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Russel Morgan


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Russel Morgan Esq., is the principal of The Morgan Legal Group. Gleaned from years of dedication to excellence in serving his clients with nuanced and multifaceted expertise, even prior to forming his own private practice, his groundbreaking and ongoing process of creating unique partnership interstitials between international and domestic essential rights to justice, creating cohesion with his team, is based on our core values as a diverse, inclusive representation of Russel’s vision; providing an entirely new brand of personalized representation for clients, through concentrations in commercial and contract litigation, trust and estate planning, business and personal asset protection, wealth preservation and dynasty succession planning. Russel has also assisted clients with all forms of commercial and personal transnational work, including the preparation, restructuring and litigation of various types of contracts.

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Overview And Experience

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Russel is a graduate of New York Law School, LLOYD’S Of London, and is admitted to practice in New York.

Russel is fluent in Russian. He actively participates in his community, especially mentorship and guidance programs as well as improvement in the education of children.

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Russel prides himself on his passion and advice to families, Chief Executive Officers of major corporations, high net worth individuals, multinational corporations, closely-held business owners, as well as all types of entrepreneurs and charitable organizations.

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Practice Areas

As an Estate planning professional, Russel works with individuals, their families and business owners who own a multitude of assets such as art collections, personal property and significant real estate and business holdings in the United States and overseas. Russel’s law practice successfully balances multi-generation dynamics in families with professional business and charitable planning. He has extensive legal experience advising his clients on resolutions for business and familial disputes.
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Russel provides his clients with advice on their international estate plans, including gifts, income and estate plans, and other issues for international citizens and their estate planning.