What Happens If You Pay Someone Else’s Property Taxes In NYC?

What Happens If You Pay Someone Else’s Property Taxes In NYC?

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Estate Planning Lawyer & Property Taxes

Be that as it may, on the off chance that their moneylenders don’t do this, mortgage holders need to pay these duties independently all alone. Would it be a good idea for you to run into some bad luck? A caring relative or liberal family companion can go to the expense office and pay the equilibrium for you. If you don’t have this help and your duties become delinquent, the burdening authority might give an expense lien on your home or sell the house at closeout. Contingent upon the regulations in your express, a financial backer, might go along and fulfill that lien in return for the property.

Financial backers can choose to dispossess or take responsibility for a home when paying local charges on the house with a duty lien.

Charge Liens Have Priority

Neglected local charges become a lien against the land. It’s the main goal lien, so it outweighs even home loans. This implies that it was a house to be sold. The duties would be paid first out of the returns. Different liens, including the home loan balance, would get anything that is left finished.

Taxes Anyone Else Can Pay For

Charge liens are sold in various ways, contingent upon the state. First, a notice of expense wrongdoing will normally be distributed in the nearby paper, alarming financial backers regarding what’s happening. In many states, the burdening authority doesn’t need to prosecute the land owner before starting this cycle.

Notice Charge declarations accompany a right of reclamation. The mortgage holder can rebuy the property within a given timeframe if it’s been sold, by and large, following through on the deal’s cost in addition to intrigue and other extra expenses and charges. The buyer doesn’t authoritatively possess the home until the reclamation time frame elapses and the mortgage holder hasn’t made a move during that time.

Because of a duty deal testament instead of an offer of the property, the mortgage holder can normally reclaim the endorsement by paying the buyer how much expenses were paid for their benefit, in addition to premium and potential punishments.

The span of reclamation periods changes by state regulation, yet it tends to be up to a year. Some burdening specialists offer extra reclamation periods or a duty lien endorsement before selling the property.


Banks would rather not witness any of this anything else than property holders do. Remember that a home loan isn’t the main concern for installment in an expensive deal.

Contract loan specialists will frequently step in to pay extraordinary local charges in this present circumstance. The sum will be added to the property holder’s home loan equilibrium, or they’ll get a bill for the charges paid for their sake, and that could bring about dispossession if the moneylender isn’t repaid.


1. Probate Matters are what?

Probate Matters would be defined as proving validation to a Will or any other documents you may have. This is to see if the distribution of any assets is possible and if debts can be reasonably paid for.

2. Reverse Mortgage occurs when?

A borrower of someone older than 62 has a mortgage loan and a primary residence but continues to pay the property tax. Once the borrower has passed away or no longer lives in the home, the mortgage still has to be paid back.

3. What and how does an Asset Protection Lawyer take care of?

Asset Protection Lawyers can protect you from those who want a piece of your belongings or estate. Asset Protection Lawyers help you maintain all the assets you own either through a Will, trust, or a medical care plan for future expenses that include any nursing you may need later on. Life insurance and 401k strategies can also be protected or transferred to whoever you list. You can use many asset planning tactics to protect everything you own. Not only for your monetary assets but also for your home and your own business if you have one. It’ll all be under your name, and you can do what you want.

4. Estate Planning legal services worth the expense?

Estate Planning legal services are very worth it if you want to own your assets, your home, your business, be the official guardian of your children, have a trust instead of a prenup, get future medical care in case anything happens, and so much more for such a reasonable price. An estate plan is the legal security everyone needs and prevents those who are after something you have. Legally push them away with the documents we can give you. It’s extra security that prevents such conflicts.

5. What Uniform Death Act description would be?

The Uniform Death Act determines how and when you’ve died. This can help further documentation stating the decedent’s whereabouts or lifestyle.

6. Incentive trusts do what?

Incentive Trusts is a list of instructions needed to be done to gain the assets within the document. For example, after a family member passes and wants to pass the assets onto their children, they need to do a task to get it. For instance, finishing college, getting a full-time job, etc., rather than just receiving it without doing anything.

7. Family Law is useful. How?

Family Law includes or even focuses on anything related to family matters such as relationships, adoption, and child custody. Of course, there are other causes, but to be specific, family law also takes care of divorce cases and marriage.

8. Estate Administration Lawyer takes care of what?

Estate Administration Lawyer has multiple responsibilities when taking care of or managing your estate plan. An estate administration lawyer puts value to your assets, including your home, help you contact your beneficiaries if you can’t get a hold of them, calculates any taxes involved, and help with debts and any distribution you may need.

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