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If you reside in Albany, New York and you are in need of legal assistance, you can consult one of the best attorneys in NYC at the Morgan Legal Group PC. Here at Morgan Legal Group PC, our seasoned lawyers/attorneys make sure that your experience is one of a kind. Unlike other law firms, the attorneys at Morgan Legal Group PC will treat you like a part of our extended family. Our seasoned lawyers who specialize in probate and estate planning will make sure that your issues and legal concerns are taken care of at a personal level.
Our goal is to make your life easier and alleviate your worries about your estate and probate issues. Our probate attorneys will make sure that you will feel that you are our number 1 client. Our estate planning attorneys dedicate our time and resources to make sure that your queries about your estate planning and probate issues. We make sure that your questions and inquiries will be answered immediately and we are proud to have probate attorneys and estate planning lawyers that can answer you whenever you need one. We have a dedicated team ready to answer your queries may it be through email, phone calls and even in our office in Albany, NY. So if you are in Albany and you need a probate lawyer or an estate planning lawyer, you are sure to be in the best hands at the Morgan Legal Group.
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Here at Morgan Legal Group PC, we are very much aware how probate and estate planning can be complicated. We have dedicated our team of probate and estate planning attorneys to assist you with every step of the way. Our practice areas are focused on estate planning, probate, and trusts and wills. We can also help you with guardianship issues, Medicaid planning, estate trusts, or elder law. Morgan Legal Group ensures that your experience working with us is personal and we can help you make the best decisions for your cases. We are committed to helping you with any issues in Albany, may it be complicated or not. Our dedicated probate and estate planning lawyers in Albany, NY here at Morgan Legal Group will include you in our extended family and like families, we are here to help you with every step of your legal needs.

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By the year 2030, it is expected that about 40% of Albany residents will reach the elder age of 65 years or older. It is best to plan your estate as early as now to ensure that in the future, what you want to happen with your estate is realized. Most people living in Albany think that they do not have an estate and that estate planning does not apply for them. What you must know is it applies to everyone. If you have a bank account or real properties, these are considered as an estate. Estate planning will ensure that once the inevitable happens, your estate will be distributed according to how you want it to be. Before your death, you can utilize every estate planning available for you to ensure that your estate will be left to whom you want and distributed how you want it to be.
Death can be hard for the loved ones who survived the deceased. It will be extremely hard for them if the deceased left some properties or assets that are in disarray. The best course of action is to plan ahead of time and alleviate the worries and pain of your loved ones when you already left. Estate planning will ensure that your properties are taken care of upon your death. Proper Estate Planning can also help with taxes that your inheritors will pay.

There could be a lot of contributing factors that can affect the cost of your estate planning. It will vary depending on your needs, your financial capabilities and other legal fees that you may have to pay. Your estate planning attorney will be able to digest, compute and summarize the cost of your estate plan.

Contact the Morgan Legal Group P.C. in Albany to have your initial consultation with an estate planning attorney for free. We will ensure that you will get a comprehensive estate plan that is in line with what you need.

Drafting a will is highly advisable especially if you are in the process of planning your estate in Albany. A will ensures that your properties and assets will be divided among your heirs the way you intended it to be. A will is touched upon when you are in the process of estate planning.

In the absence of a Will, the deceased’s properties and assets will be distributed among his or her heirs. This of course will depend on the level of kinship of the heirs. In Albany, the immediate family members like the spouse and children will share what is left by their loved one. Usually the wife or husband will be receiving $50,000 of the deceased’s assets and half of the estate, the rest will be distributed among the children.

Should there be an absence of a wife, husband or children, the left estate will be distributed among the grandchildren. The parents of the deceased will be receiving the estate if all of the mentioned are absent and the deceased siblings or their children will inherit what is left in the absence of the parents.

The probate process, its purpose, and why it is always necessary when a person dies without a Will is often confusing and can leave you in a sense of loss. Probate is the legal process that follows the death of a person who left a Will. The goal of the probate process is to get a court to validate that the deceased’s Will is authentic, correctly signed, and attests that the dead person was of sound mind while making decisions as to how to redistribute his or her estate.

A probate procedure will certify that the administrator of the will is allowed to serve as the executor of the estate, in addition to confirming the legality of the Will.

Every Will created is subject to probate. If the deceased has completed a Will ahead of his or her demise, probate is a necessary and mandatory step. Even if the Will is not opposed or if it appears extremely clear on its surface and specifies specific guidance that the nominated Executor is immediately able to comply with, a probate procedure before the Surrogate’s Court is required.

Whether your will was ill prepared or was prepared by a particularly good attorney, it will ultimately be subject to probate.

Trusts and Wills have different functions and are two different pieces of legal document. A trust usually has a specific time and date to be executed and the person that created the trust can still be alive when the trust is enacted. On the other hand, a Will will only be read once the person who created it dies.

It is best to reach out to one of the seasoned will and trust attorneys at Morgan Legal Group to ensure that you get the best advice if you should create either a Will or a Trust.