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Are you in Rochester and need Estate planning services near you? Look no further. The Morgan Legal Group is here to have your problems attended to. Are you in need of expert guidance on will, trust, and power of attorney cases? Do you have an elderly member of your family that cannot manage their affairs? Maybe you need to execute or want to be an administrator of an estate? You can get all of these services at our top-rated estate planning and probate company in Rochester. Contact us today to begin planning your Estate.

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We are a dedicated legal company with highly experienced professionals. We are always ready to serve you at whichever lengths. We are available no matter how many cases you have, and we have adequate experts prepared and willing to assist you. We have helped many clients with each and every one of their cases. We will help you seek business legal rights in all areas including commercial litigations, bankruptcy, business sales, and customer advocacy, among others. Our major interest is to protect your dignity as much as provided by law in Rochester. We will offer you the best estate planning and probate services in Rochester.

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Elder law is a specialized area of law in Rochester, aiming at ensuring that the elderly in Rochester live a dignified life. The Morgan Legal Group attorneys have the most interest in guiding you through the representation and what is required of your case. Factors such as Medicaid cover, home transfer, and guardianship, among others, are legal rights that you deserve and are entitled to. We will provide a variety of mechanisms and options to help you achieve your objective and will assist you from the start to the end.

If you’re in Rochester, reach us at Morgan Legal Group for your consultation and begin your journey to an old age plan.

Probate proceedings in New York occur often, and it is not an easy process. This is where the deceased’s Estate is administered through a court proceeding. This is a long and hectic process, especially when it is characterized by contestants to the will and other factors.

In Rochester, the deceased’s named executor initiates the probate process. The executor begins by petitioning to the surrogates court, where the court authenticates the legitimacy of the will. It is up to the verification of the will by the court that the executor is confirmed as the administrator of the deceased states. If you need guidance and professional advice on how to go about this process, reach our Rochester office and have your probate attorney ready to serve you diligently.

Estate planning involves the guaranteed protection and distribution of personal and financial assets. People work hard to acquire wealth and assets. It would be more than unfortunate for these assets and wealth to lose value in the event of challenges such as illness, incapacitation, and death. This would be brought about by conflicts and poor management of these assets. Our expert estate planning attorneys will give professional guidance and will walk you through all the paths of Estate planning. They will guide you through services such as long-term care insurance, acquiring power of attorney, and mortgage reversion, among others.

If you’re in Rochester and ask if there is an Estate planning attorney near me, get in touch with The Morgan Legal Group. We will give you the help and assistance that you need. 

It is never an easy task to maintain the wellbeing of a person with a disability. All the same, the quality of life of the disabled must be cherished and valued. The state and federal governments have provisions in the law that help the disabled find coverage through public programs and benefits; however, these services might be difficult to access. The Morgan Legal Group will help you get your disability plan for your loved ones through our experienced special needs attorneys.

Wills and trusts are mechanisms drafted in writing giving someone the right to control the Estate of a deceased person and inherit your assets. Our legal attorneys at The Morgan Legal Group will guide you through all the processes involved with the formulation and legal characteristics of will and trust. If you need a trust or will attorney, visit us at our Rochester office, where we will help you begin your will and trust planning.

Medicaid and Homecare are major components of eldercare planning. Old age comes with a lot of challenges. It is a normal growth process, and all that is required is the preparation of management through programs such as Medicaid and Homecare planning. Yes, it becomes costly, but it is advisable having a plan in place. At the Morgan Legal Group, you will find our Medicaid and Homecare planning experienced attorneys who will help you navigate through the state provisions, special programs, and benefits. We will present to you a variety of options by your requirements.

This is a legal framework whereby a declared incapacitated person is given a guardian by the court of law. The court will determine the state of incapacitation first, then choose a viable guardian for the person. The guardian will be responsible for every affair of the incapacitated person. 

The Morgan Legal Group has the best guardianship attorneys who will guide you through all the guardianship services. 

The elderly are facing a lot of challenges in their own homes and in nursing homes. They are vulnerable because they can’t help or take care of themselves. Their dignities are compromised in this type of state. The elderly deserve to be catered for without any compromise to their dignities and lives.

At Morgan Legal Group P.C., our elderly abuse attorneys are determined to help you and your relatives get the right services without being abused or taken advantage of. If you’re in Rochester, reach our office and seek the help and assistance for 

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Every person has an Estate. This is determined upon the death of a person. It involves tangible and intangible properties, and other assets. Estate planning involves drafting a mechanism in writing that is used to distribute property at the time of death or upon the occurrence of another limiting event.

It is important to plan for you because it will be secured from issues such as burdening taxes and will ensure the peace of your family is guaranteed. It sets out how every estate will be organized and distributed.

There is a distinctive difference between a will and Estate planning. However, they work together. A will is an estate planning tool, same case to the power of attorney, trust, etc. All are geared towards giving a detailed plan on how a deceased’s assets will be distributed upon death. Estate planning can be used for future references about the life of the deceased as well, such as health, incapacitation, and so on.

A will and a trust serve different functions. The choice is therefore determined by your intentions. In the case of a trust, it is effective from the time it was executed with the grantor alive.  A will only become functional when the testator dies and will incur probate proceedings.

Probate is the process that takes place in the court after the death of a person who left behind a will. The process is meant to interrogate the validity of the will and find out if the deceased was in his/her right senses when creating the will. The court also interrogates the viability of the executor mandated by the deceased in law.

The main intention of the probate process is to acquire confirmation from the court of law about the validity of the will left behind by the deceased. It is a confirmation process that the executor has the authority and qualifications to act as the administrator of the Estate.

A pour-over will work very closely with a trust instrument. This happens in case a grantor failed to transfer some estates to the trust. The pour-over will will have these estates gifted to the trust.

A trust has various advantages; it enables you to make choices of how your Estate should be managed while alive and after passing on. You are able to name a person, (Trustee or fiduciary) to manage your assets.

A trust and a will are two different legal documents serving different purposes, but they work together in Estate planning. In the case of division between will and trust, the trust takes the lead.