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An Estate Planning Probate Attorney in Westchester, NY


The Morgan Legal Group PC is a law firm dedicated to helping the people of Westchester, New York, with their legal needs. Specializing in estate planning and probate, we seek to help our clients get their desired results. While many law firms can have a distant relationship with their clients, the same cannot be true about the Morgan Legal Group. We take pride in knowing that we personalize the experience for each client we take. If you live in Westchester County and need help with estate planning or probate, we can help. You will never feel ignored when you work with us. During the estate planning and probate process, questions arise all the time. Clients want to know they will have their answers in a timely fashion, and we are proud that we can do just that. Our team of dedicated individuals responds to every message and phone call promptly. Whether you prefer to email or call the office directly, you will always hear back from us, usually on the same day or when you specify. If you are looking for an estate planning probate attorney/lawyer in Westchester, you know you are in good hands at Morgan Legal Group. Regardless of how complex your legal situation is, we can handle it. We all have goals, and we believe that our goals are complementary. Therefore, we strive to work with you to achieve all our shared goals in the most efficient way possible.

Our Estate Planning and Probate Team Will Help You with Any Issue

Estate planning and probate can be stressful situations for anybody. However, it is essential to know that you do not have to navigate these issues alone. Our estate planning and probate team will help you every step of the way. Therefore, you expect a thorough, effective job when you need an estate planning probate attorney/lawyer in Westchester.

The Morgan Legal Group is there to provide that service to you. Our practice areas are focused on estate planning, probate, and trusts and wills. If you need help with elder law, guardianship issues, Medicaid planning, or estate trust taxes, we can help you.

Our expertise helps us look at each client’s situation to make the best possible decisions for them. We can handle any complex issue that may arise in Westchester.

You want someone who understands your circumstances. If you need help with charitable planning, retirement planning, or asset protection, we are here to guide you.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your estate is exactly how you want it to be. Furthermore, if you are dealing with an estate in probate, we are here to help you through that lengthy process.

Many variables present themselves, and we are prepared to deal with them no matter what happens.

For example, if you need help with the executor and trustee accounting, we have the expertise to advise you. Our primary concern is making sure you get what you need. The Morgan Legal Group in Westchester County is dedicated to assisting you whenever you need us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you live in Westchester, you have an estate. Some people may think they do not have an estate, and therefore estate planning does not pertain to them. However, this is not the case. An estate includes everything you own, from bank accounts to real property.

Estate planning, then, seeks to organize your estate so that upon your death it will be distributed properly. You have the power to use many estate planning tools that will determine how your estate will be divided and to whom it will be distributed.

Estate planning is designed to help you decide who will benefit from your tangible and intangible property upon your death. Furthermore, it seeks to do this through strategic planning to avoid tax issues that would unnecessarily burden the estate after your death.

In Westchester, estate planning and a will are separate legal entities, though they are similar and can work together. Both seek to organize the property of an individual to be distributed upon the person’s death. However, a will is a legal document that can be created through estate planning. It is considered an estate planning process, whereas estate planning has several different tools beyond a will. These can include the power of attorney or healthcare proxy. Estate planning can also solve questions regarding your health, finances, and more that may arise in the future.  

If a decedent dies without a will in Westchester, the estate is considered intestate. This means that there is no will. If there is no will, then the decedent’s property is divided into the following closest family members. This would be the spouse and children of the decedent. The estate would only transfer to the state if no family members could be found.

The cost of estate planning in Westchester can fluctuate for each person. It depends on your needs, your financial situation, and the estate planning probate attorney/lawyer you use. Your attorney will look over these factors with you before a price is shown. Moreover, here at Morgan Legal Group, we offer a free consultation to assess your circumstances and decide the correct cost.

Probate is the process that takes place after a decedent has died and has left a will for their estate. The estate must enter this process to distribute the property to the proper inheritors.

The objective of probate in Westchester is for a court to validate the will, make sure the executor is authorized to handle the estate, and ensure the property is properly distributed. It validates the choice by providing the decedent was of sound mind when they drafted the will.

Yes, if a will is present, you will still need to enter the probate process in Westchester. It does not matter if the choice is poorly written or uncontested; the probate process is mandatory. It will ensure that the decedent’s will is properly executed.

It depends on your circumstances. A will and a trust are both tools used in estate planning. Your estate planning probate attorney/lawyer will be able to advise you on the best course to take for your situation.

Yes, a will and a trust can work together in Westchester. A trust becomes active immediately, whereas a will only goes into effect upon the death of a decedent, yet they can work together, especially with a type of trust known as a “pour-over will.”