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Angie BAngie B
08:41 22 Nov 23
I had a fantastic experience with Atty. Russel Morgan and his entire legal team. The entire process was faultless, from the initial consultation at their law firm office to the final preparation and signing of my Estate Planning package. This has given me enormous peace of mind, knowing that in the event of incapacity or premature death, all of my intentions will be carried out and implemented. Atty. Russel Morgan and his colleagues genuinely deserve a 5+ star review for the professionalism, sensitivity, and generosity exhibited to me as a client.
nini failanini faila
23:03 15 Nov 23
Chuck BurkChuck Burk
13:19 08 Nov 23
The idea of applying for Medicaid on behalf of my mother felt overwhelming. I experienced a mix of fear and uncertainty as I tackled the paperwork and submissions. However Morgan Legal Group offered me the reassurance and peace of mind that I needed to proceed. I cannot stress enough how valuable their guidance has been, throughout this process. They patiently walked me through each step addressing all my concerns and ensuring an experience. Currently they are also assisting us with our estate planning. I must say they continue to impress us with their work ethic and approachability. Whenever we have questions or need assistance they respond promptly and thoroughly without any hesitation !!
James AyrtonJames Ayrton
15:35 06 Nov 23
After spending months researching information online and seeking advice through the internet I decided to approach Russel Morgan to help me with my documents. Right from the start Russel showed attentiveness as he listened to my concerns about planning. He took the time to explain each New York law that I might unintentionally violate and how it could complicate matters for both me and my family. What stood out to me was not not only his expertise but also the genuine care he displayed during our conversations. It felt like we were having a discussion between brothers than a typical attorney client interaction driven solely by financial considerations. Having dealt with attorneys across areas such as business, real estate and other legal matters I can confidently say that none have earned my trust much as Russel Morgan has. With confidence I am entrusting himwith my entire estate plan because I genuinely believe that he is someone I can truly rely on
Ryan PughRyan Pugh
17:01 03 Nov 23
Donald BerryDonald Berry
14:11 03 Nov 23
Estate planning can be a stressful task as it involves preparing for the management of your assets after you pass away. However Russel is a professional in this area. Specializes in estate planning. With his knowledge of estate laws he can create a personalized estate plan that caters to your needs ensuring you avoid the burdensome probate process. Russel is renowned for his attention to detail, professionalism and promptness. Although starting the journey of estate planning may seem overwhelming at first I have been incredibly grateful and relieved to have found Russel Morgan. His kindness, patience, thoroughness and quick responses have truly been a blessing
Kellie SadieKellie Sadie
13:10 29 Oct 23
My experience began on a good note, but over time, my calls were ignored. When I tried to reach my point of contact, they unprofessionally told the receptionist they weren’t available. Their lack of professionalism is disappointing. I wouldn’t recommend their services.
Edward CampbellEdward Campbell
14:56 20 Oct 23
Wyatt LoweWyatt Lowe
14:45 09 Oct 23
When we were in need of a Family Trust/Estate Planning lawyer, our search led us to Russel Morgan. I must admit, I had some initial apprehension and nervousness when first contacting Russel via phone and email. After all, it involved sharing personal information with someone unfamiliar. However, all those concerns vanished during our very first office meeting with Russel Morgan. It became clear that we had made the right decision! Russel is not only extremely nice and easy to work with, but also highly professional. He possesses a deep understanding of his field and ensures that no detail goes unnoticed. If you’re looking for a Family Trust/Estate Planning attorney, look no further – we whole-heartedly recommend him. He truly is exceptional! 😉
Ernest BowenErnest Bowen
19:22 08 Oct 23
Always very kind, encouraging, considerate, polite, courteous, and most of all professional. I would have no problem recommending Russel Morgan as a top asset protection attorney to anyone in the future. A Big Thank you!
Kurt ZieglerKurt Ziegler
11:11 08 Oct 23
So a helpful and highly caring attorney.Russel spent a lot of time with my wife and me and ensured we were getting all the details when it came to creating our wills and family law issues including our prenuptial agreement. He followed up on time and was responsive to our emails. His advice made the process easy and understandable, and this is his merit. We have peace of mind that our documents are well composed – a very reassuring and refreshing experience, mainly because we expected a stressful and complicated process.Thank you, Russel, for your time and attention.
Paul ShieldsPaul Shields
20:10 07 Oct 23
Mr. Morgan was exceptional. He was able to provide me with expert guidance and support when creating a trust that met my needs. He took the time to explain the process and answer all my questions, ensuring that I felt comfortable with every decision. His advice and legal opinions were second to none.
Harry McCoyHarry McCoy
18:43 07 Oct 23
Russel Morgan and his team did a job helping our family create a Special Needs Trust and other estate planning documents. What made Russel stand out from estate planning lawyers I’ve worked with was his approach to the process. He began by reviewing the procedure and provided us with a fair and fixed price. Additionally he offered meetings every year to make sure our plans stayed current with the latest laws. I have confidence in Russels abilities. I am extremely happy with the exceptional quality of the final documents. I wholeheartedly recommend his services.
Jodi CullinsJodi Cullins
14:59 06 Oct 23
I’ve always been impressed by Russel’s professionalism ever since we first met. Whenever I have questions about estate planning he’s always quick to respond and goes above and beyond to help me understand the complexities of the field. Despite the distance between us Russel makes it easy for us to communicate through channels like phone, email and text. He even offers weekend appointments, which’s really convenient for someone like me who works away from his office.What really sets Russel apart is his commitment to prioritize his clients best interests, which is a rare quality in today’s market.I’m excited to continue working with Mr. Morgan in the years
Charles CampbellCharles Campbell
15:31 26 Sep 23
Our experience working with this law office has been truly exceptional. Right from the start of our journey in estate planning it was clear that Mr. Morgan possesses the expertise to uphold the standards of professionalism in this field. Not that, but his warm and friendly approach along with his staff immediately made us feel comfortable and showed care. Mr. Morgan skillfully guided us in defining our term and long term goals and objectives. We strongly recommend his services to anyone in need of compassionate estate planning assistance.
Nelly BabcockNelly Babcock
13:36 19 Sep 23
I finally took action on something I had been thinking about for a while… I decided to hire Russel Morgan to set up a revocable trust for me! This choice ensures that all my valuable possessions, including my house, retirement plans, life insurance and personal belongings are now protected within a trust. As a result when the inevitable time comes my family won’t have to go through the complexities of probate court to access these assets. I can’t stress enough how strongly I recommend Russel Morgan. He not thoroughly explained the trust process but also provided me with documentation that exceeded my expectations! It feels really good to have achieved this milestone!
Richard FrancisRichard Francis
14:12 08 Sep 23
My wife and I recently sought the assistance of Russel Morgan to help us create an estate plan. We had been putting off making this decision for a while, unsure of where to start or how to proceed. Our hesitation was partly due to concerns about the expenses involved and also because we didn’t want to admit that we had reached a stage in life where having an estate plan was truly necessary.If you’re finding yourself delaying this decision I can assure you that Russel Morgan can simplify the process of creating a personalized estate plan that suits your needs.. The best part is it won’t cost you a fortune. Russel offers this service at a one time flat fee, which includes any necessary revisions, throughout your lifetime at no extra charge.
Amy BuzickAmy Buzick
13:49 29 Aug 23
We’ve had an experience collaborating with Mr. Morgan. Dealing with the probate process during a time after losing my parents has been physically and emotionally exhausting. That’s why it’s so important to find someone dependable to help you in situations… That someone is Mr. Russel Morgan. What makes him stand out is his attentiveness and accessibility. Unlike attorneys we’ve worked with in the past who lacked communication skills Mr. Morgan ensures that we stay well informed about the progress of our case. Whether its, through email responses, text messages or brief conversations he and his team consistently deliver service ! Working with Russel Morgan has been sailing. I recommend him without any hesitation !!
Alex FitAlex Fit
22:20 16 Aug 23
Russel is a wonderful Estate planning lawyer in New York.
19:47 13 Aug 23
Preston BerryPreston Berry
18:46 13 Aug 23
Russel and his team are absolutely fantastic! My wife and I were looking to establish a trust to ensure that our son would be taken care of in the event of something unexpected, and that our family would be aware of our wishes. Russel has an incredible ability to simplify complex matters making them easily understandable. We were incredibly grateful for his step-by-step guidance, extensive expertise in the subject and his assistance in ensuring that the trust was properly funded.
Alex FitAlex Fit
22:38 12 Aug 23
I had the pleasure of working with Russel Morgan for my estate planning needs, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Russel’s expertise and professionalism were evident from the start. He took the time to understand my unique situation and provided me with invaluable advice to secure my family’s future. Russel’s approachable nature and clear explanations made the process easy to comprehend. I highly recommend Russel Morgan to anyone seeking a reliable and knowledgeable estate planning lawyer in NYC.
zakaria tatulishvilizakaria tatulishvili
12:16 11 Aug 23
I can’t thank Morgan Legal Group enough for their exceptional estate planning services. Their team made what seemed like a complex process simple and manageable. They patiently addressed all my questions and concerns, ensuring I was fully informed every step of the way. Their attention to detail and commitment to client satisfaction are commendable. I highly recommend Morgan Legal Group to anyone seeking comprehensive and reliable estate planning solutions.
Eleanor SparksEleanor Sparks
12:12 14 Jul 23
Russel and his team were absolutely fantastic to collaborate with. They consistently made an effort, to thoroughly explain every aspect to me, ensuring that I had a clear understanding. Moreover, they were always readily available to address any inquiries I had. What I truly appreciate is that they didn’t simply hand me my Trust paperwork without any context. Instead, Russel took the time to sit down with me, meticulously going through each detail and patiently answering all of my questions. Knowing that I can reach out to him or his team at any given moment for further assistance gives me great peace of mind. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Russel and his exceptional team.
Tristan ThomasTristan Thomas
15:01 11 Jul 23
I had a wonderful experience working with Russel and his team at Morgan Legal Group! His exceptional knowledge and professionalism, combined with his personalized and hands-on approach, were truly outstanding and refreshing! The trust notebook we received, along with the electronic copies, were top-notch. Russel provided us with clear explanations, options, and timely recommendations throughout the process. I highly recommend Morgan Legal Group to anyone seeking assistance in building a trust or will. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome documents and the entire process!
Eric LoGiudiceEric LoGiudice
15:35 26 Jun 23
Russel was an outstanding attorney to work with for our estate planning needs. From the moment we met him, he exuded a sense of professionalism and expertise that immediately put us at ease. Throughout the process, he was meticulous in his attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of our estate plan was thoroughly considered and accounted for. He also took the time to guide us through items that we had not previously considered, which proved to be invaluable in helping us make informed decisions. Additionally, Russel was incredibly responsive and timely in delivering all necessary documents to us. Overall, we were extremely impressed with his service and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking similar assistance.
Evan LeeEvan Lee
14:09 19 Jun 23
I cannot express enough how impressed I am with Mr. Morgan’s professionalism. He went above and beyond in helping us plan for my mom’s estate, and I felt completely secure in his capable hands. Despite the need to expedite things, he worked with great attention to detail and speed, ensuring that everything was completed to our satisfaction. Even after the paperwork was finished, he continued to show genuine concern for my mom’s well-being. It is clear that he truly cares about his clients as individuals, not just as business transactions. We are so grateful for his help and will definitely be seeking his assistance with our own estate planning needs.
Matthew FisherMatthew Fisher
11:29 14 Jun 23
Russel Morgan is the absolute best to work with. He’s not only highly professional, but also incredibly timely, thorough, and kind. He makes the entire process easy, and even manages to make it enjoyable! Working with him was an absolute pleasure. He took the time to explain everything in detail and answered all of my questions. I felt confident that my estate plan was in good hands. I recommend him to anyone who needs an estate planning attorney.
