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Elder abuse is a critical area within the legal field. Elder abuse attorneys at Morgan Legal Group P.C. have years of experience in advocating on behalf of elderly victims. As people age, they become increasingly vulnerable in many areas of their lives. Many seniors come to depend on others for care at a certain point, and even those who live independently are still more susceptible to abuse because of their age. At Morgan Legal Group P.C. our attorneys take an aggressive approach to advocating for victims of elder abuse as well as victims of nursing home accidents. There is nothing more important to us than to ensure the safety, wellbeing, and dignity of the elderly community.
Elder abuse is, unfortunately, a prevalent issue and can come in many forms, some more easily recognizable than others. But however abuse manifests itself, it can have catastrophic consequences for victims. As such, elder abuse attorneys at Morgan Legal Group P.C. take a forceful approach when handling cases where an elderly person has come to harm at the hands of a caretaker. We believe in protecting the elderly and will do what it takes to secure justice and proper settlement for them and their loved ones.
If you suspect that a loved one is being abused by a caregiver or if you yourself are being harmed, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our elder abuse attorneys at Morgan Legal Group P.C. We want to help you and will ensure that you and your loved ones recover from such a distressing event.
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Elder abuse is any harm or distress that is inflicted upon an older person, usually aged 60 or older. Elder abuse usually occurs within a relationship in which an older individual is under the care of the person causing them harm. Elder abuse can take on many forms: verbal, physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, or financial. Abuse can also come in the form of neglect, wherein a caregiver fails in their duty to their charges by neglecting to provide for their wellbeing. Elder abuse can lead to physical injuries, psychological distress, or even death.
There are a number of factors that can put an older person at a higher risk for abuse. Among these is the fact that physical and mental capacities can become severely deteriorated with age, leading to increased frailty and vulnerability. Other determinants can include social or community risk factors. Seniors who self-isolate lose the social support needed in abusive situations. At the same time, seniors who live with a caretaker have an increased probability of facing abuse.
Elder abuse comes in many forms. Some are easy to detect while others can be more subtle. In addition, abusers will attempt to conceal or explain away any indications that things are amiss. However, some signs that should be looked into are physical injuries such as bruises, burns, cuts, or scars. A person’s appearance may also point to neglectful practices; for example, soiled clothing, unwashed hair, etc. More subtle signs can include behavioral changes such as withdrawal from normal activities, depression, or increased anxiety. Finally, in some cases, sudden financial straits or questionable lack of money can point to financial abuse.
Unfortunately, those who abuse elderly persons are often entrusted with their care. Nurses, service providers, caretakers, staff, and even family members are all among the groups who often perpetrate abuse against the elderly. Indeed, rates of abuse are high in institutions and facilities that specialize in elder care. Abuse can also come from complete strangers. There are many con artists who target and take advantage of the elderly through various schemes.
New York state law mandates that people working in elder care services such as nursing homes or assisted living facilities must report any suspicion of abuse to the authorities. A state law known as Kathy’s Law increases the penalty to caretakers who are found guilty of harming dependent elderly adults. In addition, New York protects anyone who comes forward with a report of suspected elder abuse from civil liabilities.
Elder abuse is an extremely delicate matter. A professional elder abuse attorney is highly experienced in these cases and can help navigate this distressing situation by advocating for the victim and their loved ones as well as bring those responsible to justice. An elder abuse attorney is dedicated to ensuring that elderly persons get proper compensation and that punitive measures are taken to prevent others from coming to harm.
If someone’s life is in danger, call 911 immediately. If there is an ongoing suspicion that elder abuse is taking place, it is important to get in touch with an elder abuse attorney as soon as possible. Elder abuse attorneys specialize in these matters and will know what immediate steps to take in order to ensure the safety of an elderly person.
Penalties for elder abuse can vary from state to state. Fortunately, across the country there is an increasing focus on preparing law enforcement and legal professionals to handle elder abuse and hold those individuals accountable for the harm they’ve cause. There are criminal penalties, and in some states, these are increased when the victim is a senior. In addition, civil restitution is available for victims of elder abuse in which the abuser or the institution is held liable for losses, medical bills, as well as the pain and suffering of the victim.