Sexual Assault and the LGBTQ Community

Sexual Assault and the LGBTQ Community

Sexual assault does not discriminate and even members of the LGBTQ Community are victimized by
sexual perpetrators.

As the LGBTQ is considered as a minority, they are more susceptible to abuse and assault of sexual
. Statistic shows an alarming rate of sexual assault with members of the community. About 40%
of gay men reports that they have been sexually abused in their lives while 47% of transgender are
sexually assaulted. One in 8 lesbians has also experience sexual abuse as with 1 in 5 bisexual women.
Meanwhile reports shows that 47% of bisexual men are sexually assaulted.

Even with the alarming rate of reports from the LGBTQ community, they are still hesitant to report this
to the authorities as there is fear of discrimination from the police, hospitals and crisis resource

According to National Coalition of Anti-Violence Projects (NCAVP), the LGBTQ also reports that they
experience discrimination and denied service due to their sexual orientation.

As with heterosexuals, we must also be compassionate with our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ
community. Most often than not, they are marginalize and they need additional help when it comes to
support, medical services and legal services from sexual assault lawyers.

There should be inclusivity and non-discrimination for members of the LGBTQ. Regardless of the
sexual orientation, the experience, feelings and reactions are the same. In the end we are all just
humans, and as humans, we should be compassionate with one another.

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