NYC Probate Attorney

ProbateIf you need an attorney to help you with probate issues during difficult times of grief in New York City, Morgan Law Group PC can help you with the complex legal process and help you divide property and administer the estate. Our law firm works professionally with clients who live outside of the state of New York and have disabled relatives living in New York City. Our probate attorney can take care of your loved one’s needs financially and make sure your relative receives quality care in the hospital, in a nursing home, or in an assisted living facility. Our New York City estate planning attorney drafts wills and forms trusts with a durable power of attorney to help you execute your loved one’s estate.

Your Will

Your will is an important document. It tells who will administer your estate when you die. Your estate includes real estate, personal property, family heirlooms, and your possessions. You can specify who will take custody of your minor children who are under your care. For more information or assistance with a will or probate issues, please call Morgan Law Group PC at (212) 561-4299. Our compassionate New York City probate lawyers can help you with the emotionally and financially draining aspects of caring for an elderly loved one.

Probate Law

The probate process upholds the deceased’s will. The probate process occurs when the deceased dies without a will. It is an expensive process, and it can take years. The probate court identifies the deceased property and distributes it to heirs.

Probate Issues

If sudden death or incapacitation of a relative created your probate and tax problems, especially if custody of minor children is at stake, our probate attorney can create a trust fund to ensure the financial security of the children or give you the authority to act as your relative’s guardian. Our lawyer can prepare Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare applications to improve your loved one’s standard of care, or our attorney can help you get home health care or nursing home services for your loved one. Our probate law firm drafts:

• Wills
• Living / revocable trusts
• Healthcare and financial powers of attorney
• Medical directives/living wills
• Conservatorships

Trust Formation

Our trust formation services begin with a thorough understanding of your responsibilities. Your estate is simple or complex, depending on the nature and value of your assets held in trust, tax law, and the number of beneficiaries you designate. New York state fiduciary laws apply to your trust. Our attorney creates revocable and irrevocable trusts, special needs trusts, supplemental trusts, and pooled income trusts which include:

• Beneficiary deeds
• IRA transfers
• Assets
• Special needs provisions

Contested Wills

Wills are contested by heirs, creditors, or family members not represented in the will. Contested wills must be resolved at trial. Wills are contested when:

• More than one version of the will exists
• The will has been changed through coercion
• Fraudulent statements are made
• The deceased was incapable of making sound decisions
• The will is not in compliance with the laws of the State of New York

At Morgan Law Group PC, our probate attorney can represent you in all aspects of estate litigation including contested will litigation. The last fiduciary duty in estate administration is conferring inherited assets and trust funds to heirs designated by law or named in the deceased will. Call Morgan Law Group PC at 212-561-4299 for assistance.