The Need-to-Know About Class Action Cases

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If you’ve been wronged by a company or product it can feel like you have nowhere left to turn.  Luckily, you aren’t powerless. You may have the option of bringing forth a class action lawsuit not only on behalf of yourself, but also on behalf of any others who deserve justice from the same company or product.  Before you begin your quest to right whatever wrongs have been inflicted upon you, you need to know the basics of how a class action case works.

Full Disclosure With Your Attorney

Once you’ve found a qualified attorney who can offer outstanding representation throughout your case, you need to discuss whether or not a class action case is merited.  Be sure to fully disclose all the important facts about what happened and how you have been impacted as a result. Your attorney will inform you as to whether or not they expect it to be worthwhile to proceed.  Assuming that you move forward, you’ll need to gather all of the documents and facts that you can and present these to your attorney in order for them to finalize their decision.

Preparing For Trial

Once your attorney has officially agreed to represent those wronged, they will ask you to sign a retainer agreement.  In a class action lawsuit you, as an individual, will not be expected to pay anything. Your attorney will take their payment from the amount awarded at the end of the case in accordance with the retainer agreement.  Prior to trial you will also be expected to answer a series of written questions from the opposing attorney and provide verbal answers to questions at a deposition.

Attend Trial

Class action cases typically end in a settlement so a trial is usually not a part of the process.  However, should a trial occur you may be required to provide testimony. Here you should simply provide truthful, concise answers to any questions asked.  Your attorney will likely provide further instruction should a trial occur.

In a class action case it’s important to have a legal team with a drive to do what’s right, but that can be hard to find.  Do you want representation that will work tirelessly to secure the outcome you deserve? At Morgan Legal Group we pride ourselves on the communicative and committed service we offer to all of our clients.  Learn more now.

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