Arnold MitchellArnold Mitchell
13:06 12 Jun 23
I had been procrastinating for years about setting up a will and trust for our family, but I’m so glad we finally did it with the help of Morgan Legal Group. From the initial consultation to the final document signing, they made the process easy and stress-free. They patiently explained every step of the process and answered all our questions. Despite their professionalism, they were also very personable and approachable, making us feel comfortable throughout the entire process. The final documents blew me away with how clear and polished they came out. I cannot recommend Morgan Legal Group enough for their top-notch legal services and exceptional customer service.
Chase BergChase Berg
06:45 25 May 23
Words cannot express my gratitude toward this team’s elder abuse lawyers. When my aging mother fell victim to abuse, I was devastated and overwhelmed. From the very first meeting with their compassionate team, they provided a safe and supportive environment. They listened attentively to my mother’s story and diligently pursued justice on her behalf. Their expertise in elder law and their determination to protect the rights of the vulnerable is unparalleled. Russel not only fought for justice but also provided emotional support to my family throughout the entire legal process. I’m forever grateful for his and his team’s dedication and unwavering commitment to helping those in need.
Eunice ShawEunice Shaw
07:51 17 May 23
I had the pleasure of working with Russel Morgan at Morgan Legal Group for my estate planning needs. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt welcomed and at ease. Russel was incredibly knowledgeable and patient with me as I asked countless questions. He took the time to understand my situation and made thoughtful recommendations tailored to my needs. I truly appreciated his attention to detail and the care he put into explaining everything to me. If you are in need of an estate planning attorney, I highly recommend Russel and Morgan Legal Group.
Leon PotterLeon Potter
06:50 12 May 23
I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with Russel Morgan and his team on my living trust case. Their professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail are truly unparalleled. From the moment I reached out to them for legal assistance, I knew I was in good hands.Throughout my legal matter, their commitment to providing excellent service was evident. They worked tirelessly to ensure that my needs were met and that my case received the attention it deserved. Their expertise in living trust law is unmatched, and I am grateful for the valuable advice they provided me.I am incredibly thankful for their hard work and dedication to my case. Their exceptional service has left me feeling confident in recommending them to anyone seeking expert legal advice. I have no doubt that they will provide the same level of professionalism and attention to detail to all their clients.
Clarissa HawkinsClarissa Hawkins
10:08 06 Apr 23
Navigating probate can be a daunting task, but with Russel Morgan, the process has been significantly smoother. His expertise as a probate lawyer has been invaluable in helping my family and me manage the distribution of our loved one’s estate. His compassionate approach, coupled with his extensive knowledge of probate laws, has provided us with the support and guidance we needed during this difficult time. Russel’s dedication to ensuring a fair and efficient probate process has given us peace of mind during our time of loss.
manuel berrymanuel berry
18:58 09 Mar 23
I was unsure of what assets should not be included in a living trust, but the team at Morgan Legal Group was able to provide me with clear and concise guidance. I worked with Russel Morgan, and he was very nice to deal with. He helped me understand the importance of avoiding certain assets and the potential legal implications. I am grateful for their expertise and knowledge, and support as well.
Judy MontanaJudy Montana
15:38 07 Mar 23
I was looking for a probate lawyer in NY and came across the Morgan Legal Group office and had the best experience. Russel and his office were professional and very helpful throughout the process. I want to thank you all again for helping us with such a complicated case. I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Anthony SingletonAnthony Singleton
15:05 01 Mar 23
I met Mr. Russel Morgan several months ago when I was looking for estate lawyers in NYC. A friend of mine has recommended him and his law office. And definitely, he turned out to be an excellent attorney in the field of Estate Planning. Fantastic service and very professional. Everything was done exactly as explained and a perfect finish at a very affordable price. I am thrilled to bits with their service and would 100% recommend them.
Yasmin RodríguezYasmin Rodríguez
11:45 01 Mar 23
Attentive, diligent and professional above all, three words that describe Mr. Morgan and his work. Helping me navigate the matter at hand by providing all the right information, at the right time and with the right team at Morgan Legal Group they sure understand what having empathy and a sense of urgency for other people’s trouble is actually like. I was recommended by a friend whom had the chance of starting to work with him a few years ago and has remained a loyal customer due to the fact that confidentiality and professionalism are the main principles running The Morgan Legal Group. The integrity level displayed by every single person in this firm is what has really stood out the most in my time working with this gentleman, I am now closer to my desired outcome with the right knowledge bestowed upon me by Mr. Morgan as he is a well prepared AND informed probate lawyer who finds motivation and satisfaction in achieving amazing results for anyone who comes to him for help and in a state of distress.Thank you Mr. Morgan for absolutely everything that you have done and the way you are committed to the people and the law.
Cloud J. YongCloud J. Yong
13:20 14 Feb 23
Russel Morgan is not only a great asset protection attorney, but he also gave me valuable advice on what should not be put in a living trust. He took the time to explain the importance of asset protection and gave me the tools to ensure that my assets were protected. He considered everything and made sure I understood the logic behind it. The best legal experience I ever had. Definitely recommend him for his experience, patience, and dedication.
Molly RiceMolly Rice
16:17 02 Feb 23
Before hiring Morgan Legal, we tried working with a few other firms in the area and after our initial consultation with Russel Morgan, we felt confident with our decision. Russel’s thorough knowledge and experience of New York trust laws, his ability to listen, respect our concerns AND address ALL of our questions, really helped to ease a very stressful process. Overall, our experience was extremely positive and we’d definitely recommend Morgan Legal and Russel in particular. He had a great ability to explain things thoughtfully and carefully, even though he had to sometimes explain them more than once. He was extremely organized with the paperwork and it was evident the support staff are equally committed as a team. Thank you, we can’t recommend you more.
Adrian BoydAdrian Boyd
14:44 06 Jan 23
Even though we have been procrastinating about completing our estate planning for a year or two, we have finally done it! We could not have chosen a better attorney than Russel to protect our family and everything we have built this far. Russel was very professional, and what is important, patient, and he walked us through the process of doing the right kind of Estate planning that was best for our family and our circumstances. I highly recommend him for your Estate Planning needs too. He knows the business, his services are priced fairly and he is very pleasant to deal with. Thank you, it is 5 stars from us!
Alexis LinseyAlexis Linsey
02:07 28 Jul 22
Morgan Legal Group is a great firm and the lawyer Russel Morgan helped me with my matter. I came to him for help for my family and he helped us every step of the way. Any questions we had were always answered quickly and he was very attentive and patient with us. We couldn’t thank him enough and I am very grateful for the outstanding work he has done. He takes his clients seriously and is very detailed with any questions you may have. Working with Russel was very easy and even when things got complicated he helped us through every step. I would recommend Russel and the Morgan Legal Group to everyone.


Zayla PenaZayla Pena
16:10 15 Nov 23
Shelley FisherShelley Fisher
10:59 03 Nov 23
Noel StricklandNoel Strickland
09:36 23 Oct 23
The lawyers at this law office are truly exceptional. They are among the lawyers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Despite their schedules they always find time to help people like us. The team consistently goes above and beyond for my family showing their dedication and commitment. It’s worth mentioning that they even provided assistance in creating our wills patiently guiding us through each step to ensure we fully understood everything.
Ruby HarrisRuby Harris
00:58 16 Oct 23
Living in another country, I needed help with the many legalities surrounding my elderly Mother’s care. Russel and his team knew exactly what was needed and got the job done. They were thorough, efficient, and went far beyond what was asked because they truly care about the people that they work for. I wouldn’t have trusted my mother’s care to anyone else. They are honest and let you know upfront what to expect before proceeding. They are prompt to respond to questions and they work hard to find the perfect solution. They certainly go the extra mile. I am so grateful for their help and highly recommend them to anyone.
Nicholas ClarkNicholas Clark
09:12 27 Sep 23
I unexpectedly lost my son, who served in the military on the East coast. While searching for a probate attorney I came across Russel Morgan. What impressed me about Russel was his response, expertise and impressive skills. He wasted no time. As the executor of my sons estate I wanted a lawyer who could provide transparency to my family and Russel proved to be a choice, from the beginning. He not only guided me in the direction but he also presented options that I wasn’t aware of. Additionally his fees were reasonable and fair. When I needed a CPA in NY Russel Morgan went above and beyond, by recommending a trusted CPA in the area. It has been truly enjoyable working with Russel. I send my wishes to him and his team.
Ruby CollinsRuby Collins
14:14 14 Sep 23
After my husband passed away I found myself in need of a lawyer who specializes in guardianship and probate cases. After going through feedback from clients I made the decision to trust Russel Morgan with my case. I am extremely grateful that I chose him because both Russel and his team showed a level of empathy throughout the process. Their knowledge and guidance made a challenging experience much smoother. They were always there to address any questions I had and consistently followed up promptly. Now that the probate process is finished it’s time for me to update my estate plan. Again Russels team has been incredibly supportive and helpful as they guide me through this process. I want to express my gratitude, to Russel Morgan and his team, for assisting me in creating this gift” for my loved ones.
Isaac CarrollIsaac Carroll
10:17 09 Sep 23
My wife and I would like to express our appreciation to Russel and his team for the work they accomplished. They were consistently attentive. Promptly addressed any questions or concerns we had. As a family our estate planning process was a bit more complex than usual. Russel and his staff made it incredibly easy. Russel exceeded our expectations. We consider ourselves fortunate to have found an attorney who genuinely cares about his clients. If you’re looking for a attorney who takes the time to educate you on estate planning we wholeheartedly endorse Russel Morgan and his team.
Charlie SnyderCharlie Snyder
14:35 01 Aug 23
We are extremely grateful that we chose to work with Russel and his team at Morgan Legal Group for our trust and estate planning needs. With numerous concerns and a strong desire to safeguard our two children and assets in the event of unforeseen circumstances, it was crucial for us to establish a comprehensive plan. Russel’s expertise and guidance made the entire process seamless and effortless. We wholeheartedly endorse this law office to anyone seeking assistance with estate planning. Thank you, Morgan Legal Group, for your ongoing support!
Lance FarrellLance Farrell
09:40 28 Jul 23
Russel has done an exceptional job handling our estate planning, ensuring that our daughter with special needs will be well provided for. He is highly responsive and takes proactive steps to move the process forward. Not only did he patiently address all of our inquiries, but he also ensured that we fully comprehended the procedures and available choices. The reassurance we have, knowing that our children will receive the necessary support to settle our estate seamlessly when the time comes, is truly invaluable.
Paula LeePaula Lee
08:16 26 Jul 23
Attorney Russel Morgan has provided advanced directives, power of attorney (POA), and estate planning services for both my partner and me, as well as for my deceased sister and my father and step-mother. He possesses a deep understanding of his practice, excels in educating clients about wills and trusts, and exhibits remarkable patience in addressing numerous inquiries. The services were rendered at a fixed rate, which we found preferable to an hourly fee. Russel transformed what initially appeared to be an overwhelming task into a manageable endeavor, even injecting moments of enjoyment along the way. I wholeheartedly urge others to take that crucial step, schedule an appointment, and embark on this essential journey of advance planning for the sake of protection and peace of mind.
Sophia HernandezSophia Hernandez
13:50 18 Jul 23
Russel is an invaluable asset for our clients! He possesses a down-to-earth nature, a compassionate attitude, and offers exceptional value at a reasonable price. Russel goes the extra mile by dedicating time to actively listen and explain concepts, ensuring that clients comprehend their specific needs and objectives. Unlike most attorneys who simply draft documents and conclude their involvement, Russel takes the initiative to accompany clients throughout the process. He not only prepares all necessary documents but also ensures that their estate plan is adequately funded and aligned with their current life circumstances. We highly endorse Russel and his team as the go-to choice for our clients’ estate planning requirements!
