• review rating 0  Starting a business is really stressful. You’ve got to take risks but at the same time you have to think twice or you’ll go bankrupt in no time. Luckily Russel Morgan helped me with asset protection and, well, now I feel like he untied my hands. I can take risks and I know that I won’t have to sleep outside if something bad happens.

    thumb Brendan Murphy

    review rating 0  Pleasure working with Morgan Legal Group. You can see that Russel Morgan and his staff care for their clients. They answer any question you may have almost immediately. They have helped my company to buy real estate for our own office and they continue consulting us on different problems we face. Hope to continue working together for many years to come!

    thumb Johnston Howard

    review rating 0  Starting a business was stressful enough without worrying about going broke. Luckily, Russel Morgan helped me craft an incredible asset protection plan that lets me sleep at night while still taking the risks my business needs.

    thumb Tim Melton
  • review rating 0  A little while after a friend died without a credible will, my wife and I decided to use a probate lawyer to set up our wills and college trusts for our sons, Carter and Langley. We made an appointment with Russel Morgan from Morgan Legal Group PC and everything was set up in record time, now I can rest assured.

    thumb Ronald Parker

    review rating 0  I never knew that it could be so easy to get a will. Russel Morgan did all that he could to minimize the input I needed to provide. His hard work meant that it was completely painless to get an incredible will.

    thumb Christina Hernandez

    review rating 0  Made a call to Russel Morgan from Morgan Legal Group PC for a probate attorney, and I got to speak to an attorney the first time called, that’s something that’s rare these days! All my questions were answered and now I can fully rest knowing that my finances and assets will go to my wife and kids, should the unexpected happen. I must say that Russel makes ensuring wills look easy and everything was done swiftly.

    thumb Robbins Williams
  • review rating 5  Within the space of 3 months, after we lost him, my late husband’s will was offered for probate by his relatives, choosing to neglect the part his wishes that applied to us in the process. The house was the first thing my husband’s side of the family targeted after his passing. Even though some of the things in the house wasn’t given over to our kids and me in his will, the house was, and thanks Russel Morgan from Morgan Legal Group PC, everything played out in our favor, just like my late husband wanted. When it comes to cases involving Wills, I would recommend this firm every time.

    thumb Lois Williams

    review rating 0  One of the things that scared me most about starting my hardware store was taking on so much risk. Luckily, Russel Morgan and his team had the asset protection expertise to make sure I was safe even if my business took a downturn. It’s only thanks to him that I’m able to give my all to making my store succeed.

    thumb Edwin Morrison

    review rating 0  I worked for most of my life to keep my restaurant afloat, which is why I contacted Russel Morgan. We came up with a comprehensive asset protection plan to make sure my business can continue no matter what disaster may strike. Russel is a really remarkable attorney and thanks to his dedication I’m able to rest easy knowing that my restaurant is safe.

    thumb Thomas Haney
  • review rating 5  I had a consultation with Russel Morgan to see if I needed to pursue guardianship over my parents. He was honest and forthright with me and helped me realize that it wasn’t necessary. I really appreciate that he had the character to care more about the wellbeing of myself and my parents than about getting my money.

    thumb James Cox

    review rating 0  As the executor of my wife’s estate I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know what my responsibilities were and didn’t feel like I had time to properly grieve. Thank goodness I found Mr. Morgan. Russel Morgan is an unparalleled probate attorney who made my duties simple and helped me have the time and energy to mourn.

    thumb Justin Mainzer

    review rating 5  Russel Morgan is very knowledge lawyer with highly professional skills. Thank you for your great job!

    thumb Galina Fedunenko
  • review rating 5  Really Stood Up For Me! My landlord was clearly letting my apartment fall into disrepair so they could get me to leave. Russel Morgan would have none of it, he stood up for me and thanks to his skill with real estate law got my landlord to start doing their job

    thumb Ann Johnson

    review rating 5  Russel is the Best! Russel Morgan helped me put together an asset protection plan for my parents so they could be safe against future creditors. He worked quickly and used the best estate planning techniques to make sure my family was safe. It’s truly no exaggeration to say that he changed my life.

    thumb David McKenzie

    review rating 5  My friend recommended Russel Morgan to help write my charitable trust. I found Russel to be not only clearly experienced but also very personable. I got along very well with him, it felt less like visiting a lawyer and more like seeing a friend. He managed to turn getting a trust into a really fun, pleasant experience.

    thumb Karine Williams
  • review rating 5  Russel Morgan is the best! He opened my eyes to things issues I would have never thought about and saved me big. I can’t thank him enough, I’d have been finished if it weren’t for Mr. Morgan and the team at his office in Queens.

    thumb Margery Higgins

    review rating 5  Mr. Morgan Changed our Lives! My fiancée and I owe so much to Russel Morgan. Filing a K-1 Visa is tough, but Mr. Morgan worked with us every step of the way to make sure our application got approved. Thanks to his clear experience with immigration law and devotion to his clients my fiancée got her visa and we can’t wait to be together.

