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The Morgan Legal Group PC is a dedicated group of professionals who serve clients all over Queens. If you live in Queens and need help with estate planning or probate, we can help.

Regardless of your needs, we pay special attention to each of our clients. Each client receives a personalized experience. If you ever have a question, you can speak with an attorney at any time. Furthermore, we are able to navigate any complex legal matter that may arise in Queens.

We work closely with our clients in Queens. Working together, we can achieve our mutual goals. Additionally, the Morgan Legal Group PC answers your phone calls, emails, and other inquiries in a quick, efficient manner, usually on the same day. Our team takes pride in our timely responses.

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Often, we hear that people do not plan their estate because it is for the wealthy. This could not be more wrong. Everyone should have some type of plan in place, especially when you have assets, money, businesses, and properties. Your plan will dictate where the money and assets go and who will run your business once you are gone.

Knowing that you will be leaving your loved ones behind when you pass is a hard pill to swallow but it is something you must face. With the proper planning, you can have the peace of mind needed that your loved ones are fully protected.

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Questions And Answers

Estate planning in Queens refers to planning, arranging, and organizing the distribution of one’s property and assets. This distribution happens upon the death of the decedent. The estate of a person included everything owned by the individual, such as bank accounts, real estate, and more.

The function of estate planning in Queens is to prevent disputes and avoid risks that come with the distribution of your property upon your death. By properly planning your estate, you will also be able to lower certain applicable taxes. Furthermore, during estate planning, you can decide exactly how you want your property to be dispersed and to whom.

No, they are not the same thing. However, they are complimentary methods for handling your estate. Moreover, drafting a will is a part of estate planning, but estate planning encompasses much more than just the drafting of wills. An estate planning lawyer will help you distinguish between these two methods and implement them accordingly.

Yes, if you live in Queens, the Morgan Legal Group can help. Estate planning is important to the handling of your estate after you die. While the fees associated with estate planning fluctuate, we offer a free consultation so that you can make the best decision with how to move forward.

Yes, an estate planning attorney in Queens will be able to advise you on whether you should use a trust or a will. They will also tell you the difference between the two. The main difference is that a will is only effective upon the death of the decedent. A trust is put into effective while they are still alive.

When there is no will, the assets are distributed by the laws of intestacy in the state which you reside. If you live in Queens, the New York intestacy laws apply. These laws stipulate that the first in line of receiving the assets would be the living spouse and/or children.

Yes, there are several benefits associated with a trust if you use one in Queens. For example, you can decide how you want your property to be distributed after you die. You can also lower a lot of applicable taxes regarding your estate. Finally, you can name the trustee you want to manage your estate once you die who will handle the estate according to your wishes.

In Queens, probate refers to the proceedings carried out to confirm the validity of a decedent’s will. Furthermore, probate, once declaring a will valid, will begin the distribution of assets. Finally, probate authorizes the executor of the will to handle the estate.

The main function of probate in Queens is to determine if the will of the decedent is valid. It also seeks to make sure that the assets are distributed properly.  

Yes, a probate lawyer in Queens can help you with the probate process. They look at your specific case and will know the best course of action. Furthermore, they can settle disputes and issues that inevitably arise during probate.

Yes, a probate lawyer in Queens will know if probate is necessary for your case. They will look at the details you provide them. If there is a will, then probate will happen. It does not matter what type of will it is.

Yes, a probate attorney in Queens will know when a trust overrides a will. It is a common question. In short, a trust will override a will when there is a dispute between the two. A revocable trust is put forth while the decedent is still alive and therefore overrides a will.

Yes, they can work together. In a pour-over will, when the property is not properly transferred to the will, the aforementioned property is gifted to the trust. The trust covers all the estate assets.