Rachel HaynesRachel Haynes
15:19 12 Jul 23
Russel Morgan and Morgan Legal Group are highly skilled estate planning attorneys who specialize in the areas of estate planning and elder law, including Medicaid and a little-known Veterans benefit for chronic care. Their expertise, values, and success are a direct result of their narrow focus on these specific areas, unlike other attorneys who may spread themselves too thin and lack mastery in any one area.Morgan Legal Group takes a personalized approach to each client’s unique situation and goals, creating customized plans from scratch rather than relying on generic online templates. Based on my personal and business experiences, I have the utmost confidence in their ability to help clients achieve their estate planning goals. I have seen firsthand the value they bring to me and my family, as well as many satisfied clients we have worked with together. I highly recommend Russel and his team at Morgan Legal Group for all your estate planning needs.
Drew McGaugheyDrew McGaughey
08:52 10 Jul 23
Morgan Legal Group has been our go-to for all of our estate planning needs for many years. So when it came time for my wife and I to create our wills, we knew exactly who to turn to. Morgan Legal Group made it simple for us to meet both virtually and in person. They took the time to explain every page and line in a way that was easy to understand. Their guidance gave us the confidence we needed to make informed decisions every step of the way. The final product is extremely professional and provides us with peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of for the future.
Harry HoustonHarry Houston
11:08 06 Jun 23
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Russel for his exceptional assistance with my guardianship case. From our initial phone conversation, he displayed a remarkable level of professionalism and helpfulness. I give him a perfect 10 out of 10 rating in every aspect, from his clear and understandable email communications to his prompt and thorough responses to all of my questions. Russel went above and beyond in his attentiveness and professionalism, particularly when dealing with sensitive issues. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal support. Thank you so much, Russel!
Tyler NguyenTyler Nguyen
15:10 02 Jun 23
I recently worked with Morgan Legal Group for my estate planning needs, and let me tell you, they are top-notch! Their estate attorney walked me through the entire process with patience and clarity. They explained in simple terms what not to put into a living trust, ensuring that my assets were protected. The entire team, from the friendly receptionist to the knowledgeable lawyers, made me feel like family. If you’re looking for an estate planning attorney who knows their stuff, this is the way to go!
Dianna McdonaldDianna Mcdonald
06:16 09 May 23
We contacted Morgan Legal Group to update our Wills and Estate Plan, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with our experience. From start to finish, they were incredibly professional, communicative, and provided exceptional service. Their team evaluated our current situation and suggested revisions that were tailored to our specific needs. We truly appreciated their attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure that everything was taken care of. Thank you so much for making this process so seamless and stress-free!
Elizabeth SawyerElizabeth Sawyer
09:22 08 May 23
I have had the good fortune of collaborating with Mr. Morgan and his team at Morgan Legal Group for the past couple of years. He has assisted me with real estate business setup, property closings, and estate planning. Mr. Morgan is an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable attorney who is always fair in his dealings. Whenever I need to reach out to him, I know that I will receive a great return on my investment. However, that’s not all that I rated him five stars for. Since I’ve known Mr. Morgan, he has become a friend, teacher, and an invaluable referral resource for any niche attorney services that I might need.
Barbara LoweryBarbara Lowery
14:42 03 May 23
Morgan Legal Group, led by Mr. Morgan, is an exceptional law firm. Mr. Morgan is a unique lawyer who truly cares about his clients. He went above and beyond to ensure that our needs were met and walked with us like family throughout the entire process. His competence and compassion are unmatched in the legal system, as he provided us with excellent legal advice in all of the situations we faced. We highly recommend Morgan Legal Group for anyone seeking a lawyer who truly cares about their clients’ well-being.
Irma TuckerIrma Tucker
13:46 03 Apr 23
When looking for a trust attorney near me, I came across these guys. Their team of attorneys were extremely helpful in explaining what assets should not be included in a living trust and what not to put into a revocable trust. I was indeed surprised with how easily they explained all the details. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a trustworthy and reliable trust attorney.
Tommy PaceTommy Pace
09:46 23 Mar 23
The estate planning costs at Morgan Legal Group were reasonable and transparent. Mr. Morgan provided me with a clear understanding of all costs associated with his services, ensuring that there were no surprises along the way. He was upfront and honest about all costs, and I felt comfortable knowing that I was getting quality services at a fair price.

Long Island

William BabcockWilliam Babcock
13:26 22 Nov 23
I have nothing but admiration for the entire crew. They took the time to completely explain the complexities of estate planning, presented us with many possibilities, made expert suggestions for each option, and skillfully carried out our chosen plan. No other team, in my opinion, would have treated us with such professionalism while also keeping us updated throughout the process. In conclusion, if you are looking for a company that emphasizes customer pleasure, communicates effectively, offers frequent information, and follows through on their commitments, go no further. We fully intend to use their services again in the future.
Philomena LynchPhilomena Lynch
10:03 08 Nov 23
My husband and I were truly impressed by Mr. Morgan’s professionalism, friendliness and exceptional efficiency throughout the estate planning procedure. He dedicated time to thoroughly explain all the terminology ensuring that we fully comprehended the creation of trusts, wills, power of attorney and more. Mr. Morgan swiftly and accurately prepared our documents surpassing our expectations. We were pleasantly surprised by how seamless and uncomplicated the process turned out to be! Upon our arrival at his office for the signing all the paperwork was neatly organized in an easily understandable manner. We consider ourselves fortunate to have discovered Mr. Morgan and wholeheartedly endorse him for any Estate Planning requirements you may have.
Thomas ParkerThomas Parker
12:18 06 Nov 23
In 2019 we moved into our home after leaving New England. Knowing that New York has its unique estate planning laws we decided to consult a law firm to review our wills, which were 25 years old and ensure that everything was in order. After reading reviews online we chose Morgan Legal Group and we were extremely pleased with the outcome. Most of our communication occurred through email and online platforms with one face to face meeting for signing the documents. Russel Morgan, an expert in New York law, provided invaluable advice not only for our wills and trusts but also for our living wills and other estate planning concerns. The firm’s staff efficiently handled the exchange of information and documents making the entire process enjoyable to navigate. Ultimately we received a set of documents that cover all healthcare decisions and future estate planning considerations for both my wife and me. I am now confident in our readiness for whatever lies
Bernard RobertsonBernard Robertson
09:52 26 Oct 23
Joan RoemerJoan Roemer
10:38 26 Sep 23
I was in search of a law firm to assist me in establishing a trust for my estate. It became a matter when my husband unexpectedly passed away without leaving a will. That’s when I came across this law firm. They turned out to be a blessing! Throughout the process they treated me with kindness and professionalism. Setting up the trust wasn’t overly complex because my attorney took the time to explain all the steps and information required to achieve my desired outcome. I have personally recommended this law firm to several of my friends. Thank you once again.
Colin MartinColin Martin
14:12 22 Sep 23
I don’t usually write reviews. I recently had the opportunity to work with Russel regarding my mothers estate and I must say, I was extremely impressed. His professionalism and attention to detail were exceptional. We turned to him for assistance in setting up our trust. Russel is highly knowledgeable. He is also incredibly accommodating and personable. It’s remarkable how he can make a lawyer client meeting feel like a visit while still gathering all the information. I wholeheartedly recommend his expertise in handling estate affairs.The final document that Russel prepared for us was truly magnificent. Whats more impressive is that he remains available to answer any questions we have without any additional charges. Russel truly goes above and beyond what’s expected. Working with him has been a pleasure. I will definitely miss our interactions. He deserves more than a five star rating!
Cassandra JohnsonCassandra Johnson
15:13 14 Sep 23
Dealing with the weight and stress of losing my mother I later discovered a revelation that there was an error in my mothers well established estate plan, which had even been reviewed by another lawyer beforehand. Feeling frustrated with the lack of response from another firm I reached out to Russel for help. To my relief Mr. Morgan personally returned my phone call. We had a discussion about the situation. He provided me with reassurance. Guided me towards the appropriate course of action. The probate process was handled efficiently and professionally by him and his team. Their promptness in addressing all my concerns through communication was commendable. Although I experienced some anxiety throughout the process I can now confidently look back. Say that hiring Russel as my estate attorney was definitely the choice. I am extremely satisfied, with his services. Plan to engage him for any personal estate planning needs.
Delia HamphreyDelia Hamphrey
13:16 08 Sep 23
Russel Morgan made estate planning for my father incredibly convenient. Since my father resides in a small town without any estate planners, we decided to hire Russel. To our delight, my father only had to make two trips – one to initiate the trust and another to sign it. Russel’s expertise and attention to detail ensured that the entire process was smooth and hassle-free. I cannot stress enough how strongly I recommend Russel Morgan for all your estate planning requirements!
Sophia FitzgeraldSophia Fitzgerald
09:21 30 Aug 23
I am extremely happy with my experience at this law firm. After my husband passed away in May I needed help with the probate process for his Will. While browsing the internet for a probate attorney I came across the website of Russel Morgan’s law firm. it caught my attention so i decided to reach out by submitting an inquiry about their services. To my surprise Mr. Morgan himself promptly gave me a call. He was very friendly. Patiently answered all of my questions without making me feel silly for asking them. The communication with both the paralegals and attorneys through email and phone has been straightforward and easy to understand. In fact I have already recommended this law firm to a friend because I have confidence in their exceptional service they have provided me.
Randolf StaffordRandolf Stafford
06:54 17 Aug 23
Russel Morgan was truly remarkable in his creation of a comprehensive estate plan that exceeded our expectations. He provided us with thorough explanations, ensuring that we fully understood every aspect of the documents. The paralegal support staff was equally exceptional. Although we were initially surprised by the number of documents to be signed, our signing appointment was well-coordinated and efficiently completed. Our estate planning journey turned out to be a delightful and engaging experience. We are eagerly looking forward to the ongoing support that will undoubtedly be greatly valued.
Peter GonzalesPeter Gonzales
12:13 26 Jul 23
Family trusts can often lead to uncomfortable discussions with our loved ones. However, Russel Morgan and his team have managed to make this process seamless and uncomplicated. They started by offering a free consultation over the phone, which was incredibly convenient for us. Additionally, they promptly responded to our follow-up questions via email. Russel even provided us with a “personal data organizer” to help us gather all the necessary information about our assets. Surprisingly, this seemingly daunting task turned out to be much easier than we anticipated. I wholeheartedly recommend this firm for their exceptional legal services. Not only are their fees reasonable, but they also explain everything in simple terms that anyone can understand .
Russ ChildersRuss Childers
13:39 11 Jul 23
My wife and I were in need of setting up our estate plan and living trust, but we had no idea where to start. Feeling a bit anxious, we decided to meet with Mr. Russel Morgan for guidance. From the moment we met him, Mr. Morgan put us at ease with his professional demeanor and attentive listening skills. He took the time to understand our desires and expertly guided us through the process of setting up our estate plan and living trust. It’s been 5 years since then, and we can confidently say that we are both extremely satisfied with the expertise and assistance that Mr. Morgan has provided us. We highly recommend his practice to anyone in need of similar services.
Laura KimLaura Kim
08:54 28 Jun 23
My husband and I recently had our wills done by Morgan Legal Group, and we’re thrilled with the experience. The attorney we worked with was incredibly knowledgeable and made the whole process a breeze. They took the time to explain everything in a way that was easy to understand, so we felt confident in our decisions. We highly recommend Morgan Legal Group to anyone who needs legal services. Thank you for making this process so stress-free!
