature and even indecent
proposals can be grounds for sexual harassment

Before filing any complaint to the authorities, though, make sure to first resolve it and follow the sexual
harassment policies in your company as it may hurt your chances if you file and report a case right

In cases like what happened with Twitch wherein the sexual assault allegations are swept under the
rug, what employees can do is to make sure that they document everything. Make sure to preserve any
evidence of the abuse so you can give a detailed timeline to the authorities about the sexual violations
in your workplace.

In New York, employers can also be held accountable if a sexual assault happens inside the company.
If you are unsure about any legal steps that you may take, you can always consult sexual assault
attorneys in NYC to make sure of your next steps.

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