    thumb Katrin Smith

    review rating 5  - Simply the best attorney! Russel Morgan helped me file with the probate court after my mother passed. I really appreciated how neither he nor anyone in his Brooklyn office treated me judgmentally. They really understood my situation and just set about helping me get my feet on the ground. It really meant a lot that they treated me so respectfully. Highly recommended probate lawyer.

    thumb Olivia Lindsey
  • review rating 5  Top Safety 🙂 I am very thankful to Russel for his rare quality of empathy and help with the protection of my family’s assets. Our working process was smooth and fast. Thanks to the high professionalism of his team I don’t worry anymore that something will happen to me or to my house and investments. You can’t put a price on that feeling!

    thumb Jack Goldman

    review rating 5  I'm extremely happy with the services me and my family received from Russel Morgan, he was kind, professional and deadly efficient, I really appreciate the work he put in on my case and I'm also extremely satisfied with the results, so five stars here

    thumb Emma Hernandez

    review rating 5  The team at Morgan Legal Group (and Russel Morgan himself) was fantastic!! Extremely supportive and caring throughout the whole ordeal!! They actually take their time to understand the issue and small details!! My case was related to contract law, mostly – they did a great job with it!!

    thumb Janis Morgan
  • review rating 5  Gotta tell you… I was surprised by the quality of service provided by Russel Morgan himself… He knows the legal scene, through and through. Very meticulous research... always there to answer your questions… Long story short, I highly recommend Mr. Morgan…

    thumb Lorraine Hunter

    review rating 5  I'd definitely recommend Russel Morgan to other people. That's a no-brainer. His services were excellent (I needed to figure out asset protection) and he treats you like a friend. He's very kind, understanding and sincere. He's truly the person to help you out in the time of need.

    thumb Kenneth Washington

    review rating 5  Russel Morgan helped me to solve the work-related issue with asset protection I faced. The situation was handled really fast and professionally. Actually, I did not need to do anything, Russel just handled the case. Above and beyond service.

    thumb John Cooper
  • review rating 5  Morgan Legal Group PC is everything I was hoping for when I was looking for a Contract Lawyer. Russel has truly laid a solid contractual foundation for my company in the midst of some internal structural changes, and I feel so much stronger and at peace knowing that all my contracts has been reviewed, drafted, and solidified by Russel. Thank you!

    thumb Julian Randall

    review rating 5  I know Russell for many years. He is really reliable and straight to the point Professional. He's not playing games or giving B.S. stories to get your business. Highly recommend.

    thumb Maksym Mysak

    review rating 5  I had a complimentary consultation with Russel. He was very gracious with his time in helping me understand some of the nuances of a contract. I would not hesitate to use him in the future, and I would recommend him to anyone seeking friendly and knowledgeable representation.

    thumb Roxanne Black
  • review rating 5  Very professional people

    thumb Michael Kalmin

    review rating 5  Mr. Morgan always answers my questions. He provides a deep sense of security, in & out of the office. Knowledgeable and efficient staff. I feel comfortable that my assets are safe after his help. Would recommend Morgan Legal Group to anyone who needs asset protection

    thumb Douglas Craig

    review rating 5  My experience with Morgan Legal Group was nothing short of excellent. Russel was very knowledgeable, friendly, honest and professional. He walked me through all the steps, and was very well organized with my trust, not to mention the great service I received. I would definitely use them again if needed, in fact, I have referred them to many of my friends and family.

    thumb Margo Hunter


      Russel Morgan's attention to detail was astounding.  He scoured every single document when we were buying a home and made sure we weren't getting scammed.  I never knew that lawyers could be so proactive and dedicated to providing the best possible service.

    thumb James C.

      Great law firm.  Very knowledgeable about Trust and Estates.

    Highly recommend them.

    thumb Igor L.


      Nowadays it’s hard to find a law firm which you can trust and which can actually do what they promise to do. However, Russel Morgan has made me a believer that I can rely on their help for business litigation. Even though our negotiation process against an ex- partner’s company was very tough, my company would not have been successful without Russel Morgan’s dedication to success. If you need any help with business litigation I advise you to contact the Morgan Legal Group.

    Anna B.

      Thanks to Mr. Morgan and his company, my problem with estate planning was solved. I was struggling to find a honest and reliable, real estate and estate planning lawyer, and, therefore, I was very thankful when I got a detailed plan from Russel which was super easy to understand and to make things even better they helped me get my house got sold 2 weeks later! They also helped me with all the documentation, deed transfer and other paperwork. I highly recommend their firm to everyone who wants to receive a honest service and solve problems with estate issues!

    Christian C.

      Among a high number of law firms which offer help regarding probating your loved one’s estate. I will choose this one over any. The service that I received was exceptional. I have secured my house and an apartment left to me and my wife. Thank you!

    Sarah M.

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Reading through legal documents is a nightmare for me. Russel from Morgan Legal Group PC was professional, knowledgeable and GENUINELY happy to take as much time as I needed to explain it all in everyday words. I am forever grateful for the help he provided, it was extremely important to me and my family.

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