Brenda KimuraBrenda Kimura
18:33 13 Jun 23
I had the opportunity to work with Russel at Morgan Legal Group for estate planning and trust services, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. Russel is incredibly knowledgeable in his field, and he took the time to explain everything to us in a clear and concise manner. He was patient and thorough, answering all of our questions and addressing any concerns we had. The entire process was made easy and painless thanks to Russel’s expertise and guidance. He truly went above and beyond to make us feel like family, putting us at ease during a potentially stressful time. I highly recommend Morgan Legal Group to anyone looking for estate planning services, whether it be for a will, trust, or any other related matter. Thank you again to Russel and the team at Morgan Legal Group for their exceptional service!
Penelope PiercePenelope Pierce
06:59 08 Jun 23
Finding a competent estate lawyer was crucial for me as I navigated the complexities of estate planning. I was fortunate to be referred to Morgan Legal Group, and their team exceeded my expectations. From the first consultation, they demonstrated their expertise and genuine care for my needs. Their estate lawyer, Russel Morgan, diligently reviewed my assets, provided sound advice, and helped me create a comprehensive plan that protected my interests and secured my family’s future. The paperwork was taken care of ideally well too. Thanks, guys, excellent service priced really well.
Don GreerDon Greer
08:25 05 May 23
I had pretty good experience of working with Morgan Legal Group, specifically Mr. Morgan, and I couldn’t be happier with the services provided. Mr. Morgan was incredibly professional and knowledgeable, taking the time to explain all the details involved in setting up individual trusts for both my wife and me. When my mother passed away, he was there to help my sister and me navigate through the process of settling her estate. Mr. Morgan was patient, thorough, and always available to answer any questions we had. I highly recommend him for all your legal needs.
Luke DixonLuke Dixon
12:26 26 Apr 23
I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Morgan at Morgan Legal Group, and I must say, the experience was exceptional! Mr. Morgan and his team were incredibly professional and efficient in helping me with my legal needs. From the moment I walked into their office, I was greeted with a warm welcome and made to feel right at home. The entire process was seamless, and Mr. Morgan’s expertise and knowledge made me feel confident that my legal matters were in good hands. He took the time to listen to my concerns and provided me with valuable advice that helped me make informed decisions. I am truly grateful for the outstanding service that I received from Mr. Morgan and his team at Morgan Legal Group, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of legal assistance. Thank you, Mr. Morgan, for your exceptional work!
Deborah MillsDeborah Mills
06:13 12 Apr 23
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Russel and his team. They went above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcome for my legal needs. Everything was made clear from the initial consultation. Their professionalism and problem solving skills are flawless. It was truly great to find a law group that is always here to help and clarify and make sense of what should or should not be done, including understanding any financial or legal impact.
Nathaniel AbbottNathaniel Abbott
17:32 28 Jan 23
Working with Morgan Law Group has been a fantastic experience. When I first came in, I was interested in establishing a living trust and Mr. Morgan explained everything thoroughly, including what to not put into a living trust and the possible outcomes of several approaches we could have taken. I felt confident in his services and I am very happy with the end result. It was wonderful to work with this team and I will be back in the future.
Cayden DixonCayden Dixon
13:01 04 Jan 23
We highly recommend Russel and Morgan Legal. My wife and I had our will and estate planning completed by them last year, and it was a breeze. Russel was competent and friendly when guiding us through the planning process, always taking time to address any concerns. We were completely happy with the result as well. Now my in-laws and wife’s siblings are dealing with Russel for their wills and trust establishment and are also satisfied with their experience. We definitely recommend Russel as a deeply experienced and personable estate attorney! Thank you.
Sara ValerioSara Valerio
15:09 29 Dec 22
Very meticulous and very attentive to detail! We appreciated that especially! We are very impressed by Russel’s performance and the flexibility that he offered to us when updating our estate plan. We have just recently moved to the area and needed to make our plan compliant with New York. Russel’s suggestions and solutions were straight to the point and valuable. The process was fast and stress-free. We’ve ended up with a set of estate planning documents that makes us feel secure. Again, we were very pleased with the personal touch and time given to us. Do recommend!
Raymond TerryRaymond Terry
14:39 23 Dec 22
I met Russel during a very complicated time of my life, I was grieving my mom passed away. I was very stressed but knew I had to find a lawyer to take care of the asset. I was delaying for as long as I could because I didn’t want a cold attitude at all. The staff at Morgan Legal was exactly what I was looking for. They were kind, helpful, and punctual with their replies. When we met with Russel I was immediately put at ease, and he really took care of everything without any stress. He obviously has a tremendous experience in the area we needed, as well as a streamlined system for keeping us informed and on track. I would highly recommend Russel for his empathy, sensitivity, bedside manners, and professionalism. Thank you again.
Bianca MorinoBianca Morino
09:51 06 Dec 22
Russel Morgan comes highly recommended by our family as an excellent estate planning attorney. He spent all the time necessary to obtain our family’s information in order to provide the best advice for our particular situation and establish a plan that would be the best scenario for us. His service is worth the cost of drawing up an estate plan that accomplishes his clients’ needs. His staff is kind, considerate, and accommodating. We highly recommend Russel for all of your estate planning needs.
Jessie BatesJessie Bates
13:09 02 Dec 22
Morgan Legal made a difficult process extremely easy. Russel was very professional during the course of setting up our estate plan. He was attentive to our specific needs and requests for several aspects of our personal plan. Russel also provided his professional recommendations upon request, which was very helpful and insightful. His support team was also invaluable both during and after our plan was finalized. They provide a custom family service while making you feel part of a “family.” The cost of their service was worth every penny and I would not hesitate to recommend Morgan Legal to everyone I know. Thank you again, guys!
Larry KarlsLarry Karls
08:39 01 Dec 22
Morgan Legal was recommended to me by my financial advisor. The entire team was great to work with. I had a lot of questions during the process, and they were so prompt, patient, and detailed in their responses. They made sure that I understood all the clauses completely. The whole process was easy and made me feel confident in my decisions. The team is very knowledgeable and they have all safety protocols in place for in-office signing. This part of the process was easy, organized, seamless, and efficient. Overall, I am very impressed and would highly recommend them.


Evelyn AdrianEvelyn Adrian
14:41 23 Nov 23
My husband and I put off doing our estate planning for quite some time thinking it would be a task. However, working with Russel and his team proved us wrong. In fact we now wish we had taken action earlier! Despite lacking knowledge about wills, trusts and other related matters, Russel and his team patiently explained everything in terms. They never made us feel silly or uninformed during the process. Without any hesitation I highly recommend Russel Morgan for all your estate planning needs.
Sandra CroftoonSandra Croftoon
16:00 15 Nov 23
Russel Morgan and his law firm definitely deserve more than a 5 star rating for the experience I had with them. My interaction with Russel Morgan was truly outstanding. He efficiently collected all the information to start the process. He is not only extremely friendly but he also has a talent for explaining complicated concepts in a clear and understandable way. Following our discussion we created a statement of work. From that point onward everything went smoothly and swiftly. Collaborating with Russel was a pleasure as he guided us through the estate planning procedure and skillfully drafted all the necessary documents tailored specifically to our unique situation. I cannot express gratitude enough to Russel for his assistance. It was genuinely an experience working alongside him. If you are in need of a team that can expertly handle estate planning navigate Medicaid regulations. Secure your approval, look no further! This is the team you should have by your side. Thanks to Russel and his team my father can now receive the needed help he deserves. I am eternally grateful for their support and professionalism. They have certainly gained a client in me. Thank you again !!!
Brian RiceBrian Rice
10:12 26 Oct 23
Neal WatersNeal Waters
07:11 24 Oct 23
When it comes to finding the right person to handle all your estate planning needs Russel Morgan is the choice. Our experience with his law firm has been truly outstanding over the years. He not only provided service but he also goes above and beyond even after receiving payment. It’s clear that he genuinely cares about his clients and having known him for a couple of years I can confidently say that he treats us with care and consideration. Alongside his care Russel possesses knowledge and expertise in navigating the important questions that make the entire process easier. When my wife and I were searching for someone to assist us with our estate planning requirements we understood the importance of finding someone who could guide us and address our concerns. Russel was patient and thorough in explaining the significance of each aspect ensuring that we comprehended everything fully. We are grateful for Russels assistance. Look forward to relying on him as our trusted advisor for all needs. Thank you Russel for being when we needed you!
Melania AgramonteMelania Agramonte
08:35 18 Oct 23
Charlotte RileyCharlotte Riley
06:23 16 Oct 23
We were extremely pleased with the services and expert guidance provided by Russel’s Law Firm in helping us create our will and estate portfolio. The team went above and beyond to assist us displaying a level of professionalism and warmth, throughout the entire process. They promptly addressed all our needs. Their services were also reasonably priced. We were delighted to receive both physical copies of our documents with the assurance that the firm maintains a digital backup. Without any hesitation we wholeheartedly recommend Russel Morgan to anyone in need of services.
Scot HarringtonScot Harrington
15:25 10 Oct 23
Zoe StevensZoe Stevens
19:12 07 Oct 23
When my oldest child turned one I realized how important it was to establish a family trust, will and power of attorney. After reading reviews I decided to go with this law firm. Now I completely understand why. Three years later my husband unexpectedly passed away leaving me with a lot of responsibilities to handle. Thankfully our previous estate planning and trust made things much easier. None of our assets had to go through probate. Nobody could make any claims against them. Unfortunately some people can bring out the worst during times, like these. Throughout this period this law firm and my lawyer Russel Morgan showed compassion and support. Since then I’ve had to make changes regarding guardianship. They’ve handled each situation effortlessly.
Clover BrownClover Brown
14:46 06 Oct 23
I highly recommend the estate planning services offered by Russel Morgan! As someone who works in the field I have studied Wills and Trusts during my time in law school. However estate planning can still be quite intricate. I found it challenging to handle on my own. It was when I became a parent that I truly realized the significance of having an estate plan in place to ensure my childrens security. Russel effortlessly guided me through the entire process. He simplified the complexities involved. Made it remarkably easy for me to navigate. I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with Russel Morgan’s expertise in estate planning. Recommend!
Edward LeeEdward Lee
08:20 16 Sep 23
Russel Morgan and his team possess remarkable knowledge in the field of estate planning. With their expertise and clear communication Russel guided me through the various options and opportunities available to me in terms of benefiting future generations. He took into account any potential challenges and skillfully crafted a comprehensive plan that ensures a harmonious legacy for all parties involved. I was impressed by their promptness in addressing every email, text and phone call as well as their genuine concern for alleviating any fears or frustrations I had, ultimately providing me with a sense of peace and tranquility. Morgan Legal Group has truly been a blessing in my life.
Addison ScottAddison Scott
08:55 13 Sep 23
Working with Russel Morgans team has been an experience when it comes to organizing for my childrens requirements and special needs trust planning. I have been availing their services annually for five years which includes assistance, in matters such as guardianship special needs trusts, estate planning and even a no contest divorce. The reason I specifically chose them was due to their expertise in needs planning. They consistently displayed that expertise in every step of the process. Mr. Morgan and his associates on the team are professional detail oriented excellent communicators and compassionate individuals. I am genuinely thankful, for the quality of their services and their ongoing support.
Robbie BishopRobbie Bishop
15:19 29 Aug 23
Our family has been a client of Mr. Morgan, for over 5 years now. During our time working with him we have consistently received service in a manner covering various areas such as estate planning and retirement. Russel Morgan’s law firm is well known for their professionalism, kindness and personalized approach that extends to every member of their team including the paralegals. We are extremely satisfied with the office review meetings, guidance and services we have received so far. We wholeheartedly recommend this user friendly law group to anyone in need. Furthermore their new modern office location is conveniently accessible. Their professional fees are quite reasonable.
