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An elder law attorney is a person who provides legal counsel specifically to seniors and their loved ones. These unique type of lawyers take care of a panoply of legal issues that seniors or disable individuals go through, and issues concerning things such as their health, retirement plan, estate planning, social security, including other significant issues.

We can also view elder law attorneys as specialists, due to their attention on the welfare of seniors, which is often diverse and specialized from that of the younger adults.

Also, elder law attorneys are very capable of taking care of not just the physical needs of seniors, but the emotional needs as well. When it comes to handling challenging situations regarding seniors, elder law attorneys perform well.

There also exist certified elder attorney. These type of attorneys are those who are certified to practice as professionals in the field. Certified elder attorneys go through series of training before they get certified by either their state bar or any accrediting organization.


An elder law attorney can help seniors in several ways. They can also be of valuable help to you when you get old. Below are a few ways an elder law attorney can assist you and your loved one:

  • An elder law attorney can provide valuable advice regarding your wills and the planning of your estate. They can also help you with plans regarding a minor or a disabled individual. These plans could be anything ranging from probable process, or any other significant matter.
  • An elder law attorney can assist seniors in choosing a good legal guardian.
  • They can help in creating a will including other advance directives
  • Can help in locating a good health care facility for senior citizens


An elder law attorney can be found either though the internet, you can also decide to contact a law firm for one, or you can ask a friend to refer one for you. There exist several ways though which you can locate an elder law attorney. In this section, we aim to fill you in on just two effective ways.

Via referral from a friend

A good friend will never refer a bad elder law attorney to you, which is why this method remains one of the best ways to get a good elder law attorney. It is also important that this referral should come from a friend whose legal issues were identical to yours.

If peradventure, you are in search of an elder law attorney and probably your nephew worked with a civil attorney, that referral is still very much acceptable. You can also ask for a referral from accountants or professionals who are legally chosen to manage cash-these people are often fond of working with elder law attorneys and they can select a good one for you.

Through the Internet

The internet is vast and can be used to locate several professionals, including elder law attorneys. All you have to do is to input the words “Elder law attorney near me” in the search box and you will be provided with search results which you can select from.


When hiring an elder law attorney, you have to be careful so that you don’t hire one who is incompetent or one who turns out to give you problems eventually. If you have the money, you can decide to go for a certified elder law attorney other than an uncertified elder law attorney.

You stand the chance to enjoy several benefits when you go for a certified elder law attorney. A certified elder law attorney boasts of the necessary knowledge and experience to handle that elder law issues of yours or that of your loved one.

A certified elder law lawyer, with his or her experience can offer the best solution to whatever legal issues you or your that senior citizen is going through.

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