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Blind, Deaf, Mute, and Incapacity

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Ensuring that an estate plan preserves, protects and transfer assets exactly as you desire requires proper planning before disaster strikes. Disasters most often occur spontaneously without warning, and require immediate response in the form of complex legal, financial, or medical decisions. Failure to plan towards such disasters would throw one’s family headlong into confusion, unexpected expenses, legal and financial crisis. Early preparation through proper planning would avoid all these trouble, therefore giving you control over your affairs whether you are mentally sound, deceased, or not. So are you looking for the best estate planning attorney 07652 to help you prepare for the future? We are just a phone call away. At our estate planning law firm in New Jersey, we have the best estate planning attorneys who will help you prepare. We offer the best estate planning services, creation of wills and trusts, estate litigation, probate administration, handling family disputes, and so much more.

Asset preservation and protection

As professionals who have worked closely with clients all over New Jersey, we are aware that the needs of each client are unique regarding asset preservation and protection. We work with our clients with the aim of giving them the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their loved ones will be prepared to rise up to the situation when something bad happens. We are the best when it comes to listening, as we are patient with our clients, giving them listening ears to hear all about them, their assets, their families and trusted advisors. By so doing, we perceive the desires and objectives of our client, the possible crisis, and then we create an estate plan that best addresses all of that.

In preserving and protecting assets, we take into consideration the present and future needs of our clients and their loved ones. We acknowledge that things change with time, even family relationships. Our clients depend on us for making crucial and major decisions for them, and we strive to not let them down.

Trust and Estate administration

We also specialize in trust and estate administration. We work hand in hand with estate administrators, executors, and trustees, in carrying out their fiduciary obligations. Every fiduciary is faced with moral, legal, and financial responsibility to handle the estate affairs of the deceased. Performing their roles effectively comes with proper planning and guidance, and this is where we come in. Our estate planning attorneys are proficient in guiding fiduciaries through the probate process, ensuring that deadlines are timely met, expenses are reduced, and the administration process goes in the smoothest way possible. They rely on us to make important decisions on how best to carry out their responsibilities and this we do with utmost proficiency.

Resolving disputes and will contests

Often when there is improper planning in place, or the will is ambiguous giving room for doubts, interested parties may file a will contest to challenge the validity of the will. Beneficiaries who feel cheated can also challenge the will. This action is legal and is known as a ‘will contest.’ This often cause dispute among the family members of the deceased, ignited by the emotions of grief. Will contests can be quite lengthy, and attorney fees will as well be paid. Our estate planning attorneys are highly skilled in resolving conflicts among family members without having to go through the court. The court is seen as the last resort only when all attempts at resolving the issues have failed.

Estate litigation

Fiduciaries whose actions are either incompetent or seemingly fraudulent can as well be challenged by the family members of the deceased. Whatever disputes may arise, we are here to resolve them before they escalate. As a fiduciary who feels falsely accused, you can always contact us for legal backing to enforce your rights. Beneficiaries also have the right to receive their fair share of the inheritance, and our litigation team is ever ready to assist all beneficiaries, loved ones and fiduciaries of the deceased to enforce their rights and settle disputes amicably.

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So are you living in Bergen County, Paramus, or anywhere in New Jersey? You deserve the best estate planning for your utmost peace of mind ­­­­­­- peace of mind that comes with knowing that your future and that of your family is secured no matter what happens. The best estate planning attorney is just a call away. Contact us today.

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