Emily RauschEmily Rausch
14:01 02 Aug 23
I had the opportunity to collaborate with this firm on a complex family trust matter, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the exceptional handling of our case. Despite its challenging nature, they meticulously guided us through each step, ensuring we understood the process thoroughly. Their profound expertise and unwavering professionalism provided us with much-needed reassurance throughout the journey. Moreover, their courtroom performance exceeded all our expectations. If you are currently searching for legal representation, I strongly urge you to cease your search and reach out to this remarkable team. Rest assured, you will not be let down.
Ricardo HerreraRicardo Herrera
14:26 31 Jul 23
Not having any prior experience in handling a probate case, I was in desperate need of assistance. I can’t express enough gratitude to the Morgan Legal Group of Russel Morgan & Associates for their invaluable help. Working with Russel and his team has been an absolute pleasure. When I explained my lack of knowledge in this area, they patiently took the time to guide me in the right direction. I am extremely grateful for their expertise and support. If anyone finds themselves in a similar situation, I would highly recommend this firm without hesitation. Tracy, in particular, has been exceptionally patient and helpful throughout the process. You guys are truly the best!
Zamira NabievaZamira Nabieva
09:47 08 Jul 23
Russel made working on our estate plan an absolute pleasure! My husband and I were thrilled with how personable he was, and he immediately put us at ease. He took the time to explain his process in detail, which made the task we had been avoiding seem like a piece of cake – with a cherry on top! We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an estate planner. Russel made everything clear and concise, and it was fairly effortless on our part. We felt extremely cared for and appreciated his friendly and sincere demeanor. In fact, we enjoyed chatting with him so much that we’ll miss not having another meeting to continue our conversation about gardening and plants !!!
Warren WebsterWarren Webster
18:26 10 Jun 23
My family and I had been putting off setting up our will and trust for some time, but working with Mr. Morgan and his team made the process easy and stress-free. Mr. Morgan’s vast knowledge and expertise in estate planning allowed him to answer all of our questions and provide valuable insights that we hadn’t considered before. The process was seamless and very well organized, which made us feel confident in our decisions. We truly feel that the investment was worth it, and we highly recommend Mr. Morgan to anyone in need of estate planning services.
Anna RodriquezAnna Rodriquez
13:09 08 Jun 23
The team at Morgan Legal Group was exceptional in handling my family legal matters with sensitivity and professionalism. As a family lawyer, their empathetic approach was comforting during a difficult time. They took the time to understand the complex dynamics of my family situation, which put my mind at ease. The outcome was more than satisfactory, and I am grateful for their expertise and guidance. I highly recommend this office to anyone who needs compassionate and knowledgeable legal representation for their family matters.
Wesley HallWesley Hall
15:21 06 Jun 23
I had the pleasure of working with an amazing legal team recently, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. They helped me with my will and also did a fantastic job with estate planning for my wife. From start to finish, they were professional, knowledgeable, and incredibly easy to work with. They took the time to explain everything in detail, making sure we understood every step of the process. Their attention to detail was impressive, and they made sure that all of our needs were met. We felt completely at ease throughout the entire process, knowing that we were in good hands. Overall, we had a wonderful experience working with this team and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy legal team.
Pablo TejadaPablo Tejada
04:16 05 Jun 23
Rebecca MendozaRebecca Mendoza
11:46 08 May 23
We contacted Morgan Legal Group to update our Wills and Estate Plan, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with our experience. From start to finish, they were incredibly professional, communicative, and provided exceptional service. Their team evaluated our current situation and suggested revisions that were tailored to our specific needs. We truly appreciated their attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure that everything was taken care of. Thank you so much for making this process so seamless and stress-free!
Shelley EddingtonShelley Eddington
06:41 01 May 23
Over 3 years ago, we had the privilege of setting up our trust with a wonderful law firm known as Morgan Legal Group. Mr. Morgan and his team were incredibly professional and thorough in their approach. Their communication was always timely, professional, and helpful – they took the time to ensure that we understood all of the legal language and our options. As laws have changed over the years, they have kept in touch with us to inform and advise us accordingly. We cannot express our appreciation enough for their services and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of legal assistance.
Ted DavidsonTed Davidson
14:54 03 Mar 23
Russel Morgan at Morgan Legal Group is a fantastic asset protection attorney in NY. I was looking for a trust attorney near me and was fortunate enough to come across Morgan Legal Group. Russel was patient and took the time to answer all of my questions about what should not be put in a revocable trust. He provided excellent advice and made the process seamless. I highly recommend Morgan Legal Group to anyone in need of estate planning services.
Michael HaileyMichael Hailey
08:17 02 Dec 22
So a helpful and extremely caring attorney. Russel spent a lot of time with my wife and me and made sure we were not missing any detail when it came to creating our wills and family law issues including our prenuptial agreement. He followed up on time and was responsive to our emails. His advice made the process easy and understandable, and this is his merit. We have peace of mind that our documents are well composed. A very reassuring and refreshing experience, especially because we expected a stressful and complicated process. Pricing is beyond competitive, especially for NY. Thank you, Russel, for your extra attention and for being on the same page with us.
Mark DoyleMark Doyle
11:14 01 Dec 22
Mr. Morgan is very knowledgeable, thoughtful, and thorough. He is one of the best asset protection lawyers in New York and I would definitely recommend him to all. Strong work ethic, incredible team, and responsive front desk staff. They went over the top for me this time and I cannot find enough words to say how grateful I am for all their hard work and efforts. Best law firm in the city.
Kathleen O’BrienKathleen O’Brien
10:04 25 Nov 22
They always return my calls in a timely manner and respond to all of my questions. I did my estate planning with Mr. Morgan and he did an outstanding job. Very informative, professional, polite, and courteous. He explained everything I had to know prior to the beginning of the process and made sure I felt comfortable with the decision before finalizing the document. I really enjoyed my experience with him.
Grace RangelGrace Rangel
09:38 15 Nov 22
Reasonably priced, thorough, and professional legal services. I enjoyed working with Morgan Law Group and would not hesitate to go back whenever there will be a need in the future. The staff is friendly, welcoming, and accommodating. They take the extra mile to explain things in detail and will do everything possible for you to feel comfortable throughout the process. The lawyer is down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and experienced.
Tamra BaldingTamra Balding
14:32 04 Nov 22
Russel Morgan assisted us in drafting our will and represented us in a complex real estate transaction. He was highly knowledgeable about the estate planning process and took us through a lot of concerns, some of which we had not considered. We were impressed by how well he spoke in a clear and simple manner that was not patronizing. He was also quite pleasant and approachable. We highly recommend him and would not hesitate to employ his services again in the future for other family law concerns.


Harry GilmoreHarry Gilmore
16:04 23 Nov 23
Russel Morgan and his team are incredibly impressive. When my spouse and I needed to update our will and estate documents, which involved transferring them from Georgia to New York Russel went above and beyond. His team exceeded our expectations in every aspect. Russels sharpness, honesty and laid back demeanor, along with his knowledge made the entire planning process effortless. We truly felt taken care of throughout every step. Additionally Russels rates are reasonable making the overall experience more extraordinary. We highly recommend him to anyone in search of an estate planning attorney in New York.
Deborah HaigDeborah Haig
13:44 03 Oct 23
Russel from Morgan Legal was a pleasure to work with. He was patient and detailed while answering my queries, and was really helpful with estate planning. His checklists and advice were very beneficial and easy to understand. I have not come across any firm that offers this level of care and knowledge. Thank you.
Ralph CarrRalph Carr
14:00 27 Sep 23
I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with Russel Morgan for my estate planning requirements. His expertise and assistance were invaluable throughout the entire process. He dedicated time to comprehend my objectives and worries, ensuring that I had all the necessary information to make well-informed choices. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly endorse Russel Morgan and his team to anyone seeking a seasoned and empathetic estate planning attorney. Many thanks, Russel.
Nova FisherNova Fisher
14:55 14 Sep 23
When I was looking for a lawyer I had a requirement in mind. Someone who could effectively and clearly communicate with me about my estate planning needs. Mr. Morgan stood out because he was respectful and encouraged me to ask questions.. What really impressed me was his ability to explain things in ways often using practical examples whenever I had trouble understanding something. I really appreciated how he broke down the planning process into steps without overwhelming me with jargon. Additionally his office staff were very professional. Created a welcoming environment. In the end Mr. Morgan created my estate portfolio the way I wanted it to be .
Julian AdamsJulian Adams
13:19 14 Sep 23
When my aging father unexpectedly had to go to a nursing home for rehabilitation I realized I didn’t have knowledge about the laws and complexities surrounding care. While searching online I came across Russel Morgan and his firm and words can’t express how grateful I am for finding them! Russel personally visited the nursing home with his notary. Together we took care of all of my fathers matters like his estate, medical power of attorneys, last will and testament and other important documents to ensure that everything would be, in order if he ever became unable to make decisions on his own. At first I thought my father would only need to stay in the nursing home for a month for rehab. It was comforting to know that Medicare would cover 20 days fully. I’m so happy I met Russel and his team! Thank you!
Ethan GreerEthan Greer
12:38 12 Sep 23
Working alongside attorney Russel Morgan to update our wills and revocable trust was a pleasure. Russel and his team made us feel completely comfortable throughout the process ensuring that everything went smoothly and efficiently. Now we can confidently say that our family is well prepared to handle any matters that may arise when we are no longer able to take care of our affairs. Without any hesitation we wholeheartedly recommend Russel Morgan to anyone who needs assistance with their family matters!
Abigail HallAbigail Hall
10:26 09 Sep 23
This law firm is a high quality estate and probate law firm that covers a range of services. Russel Morgan, the attorney strives to establish a connection with his clients. Goes the extra mile to provide exceptional service. During the holiday season Russel Morgan and his team made sure to address all my needs in a manner. If you’re unsure about how to start handling the estate of someone to you this firm offers an all in one solution. They consistently surpass expectations. Make every effort to meet their clients unique requirements. If you’re looking for a law firm that delivers results Russel Morgan is definitely the right choice for you.
Millicent BlackMillicent Black
12:29 19 Aug 23
I strongly recommend Russel Morgan for all your will and health directive requirements. He is not only efficient and professional, but also incredibly compassionate. Within a month, I was able to obtain a fully executed will and health care directive through his services. Moreover, his pricing is exceptionally reasonable. He consistently follows up with you to ensure that your will continues to meet your needs, and this ongoing support is included in the original payment. When it comes to wills, health care directives, or probate matters, Russel is the sole recommendation I would make to my loved ones.
Erick CruzErick Cruz
10:10 17 Aug 23
After consulting with my advisor I chose this team because of a solid recommendation. They stressed the significance of setting up a trust to protect our retirement assets. Collaborating with everyone, at their office was truly enjoyable. Their team exhibited professionalism and expertise which left us satisfied with the results of our trust. I would confidently recommend their services to anyone seeking assistance, in creating a trust without any hesitation.
Tyler AtwoodTyler Atwood
16:04 13 Aug 23
I’ve had the honor of collaborating with Russel Morgan professionally for more than a year now. Throughout this time, Russel has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to handling probate matters with utmost professionalism and efficiency. His responsiveness, positivity, and considerate nature have made working with him a pleasure. Moreover, his exceptional expertise in navigating the complexities of probate cases is truly remarkable. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Russel to anyone seeking the best in the business.
Jasur KhalilovJasur Khalilov
13:39 12 Jul 23
When I was searching for an elder law attorney, I came across Russel Morgan. I must say that Russel exceeded my expectations. From the moment I contacted him regarding my probate situation, he was incredibly patient and attentive to my needs. Russel listened to me carefully and provided me with much-needed information that helped me understand the process better. What impressed me the most was Russel’s friendly and pleasant demeanor throughout our conversations. He was always willing to answer my questions and address any concerns I had. Russel’s professionalism, knowledge, and expertise in the field were evident in every interaction we had. Thanks.
