Trusts Successful Real Estate Investors

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Trusts Successful Real Estate Investors

If you are a real estate investor then it’s hands down in your best interest to get a land trust. That may sound like a bold statement but there are countless ways that they can benefit any real estate investor. In order to show you how this type of trust can protect your best interests and those of the people you love, we would like to present some of the best reasons that all real estate investors should use land trusts.

Protecting Yourself

Land trusts help you protect yourself and your assets against lawsuits. If you don’t have a land trust and someone files a lawsuit after being injured on your property, they can come after your assets for any restitution that your insurance doesn’t provide. However, if that land is kept in a land trust then they can only try to take assets held within that trust. The result is limited liability. A land trust also helps you by protecting your privacy. Without one a list of real estate you own is public knowledge, but with one any real estate in the trust can’t be traced back to you.

For Estate Planning

Land trusts are also extremely useful for estate planning purposes. Real estate held in land trusts can be automatically distributed to heirs without the need for probate. This means that your heirs can continue to profit off of your investments without interruption. Having your investments distributed in this way also means that no change of ownership occurs which saves you considerable fees and having your assets in a trust can reduce New York state inheritance exposure. In light of this, land trusts are undeniably an important part of any real estate investor’s estate planning document list.

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