What you should know about applying for probate online

What you should know about applying for probate online

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In some areas, the probate process is something that is considered as a very hard task and people always find it difficult to go through the whole stressful process. Especially after loosing a loved one, most people are always thrown into a state of devastation or grief and this is why they find it hard to handle things related to the deceased.

In the past, people had to take long distance trips, moving from one place to another just to settle the affairs of a deceased loved one. Now that we have the internet, things have become easier but how easy and efficient would applying for probate online be?

Juse before you start asking questions, let us look into the whole concept surrounding a probate.

What is probate?

After loosing a loved one, there must be properties and other items left behind by the deceased individual and we refer to them as estate. However, before someone else can be able to handle that particular estate, a probate will be needed. This probate is actually a legal document that gives you (a beneficiary of that estate or an executor of the deceased’s will) access to that estate.

Why do I need a probate?

Someone who had properties, assets and important items while he or she was alive would surely not want any of them just lying around useless or getting into the wrong hands. So after death, he or she may want his estate to be passed on to people like his relatives or loved ones  but the issues here is that there are laws guiding that process and this is exactly why a probate is needed.

Cases where a probate won’t be needed?

Over the past years, so many people have found out ways that can help them avoid the whole stressful probate process. These are things people seriously consider so that handling their estate won’t be a hard task for their loved ones after they pass on and below are few cases where probate can be exempted?

  • If the deceased had joint ownership of land, property, money or shares.
  • If the deceased’s estate had a very small value
  • If the deceased had Pay-on-death accounts or transfer-on-death accounts.

Can you apply for probate online?

I’m very sure this is the main question that most of us have been asking ourselves and fortunately, the answers is yes! You can actually apply for probate online and I can assure you that this is the best way to go through the probate process because it is quicker, easier and less stressful.

What do I need before applying for probate online?

Before you apply for that probate, you should also consider things like the value of the estate you are about to handle, how complex it actually is and the problems you may face while settling the estate. Once you are ready to apply for probate online, there are several important things you are supposed to have in possession, most of which are:

  • The original Will and two copies
  • The death certificate
  • A completed inheritance tax form
  • Statement of truth
  • Any other related documents, like renunciation form if someone has declined to act as executor.

How would I know if the probate process is successful?

Once your application has been submitted, then what you should be waiting for is the grant of probate, which is the main legal documents that will give you the permission to handle someone’s estate. It should take from three to six weeks before it gets approved and after the approval, the grant of probate will be sent out to you in the post.

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