Connie CrosslinConnie Crosslin
10:01 10 Jul 23
Discussing topics like power of attorney and living wills can be uncomfortable, but thanks to Russel Morgan and his team, the process was painless and easy to understand. They were professional and kind to both my father and me, taking the time to explain everything clearly. The price was reasonable, and they even provided us with a nice binder to keep all the paperwork organized and safe. One added bonus is that Russel Morgan offers the option to have the completed forms scanned and emailed, making it incredibly convenient to share with primary healthcare providers and hospitals.
Jesse KaplanJesse Kaplan
09:41 08 Jul 23
When my wife and I needed to update our family trust, a friend recommended Morgan Legal Group, and we were immediately impressed by Russel’s attentive and analytical approach. After thoroughly reviewing our trust, he suggested several changes and provided clear and compelling reasons for each one. He patiently answered all of our questions, even when dealing with a challenging aspect of our trust. Russel carefully researched the issue and proposed a thoughtful resolution. We are incredibly grateful for our friend’s recommendation, as Russel’s professionalism was truly exceptional.
Kenneth OgdenKenneth Ogden
13:55 07 Jul 23
We had a pretty good experience of working with Russel Morgan from Morgan Legal Group for our estate planning needs. He was not only professional, but also very cordial and understanding throughout the entire process. As first-time estate planners, we appreciated how Russel explained everything in layman’s terms, making it easy for us to understand. We strongly suggest Morgan Legal Group for anyone looking to create their last will and testament or healthcare directives. Russel’s timely response to our emails and phone calls was exceptional, and his sense of humor helped put us at ease from the very beginning. Thank you, Russel, for making this experience a pleasant one.
Anaiz ZapataAnaiz Zapata
04:11 15 Jun 23
Zoe BrownZoe Brown
13:08 09 Jun 23
I cannot express how grateful I am for the exceptional service I received from Morgan Legal Group. My lawyer, Russel Morgan, was an invaluable support during the most challenging period of my life. Without his expertise and guidance, I don’t know how I would have coped. The entire team at the firm was not only knowledgeable but also compassionate and friendly. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking legal assistance in Elder Law and Estate Planning. They deserve a perfect score of 100%!
Jaden SullivanJaden Sullivan
11:38 29 May 23
I had the pleasure of working with Russel Morgan on several Family Law issues, and I must say he was absolutely wonderful. He was always very responsive, patient, and kind throughout the entire process. Even our elderly grandmother, who also worked with him, appreciated how he took the time to explain everything to her in a way that made her feel confident and comfortable. It’s clear that Mr. Morgan is an impressive and dedicated attorney who truly cares about his clients.
Adam GarciaAdam Garcia
07:11 24 May 23
I worked with Russel Morgan to handle the wills of both myself and my parents, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with his services. Russel was not only highly informative and efficient, but also incredibly personable and patient with our entire family. His professionalism and trustworthiness were evident throughout the entire process, putting us at ease during a potentially stressful time. I would highly recommend Russel to anyone in need of an attorney for their estate planning needs.
Fiona CollinsFiona Collins
07:29 03 Apr 23
When it comes to asset protection, the Morgan Legal Group is the best in the business. The team is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, and they helped me to protect my assets and secure my financial future. I was also pleasantly surprised by their reasonable asset protection attorney fees, which made it easy to get the protection I needed without breaking the bank.
John GilbertJohn Gilbert
16:44 03 Mar 23
Working with Russel Morgan as my estate planning attorney was one of the best decisions I made for my family’s future. He was extremely knowledgeable about all the aspects of estate planning and explained everything to me in detail. I felt very comfortable asking any questions I had, and he was patient in answering them all. I appreciated his thorough approach and the time he took to ensure that I understood the process. I would highly recommend Russel to anyone in need of an estate planning attorney. Thank you.
Jeff StephensonJeff Stephenson
10:08 25 Feb 23
Morgan Legal Group and Russell Morgan were absolutely fantastic in handling my estate planning needs. Russell was knowledgeable, patient, and very professional in guiding me through the process. He took the time to explain everything thoroughly, and I never felt rushed or pressured. I highly recommend this law firm for anyone in need of a top-notch estate planning attorney. They are truly the best!
Anthony BradfordAnthony Bradford
09:46 07 Dec 22
Outstanding service and great communication. Mr. Morgan has been very patient with me during our initial consultation. He is a great estate planning attorney who knows all the ins and outs of the industry and will help you make the best decision for yourself in no time. He is always willing to answer any questions and address all of your concerns. I would very much recommend him to everyone.
Zhoshua GardnerZhoshua Gardner
09:01 04 Dec 22
Russel Morgan was thorough when helping us with our wills and power of attorney, and while we were nervous as didn’t know what to expect from it, and the topic itself made us rather nervous, he did a great job explaining everything to us and gave us the feeling we are 100% in the control of what is going on. He took his time and we explored all options, and he did this with patience and never rushed us in any of the scenarios. Thank you for giving us enough space and time to make the best decisions. We would highly recommend him. Very personable and caring.
Marti CarsonMarti Carson
17:50 24 Nov 22
Russel Morgan is an amazing probate attorney who genuinely cares. He’s professional, attentive, and overall an extraordinary person who offers outstanding legal representation. He is down to earth and aggressive when it is required and was keen on protecting my rights. I really enjoyed working with him and had no doubt he acted in my best interest. The entire staff at Morgan is impeccable. I can not express how forever thankful I am to them! Thank you again for everything!!!
Henry SengerHenry Senger
16:05 18 Nov 22
Russel Morgan is fantastic, we found working with him easy and stress-free! His impressive knowledge of probate law and endless motivation to find the best solution gave us peace of mind. He took time explaining things to us so we fully understood the entire process of our late father’s estate going through probate court. He makes an upsetting situation manageable and smooth flowing. Prices are fair. The staff is knowledgeable and pleasant. Thank you, Russel, sincerely
Cody HendricksonCody Hendrickson
12:44 15 Nov 22
Russel Morgan has provided our family with professional compassionate care in guiding us through elder abuse issues as well as to elder care and financial planning. During my family’s tumultuous time and lots of stress, his expertise and personality have been exemplary. He was gentle but straight to the point, and his empathy was absolutely evident. He went out of his way to ensure us the protection we needed and saved our dignity. All our family is grateful for his help, and can sincerely recommend him to anyone who needs diligent legal help in similar circumstances. Thank you again.


Dorothy ReevesDorothy Reeves
07:17 24 Nov 23
Russel Morgan and his team continually exceeded expectations by delivering on time and keeping lines of communication open. They meticulously monitored projects to ensure that they were completed on schedule and without any delays in responding to my demands. When my husband and I visited with Russel and his team for estate planning, they were completely focused on our needs, including recalling the names of our three daughters without consulting any notes. This level of detail was absolutely astounding! Russel and his crew helped us through a thorough comprehension of our objectives thanks to their expertise and wide knowledge. I strongly support their legal team since they make the entire procedure simple. Thank you very much, Russel!
Justine CarringtonJustine Carrington
09:21 04 Nov 23
After reaching out to multiple Estate Planning Attorneys, my husband and I opted to conduct a Google search. That’s when we came across Russel’s name accompanied by excellent ratings and glowing client testimonials. It was a game-changer for us! Russel’s professionalism, unwavering dedication to his work, and exceptional client service truly impressed us. He took the time to explain any confusing sections of the paperwork and addressed all our questions to our utmost satisfaction. We are incredibly grateful to have enlisted Russel’s guidance and assistance throughout our Estate Planning process—a task we had been procrastinating on for far too long. Without a doubt, we wholeheartedly recommend Russel Morgan to our beloved family and friends.
Ayden CohenAyden Cohen
08:17 27 Oct 23
Donna DanielDonna Daniel
07:54 27 Oct 23
Cody JohnsonCody Johnson
14:03 10 Oct 23
Gabriel CampbellGabriel Campbell
07:18 20 Sep 23
Russel and his team are friendly, well informed and supportive. Acting as the representative for my aunt’s estate Russel served as her attorney. Despite being located they made the process of settling the estate remarkably simple and trouble free. Throughout the process Russel Morgan maintained communication with me and provided invaluable assistance with selling the house and addressing all other related matters. His expertise in handling estates, wills and trusts is truly impressive. In fact we even made adjustments to our estate affairs based on the knowledge we gained from Russel. I highly suggest this office as they will ensure your needs are attended to with professionalism and care!
Samuel CrossmanSamuel Crossman
08:05 16 Sep 23
These guys played a crucial role in assisting my parents with the establishment of a trust several years ago. More recently, we sought their expertise to make necessary updates based on changes my mom wanted to implement. Throughout the process, Russel, a highly knowledgeable and informative professional, provided invaluable guidance to ensure the trust was finalized effectively. I hold great appreciation for the insightful advice and recommendations offered by Russel. Additionally, their office is easily accessible, and Russel consistently maintains a friendly demeanor. Thanks!
Christine WaltonChristine Walton
10:02 21 Jul 23
My husband and I are committed to safeguarding our finances and property, ensuring that they are protected and managed in accordance with our wishes even after we pass away. To achieve this, we sought the expertise of Morgan Legal Group. From the moment we met their team, we were genuinely impressed by their comprehensive program and highly skilled attorneys. After careful consideration, we concluded that establishing a Trust was the most suitable path for us. Throughout the process, the attorneys and staff demonstrated exceptional knowledge and were a pleasure to collaborate with. We wholeheartedly embraced their program and now have complete confidence in entrusting our assets to their capable guidance.
Andy VAndy V
12:01 20 Jul 23
From our very first encounter with Russel Morgan to the final signing session, our experience with Morgan Legal Group was exceptional. The team at Morgan Legal Group showed genuine compassion, and their staff was highly efficient. Moreover, their approach to the entire process was thorough and meticulous. As someone who had accumulated over thirty years of tangential experience in the field of Personal Financial Planning prior to retirement, and with my wife having no prior exposure to estate or legal matters as an educator, we were both impressed by Russel’s ability to effectively communicate with us and guide us through this relatively complex process. Without hesitation, I strongly recommend Morgan Legal Group as a firm of the highest caliber.
Silvia CookSilvia Cook
10:30 10 Jul 23
We worked with Russel Morgan for our estate planning, and it was an exceptional experience. As first-time will and trust creators, we were unsure of what to expect. However, Russel made us feel at ease throughout the entire process and provided clear explanations of each step. He guided us every step of the way, and we highly recommend him to anyone seeking an excellent attorney. Thanks to his expertise, what could have been a stressful experience turned out to be a positive one. We are grateful for his assistance in our estate planning.
Jai PhillipsJai Phillips
11:34 05 Jul 23
Russel Morgan and his team provided exceptional estate planning services for us. From start to finish, they were professional, organized, and attentive to our needs. They took the time to listen to our concerns and goals, providing expert guidance every step of the way.What impressed us the most was how enjoyable the entire process was. Despite the complexity of estate planning, Mr. Morgan and his team made it easy for us to understand and navigate. They were patient with our questions and concerns, ensuring that we felt comfortable with each decision we made. Thank you!
Edith MorganEdith Morgan
14:35 27 Jun 23
After attending an event where Russel Morgan shared his knowledge on estate planning, I was impressed with his expertise in areas that I had questions about. I scheduled a meeting with him and after extensive discussions and my numerous inquiries, I decided to seek his assistance. He compiled all my requirements and information, and within a couple of weeks, presented me with his work for review. While going through it, I noticed a few things that needed clarification, and there were some areas where I lacked knowledge. However, Russel was very patient and explained everything in a manner that was easy for me to understand. He also made changes to items that I requested modifications on. He was extremely pleasant and friendly to work with, always eager to please and ensure that I understood every step of the process. I recommend Russel and his associates at Morgan Legal Group for all your estate planning needs.
Laurence TateLaurence Tate
11:59 19 Jun 23
I asked Morgan Legal Group to create my will, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. Mr. Russel Morgan was an absolute pleasure to work with – he was patient, knowledgeable, and always willing to answer any questions I had. He took the time to explain everything in detail, making sure I understood all of my options and the implications of each decision. His advice was invaluable, and he made the entire process stress-free and easy to understand. I would highly recommend Morgan Legal Group to anyone looking for a reliable legal team that truly cares about their clients.
Anthony TuckerAnthony Tucker
10:41 13 Jun 23
I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional work that Morgan Legal Group has done in handling our probate. From the very beginning, the entire team has been incredibly helpful and supportive, going out of their way to make this process as smooth and simple as possible for me and my family. Their expertise and attention to detail have been invaluable, and I am so grateful for their generosity in answering all of our questions along the way. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, we were able to navigate this difficult time with confidence and peace of mind. I can’t recommend Morgan Legal Group highly enough, and I know without a doubt that I will be working with them again in the future. Thank you so much for everything!
Shona ParrishShona Parrish
15:55 06 Jun 23
I was referred to Russel Morgan for assistance with a probate estate, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with his services. From our initial meeting, Russel was incredibly patient and thorough in addressing my concerns. He took the time to explain the process and answer all of my questions, which put me at ease. Throughout the entire process, Russel maintained excellent communication and kept me informed every step of the way. With his guidance, we were able to achieve the right result. I truly appreciate all of his hard work and dedication to my case. It was an absolute pleasure working with him, and I would suggest him to anyone in need of legal assistance.
Benjamin PruittBenjamin Pruitt
07:22 10 May 23
As someone who has never dealt with legal matters before, I was initially intimidated by the prospect of hiring a probate lawyer. However, working with Russel Morgan and his team quickly put my mind at ease. They provided exceptional service that was both professional and personable, taking the time to explain every aspect of my probate process in a way that I could easily understand. Mr. Morgan’s expertise and attention to detail were evident in every interaction we had, and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and compassionate probate lawyer.
Frank TurnerFrank Turner
08:17 09 May 23
Hey there! My wife and I recently worked with Mr. Morgan from the Morgan Legal Group to set up a Trust, and we were really impressed with his services. Not only was he knowledgeable and professional, but he also made the process enjoyable and educational. Mr. Morgan took the time to explain all the steps and information we needed to know, which made us feel more confident in our decisions. We cannot speak highly enough of his services and would confidently refer him to anyone in need of legal assistance. We also plan on utilizing his expertise again in the future!
Madison LandMadison Land
15:39 02 Mar 23
I found Morgan Legal Group’s office and they were able to help me get the house in probate without any issues. Russel is very reliable, extremely helpful, and makes communication very easy. They are efficient professionals, quick to respond, intelligent, and thoughtful. Their customer service is impeccable. My husband and I look forward to doing more business with them in the future. You really can’t go wrong with these guys.
Amanda LongAmanda Long
00:53 02 Mar 23
Hardworking lawyers! Kent Gross was compassionate and listened. Highly recommend and would work with again.
Elisa MooreElisa Moore
16:06 16 Dec 22
Morgan Legal Group came highly recommended. Frankly speaking, I was really nervous about getting a lawyer for multiple reasons. But especially as I am an immigrant and I didn’t know if I would be treated fairly. Well, all of my concerns were dispelled at once from the very first consultation with Russell. All my questions were answered and I was updated on a daily basis regarding what was being done. I can’t thank this marvelous team enough! Highly recommend their expertise!
Constance HinesConstance Hines
11:13 12 Dec 22
James PearsonJames Pearson
08:29 01 Dec 22
When my dad passed away Russel from Morgan Legal was so kind to my mom and helped her not only with her legal needs but emotional needs as well. He was very supportive and attentive to all her questions and requests. We also have an adult special needs daughter and again, Morgan Legal’s team was so helpful in setting up her legal needs. Once they prepared our will, they didn’t just leave it at that they are quick to let us know when we needed to update something. It’s a relief to know we have our affairs up to date. I would highly recommend Russel and Morgan Legal, it’s more than legal services, it’s family caring for a family.
Katrina StrotherKatrina Strother
10:57 29 Nov 22
Good family attorney. He handled our estate planning and kept our best interests in mind. Very satisfied with the results of his work. Mr. Morgan is very professional and down-to-earth. It was a real pleasure to work with him. He also gave us a detailed overview of estate planning costs at the very beginning and was pretty straightforward when it came to all the ins and outs of the process itself. Only great things to say about him.
Dan LentzDan Lentz
13:44 22 Nov 22
Highly recommend this law office. It is an emotional time when dealing with Family issues. At no point did I feel they didn’t explain or follow through on any questions or requests. Best decision made was to use this firm. Thank you
Gary SiegelGary Siegel
19:20 12 Nov 22
They went above and beyond to make the estate administration process as simple and easy as it could be for our family which we very much appreciate. It was a very tough time for us so having someone so caring, supportive, and kind by our side was a huge relief. Mr. Morgan took care of everything for us and we now recommend him to everyone we know as the best probate attorney in the area. One of a kind.
Ryan HancockRyan Hancock
16:25 08 Nov 22
My wife and I needed to get our proverbial affairs in order before our baby arrives, and we were fortunate enough to have our financial advisor refer us to Morgan Legal. Russel helped us set up a trust and transfer our assets. We felt like he did a great job answering all our questions and walking us through the entire process (as he continues to if we have any follow-up questions). This is our first foray into dealing with estate planning, which it turns out is not a fun or easy process. It helped immensely to have Morgan Legal, and we would recommend them to anyone else looking into estate planning.
Michael RickettsMichael Ricketts
12:46 03 Nov 22
Mr. Morgan was very knowledgeable, down-to-earth, diligent, and responsive. He thoroughly explained the concept of a living trust and what you should not put in a living trust. He was very easy to communicate with and was speaking in a way that we would understand all the important information without having any trouble. He is a great attorney and we would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for help with a living trust.


Bryden CookBryden Cook
19:28 15 Nov 23
Lewis CliffordLewis Clifford
12:50 13 Nov 23
Norman ValentineNorman Valentine
12:32 13 Nov 23
My wife and I began working with Russel Morgan in 2020. Initially he helped us set up an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust and dealt with the gift tax matters connected to it. As time went on our relationship expanded into estate planning, something I never really thought about before. Russel created a plan that addressed all my concerns and surprisingly everything he put into action made the entire process smooth and efficient. This was especially important to me during this period. Since then Russel Morgan introduced an annual check up program for my estate plan. It’s a concept that encourages me to review what I want to provide for my family and the charitable causes I support. The members of Russel’s team are not skilled and professional but also genuinely caring individuals. They take the time to truly understand your values, principles and goals.
Gavin RichGavin Rich
16:17 08 Nov 23
I had a pretty good experience working with Russel Morgan. He took the time to explain the guardianship process thoroughly to both my siblings and me. Russel always responded promptly. He had a talent for simplifying information into easy to understand terms. Throughout our interactions he displayed professionalism. Russel is not only knowledgeable but he is also compassionate and clear in his explanations. Moreover his pricing is competitive making him an excellent option for anyone who needs help with estate planning. I wholeheartedly recommend Russel Morgan to anyone looking for estate planning services.
Nicola DayNicola Day
14:19 27 Oct 23
My spouse and I were truly amazed by the wealth of knowledge possessed by Mr. Morgan when it came to estate planning. He took the time to explain all the details of our trust and other important legal documents. His guidance was not accurate but also clear making it incredibly easy for us to understand everything. We found Mr. Morgan’s professionalism and friendly demeanor to be a pleasure to work with. We felt completely at ease. Had confidence in his advice. The level of service we received from him surpassed any attorney we had previously come across. We wholeheartedly recommend his services
Vincent HarringtonVincent Harrington
14:12 11 Oct 23
We were in need of establishing a family trust and received a glowing recommendation for Russel Morgan from a trusted family friend. From the very beginning, Russel offered us invaluable guidance in crafting a trust that perfectly aligned with our long-term objectives. Not only does Russel possess an exceptional depth of knowledge in estate planning and law, but he also exudes genuine compassion and care. Without hesitation, we wholeheartedly endorse Russel Morgan and his remarkable team for all matters pertaining to estate planning.
Nizom RahmonovNizom Rahmonov
12:46 28 Sep 23
We were incredibly impressed by the work of Russel Morgan and his team in creating an estate plan for us. Russels approach to estate planning reflects his concern for our needs and his attentive listening skills. With his experience he provided us with the confidence we needed as he expertly guided us through the decisions involved in developing a comprehensive plan. Every member of Russel’s team demonstrated professionalism, meticulous attention to detail and compassionate support for their clients, which proved to be invaluable. We strongly suggest their services to anyone seeking assistance with estate planning.
Suzie FlickSuzie Flick
13:32 13 Sep 23
I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Russel Morgan and his team, for years both on a professional level. The office environment strikes a balance between comfort and professionalism making it a welcoming and efficient place to work. Communication is consistently prompt whether its through phone calls, emails or even text messages. I have trust in Russel and his colleagues to protect my reputation as I frequently refer clients to them. Without any hesitation I wholeheartedly recommend their services for all your estate planning and elder law needs.
Julia DavidsonJulia Davidson
13:26 12 Sep 23
We were thrilled to have Russel Morgan help my sister Betty and her husband with their estate planning. Russel customized his services to suit their situation making sure they could reduce the need for travel. Even though Betty’s husband was in hospice Russel made all the arrangements for paperwork and staff to accommodate him at the nursing facility. He showed patience in explaining every aspect of their estate plan ensuring that they fully grasped the process. Based on our experience we highly recommend him for your estate planning requirements.
Bill CobbBill Cobb
07:58 21 Aug 23
Assisting a cherished family member with dementia in crafting a comprehensive strategy for their long-term care, managing their finances and assets, updating an outdated will and establishing a trust can be a multifaceted endeavor. It is a process intertwined with emotions as we strive to secure the optimal outcome for our loved one. Recognizing the significance of our mother’s evolving needs we understood the importance of taking proactive measures on her behalf. We are immensely grateful to have discovered Russel and his exceptional team! Their unwavering compassion, dignity & respect towards Mum throughout her journey have been truly invaluable .
Samuel PerezSamuel Perez
14:34 20 Jul 23
When I first started researching Estate/Will planning, I was quite confused. However, Morgan Legal Group made the entire process incredibly smooth and ensured that we grasped the fundamentals. Attorney Russel Donovan explained the entire process to us and presented a variety of options. His team was highly responsive, scheduling all meetings in advance and following up whenever necessary. Throughout the process, they never attempted to sell us any additional services, which has been a problem I’ve encountered with other law firms. I have already recommended Morgan Legal Group to some of my friends, and I will continue to do so. Rest assured, with Morgan Legal Group, you are in safe hands.
Steven KimSteven Kim
13:51 11 Jul 23
We engaged Russel to prepare an estate plan for my elderly parents, as he specializes in elder law. We were thoroughly impressed with his professional service and would highly advise him. Russel was exceptionally patient and thorough with my parents, who are both over 80 years old. He made them feel comfortable throughout the entire process, as if he were a part of the family. We were particularly impressed when he conducted the initial consultation at my parents’ home, despite his office being over an hour away.
Kerry FieldsKerry Fields
10:31 03 Jul 23
I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Mr. Morgan for several years now. Whenever a probate issue arises in one of my injury cases, I know I can count on Russel Morgan to provide expert legal assistance. His efficiency and extensive knowledge of probate laws and courts ensure that my clients receive top-notch representation. Mr. Morgan is not only honest, caring, and hardworking, but also highly reliable. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel in this area (and I do so regularly)!
Frank СFrank С
14:07 29 Jun 23
Working with Russel Morgan and his team was an absolute pleasure. From the very beginning, they treated me with the utmost professionalism, kindness, and attention to detail. They made the entire process easy to understand and navigate, which was a huge relief for me. Russel’s expertise in estate planning was evident throughout our interactions, and he provided valuable insights and recommendations that helped me make informed decisions about my estate plan. His attention to detail and thoroughness were also greatly appreciated, as he made sure that all aspects of my estate plan were properly addressed and accounted for. Overall, I had a great experience working with Morgan Legal Group, and I would definitely give them a five-star rating!
Patrick FleckensteinPatrick Fleckenstein
15:21 26 Jun 23
I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to The Morgan Legal Group for their invaluable assistance in settling my uncle’s estate. I was completely unaware of how complex and challenging this process could be, but thanks to Mr. Morgan and his team, everything was taken care of with ease during a difficult time in my life. Their expertise in managing accounts, probate, and estate insurance was truly remarkable, and I cannot thank them enough for their help. I am incredibly grateful for this firm and the support they provided me during this trying time.
Tina WoodTina Wood
11:56 19 Jun 23
Russel did an excellent job with my estate planning needs, and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. He took the time to understand my unique requirements and provided me with expert guidance throughout the entire process. What really stood out to me was his willingness to go the extra mile to accommodate any changes or updates that I needed, even on short notice. His attention to detail and commitment to ensuring that everything was in order gave me peace of mind knowing that my affairs were in good hands. I highly recommend Russell to anyone looking for a trustworthy and competent estate planning professional.
Edward HarveyEdward Harvey
11:26 07 Jun 23
I cannot overstate the importance of having a living will, and Morgan Legal Group made the process of creating one simple and straightforward. Their convenient location allowed for regular meetings, which made the entire process much easier. Additionally, their expert advice on what not to include in the living will was invaluable. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a living will in place, and I highly recommend Morgan Legal Group for anyone looking to create one.
Garrett PottsGarrett Potts
15:18 03 May 23
We cannot speak highly enough of Morgan Legal Group, and in particular, Mr. Russel Morgan. Mr. Morgan has been an absolute pleasure to work with over the years, and his expertise in the real estate industry has been immensely beneficial to us. With his guidance, we were able to sell not one, but two homes with ease. Mr. Morgan was always available to answer our questions and address any concerns we had throughout the entire process. His professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to ensuring our satisfaction were truly exceptional. We highly recommend Mr. Morgan and the Morgan Legal Group for anyone seeking top-notch legal services
Brooklyn MitchellBrooklyn Mitchell
12:17 25 Apr 23
We had an exceptional experience working with Mr. Morgan for our estate planning needs. As soon as we entered their office, we felt welcomed and knew we had made the right choice. Mr. Morgan was incredibly patient and took the time to answer all of our questions in detail, ensuring that we fully understood every aspect of the process. We never felt rushed or ignored, and the level of attention we received exceeded our expectations. We were so impressed with their professionalism and expertise that simply giving them 5 stars doesn’t seem like enough. We give them a perfect 10 out of 10 and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking top-notch legal services.
Summer ShafferSummer Shaffer
10:11 06 Apr 23
One of the most appreciated aspects of working with Russel Morgan has been his transparency when it comes to estate planning costs. He has always been upfront about his fees and ensured that I fully understood the financial implications of each decision. This level of honesty and openness is a testament to Russel’s commitment to client satisfaction and trustworthiness. His willingness to address any concerns I had regarding costs has made my estate planning experience much more comfortable and stress-free.
Theresa RossTheresa Ross
08:35 06 Dec 22
Great job. Very thankful to have such an amazing attorney on my docket. Really friendly, but hard-working and dedicated like nothing I’ve ever seen. Love the fact that he consistently kept me in the loop about developments or information about my case. He was my go-to guy and picked up the phone at any hour to chat with me. Never seen dedication like this before, but keep it up.
Oleg LomovOleg Lomov
10:49 30 Nov 22
My wife and I chose Morgan Legal to help us with some long-overdue estate planning, and we were lucky to work with Russel. We really appreciated the ‘one-stop’ shopping aspect of working with him and the team. The whole process was fairly painless and they were great at explaining all the options and nuances of estate planning and helping us work through our choices. Completing the plan with them was a huge relief and lets us sleep easier. Huge thank you for the check-lists and advice! Highly recommend working with them for their terrific service, care, and attention.
Rochelle LeslieRochelle Leslie
18:19 29 Nov 22
My husband and I came to Morgan Legal in 2018 on an attorney referral. Following our initial meeting, we established a Lifetime Living Trust with Russel Morgan. He provided expert guidance and was always willing to patiently listen and explain through each step. Russel personally re-titled our numerous real estate deeds. He has graciously continued to assist us throughout these four years of association, and we are happy to have him around. We so deeply appreciate his sound advice and helpful attitude, and we wholeheartedly recommend Morgan Legal.
Mark TurnerMark Turner
12:23 25 Nov 22
I enjoyed my experience with Morgan Legal group. Probably one of the greatest asset protection attorneys teams I have ever met. The work was done timely, without any issues. Thank you!
Adam HAdam H
21:10 13 Nov 22
We hired Morgan Legal Group to write our wills as you never know when your life can take an unexpected turn and we wanted to take care of it sooner than later. Their legal team is very professional. They work diligently to get you the results you are looking for and have a full understanding of the fact that time is of essence. We did not have to call them twice. All calls were returned in a timely manner and they gave updates on the status of the paperwork at all times. Great to work with.
Melinda ArmstrongMelinda Armstrong
16:30 08 Nov 22
Highly recommend Morgan Legal to anyone looking for an experienced estate attorney. Russel helped us with creating an estate plan perfectly suited to our needs and answered all the questions we ever had. He and his team are professional, patient, and personable. Looking forward to working with Morgan Legal in the future.
Elise FrawleyElise Frawley
07:01 06 Aug 22
Russel Morgan was a very helpful estate planning attorney. I appreciated his attention, help, and eagerness to help. We had a couple of really thorough consultations, and now I know what I should and should not put in a living trust. I would recommend Morgan Legal group to others for sure – really informative and professional service.


Barbara HeitingBarbara Heiting
11:19 28 Nov 23
When my husband and I thought about the future of our children we started having concerns; What if something were to happen to us? What if we both became unable to make decisions? It was then that we realized how important it was to seek help. We decided to prioritize our estate planning and Russel Morgan handled all the matters diligently allowing us to spend quality time with our family without worrying about our estate or the well being of our children in situations. He was assisting us, treating us with kindness, respect and courtesy. We feel fortunate to have come across such a lawyer.
Gavin ThomasGavin Thomas
16:35 15 Nov 23
I feel incredibly lucky that a friend recommended Russel Morgan to me and I truly appreciate it. Since I’m getting ready to move it was really important for me to make sure that all my estate planning documents would still be valid there. Mr. Morgan’s office gave me a price quote for reviewing my documents, which I found to be quite reasonable. They were quick in providing me with concise answers to all of my questions. Unlike some law offices that might have tried to sell me services based on my documents or other factors Mr. Morgan didn’t engage in such practices. Furthermore his team was incredibly helpful and pleasant to work with. Without hesitation I highly recommend him and his office .
Iron WhiteIron White
13:03 13 Nov 23
Nolan ScottNolan Scott
14:50 26 Oct 23
My spouse and I recently completed a “Married Trust Package” with Attorney Russel Morgan. We were pleasantly surprised by how smooth and comfortable he made the process. Mr. Morgan is extremely knowledgeable about estate planning laws. He genuinely listened to our requirements, providing suggestions along the way. He took the time to ensure that we fully understood the importance of each document. Moreover, his team was friendly and cooperative, working closely with Russel to customize all documents according to our preferences. Thank you!
Shelli HullShelli Hull
10:07 29 Sep 23
Recently I found myself in a situation where I required the assistance of a lawyer to help me with estate planning. During my search for top rated estate attorneys in my area I came across Morgan legal group. Intrigued by what they had to offer I decided to get in touch with them. It became clear that they were truly exceptional. What impressed me the most was their unwavering dedication to prioritizing their clients needs. Throughout my experience with this firm from start to finish I was thoroughly impressed. Attorney Russel Morgan demonstrated attention to detail, extensive knowledge, reliability and patience as we worked together on my plan. The collaboration not empowered me. Also motivated me to educate those close to me about the importance of creating a lasting legacy, for future generations.
Macon EdwardsMacon Edwards
14:14 22 Sep 23
I had an experience working with Russel Morgan during a time. Throughout the process Russel and his team stood by my side both before and after the passing of my family members. They took care to protect our estate while also ensuring the well being of our family. Their professionalism, compassion and expertise made everything go smoothly and without stress. Russel and his team went above and beyond to make sure our family was taken care of during this period. They were always available, responsive and knowledgeable in addressing any questions we had. Having an estate plan in place brings peace of mind and I will forever appreciate the support provided by this Law Firm. I highly recommend Mr. Morgan and his team to anyone in need of estate planning services whether you’re just starting to consider it or looking to update your existing plan—they are truly trustworthy.
Genesis GutierrezGenesis Gutierrez
11:24 14 Sep 23
The law firm owned by Mr. Morgan truly impressed us with their handling of my mothers probate case. They showed expertise and kindness providing guidance throughout the entire process. We were particularly amazed by their efficiency and punctuality especially considering the added complexity of selling our family before finalizing the probate. The whole experience went smoothly leaving my family and me satisfied, with the level of service and attention we received. During such a time the firms support greatly relieved our stress. I highly recommend Russel Morgan for all your estate planning and probate needs .
Lyle BishopLyle Bishop
09:02 20 Jul 23
Russel Morgan is not only a highly professional attorney, but he is also incredibly approachable and always ready to provide excellent legal advice. I can personally attest to the value of his guidance during the estate planning process. His expertise and dedication were truly invaluable to me, and I am extremely grateful for his support.I cannot emphasize enough how much I recommend Russel Morgan for anyone seeking exceptional estate planning services. His professionalism shines through in every interaction, making him a trusted choice for all your legal needs. Whether you have questions or need assistance, Russel is always there to offer top-notch advice and ensure your peace of mind.
Beka NashBeka Nash
10:04 10 Jul 23
I recently hired Russel Morgan for a legal matter, and I was thoroughly impressed by his exceptional work. Throughout the process, Russel demonstrated himself to be a skilled and knowledgeable attorney who always acted in the best interests of his client. His communication skills were top-notch, and he kept me informed every step of the way.I must admit, Mr. Morgan never compromised on his principles and always acted with professionalism and respect. It’s rare to find an attorney who embodies both legal expertise and ethical values, but Russel is certainly one of them
Ashley JohnsonAshley Johnson
15:40 28 Jun 23
I can’t express enough gratitude for the exceptional service we received from Russel Morgan and his team at Morgan Legal Group. After our mother passed away without a will, we were lost and unsure of what to do next. Thankfully, we found Morgan Legal Group, who specializes in Probate and Estates. From start to finish, they were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, answering all of our questions with patience and expertise. The process was made easy and understandable thanks to their guidance. Additionally, their paralegal was a great help in coaching us through this process. I highly recommend Morgan Legal Group for anyone in need of legal assistance in this area.