OPINION: A four-day workweek in BC would make time for what really matters

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A four-day workweek in BC would make time for what really matters

A Four-day Workweek

A four-day workweek is a concept of work practice that enable employees to work reduced hours. Around 28 hours over four days and have a three-day weekend to themselves. The recent challenge of COVID-19 has awakened us to what really matters. It has made obvious the inequalities in our society and how much we all need and are ready to have a balanced work-life. To ensure better and healthier individuals, families and the society at large. Hence, the consideration of a four-day workweek.

Over the years, many businesses and careers thriving is at the detriment of families, relationships and individual’s wellbeing. Many employees in different sectors find it difficult to maintain a work-life balance.  Estate planning lawyers in Brooklyn likewise others, have struggled to balance their full-time jobs with marital and parental responsibilities and even caring for their elderly ones, there is almost always a gap in the connection and communication needed for a happy family and home. And more so, these individual barely have time to rest and relax themselves which obviously affect them mentally and economically as well. All these of course, have indirectly affected the efficiency of these individuals in performing their duties at work.

Benefits of a Four-day Workweek

So, the four-day workweek could help these individuals live a more balanced, interesting and healthier lives. As they will have more time to connect and relate with family and friends and even give back to the society. Parents, especially mothers will have the opportunity to spend more time with their kids and bring them up appropriately which in turn has a positive effect on society at large.

Employers even in estate planning firms have asserted their satisfaction over the implementation of the four-day workweek. As some of them acknowledged the tiredness seen in their workers especially towards the ending of the week and hence, recommended the four-day workweek which has resulted in increased productivity. It is pertinent to note that the time in which the five-day workweek was established is a lot different from now. A lot has changed in our economy, social lives and technology has made it almost an entirely different world. So, it is time to reconsider our work practices and how best they suit us in the 21st century.

Some employers who have implemented the four-day workweek confirmed that there is improvement in the productivity of their employees who are now satisfied with their jobs, more efficient and more interested in actualizing the goals of the companies they work for. Because these employees have enough time to take care of themselves and their families, cooking and eating healthy meals, have time for recreational activities and exercises, they are better stable physically and emotionally. They don’t easily fall sick and are more enthusiastic about work, more creative and give less excuses.

Disadvantages of a Four-day Workweek

Although client satisfaction could be a disadvantage, as clients will be unable to access estate planning lawyers on a Friday and will be unable to make transactions in other sectors on Fridays too still, the use of technology such as, AI-powered websites, could help solve such customer satisfaction related issues. And this will also proffer the customers another means of support other than relying on the physical contact with the staff members in the offices.

Again, some employers may confuse the concept of a four-day workweek as compressed working hours. However, the desired results of a four-day workweek, cannot be achieved if employees still work 35 hours in four days. As it will result in a decline in the level of productivity and also affect employees’ engagement, work-life balance and overall happiness negatively.

COVID-19 continues to be a challenge that requires new solutions and alternative options to solving existing problems. Implementing the four-day workweek will help reduce crowded offices and support physical distancing. Honestly, regardless of what we want, the coronavirus is reshaping the status quo. So, it is wise we seize this opportunity to make necessary changes and improvements in our society.


What is a four-day workweek?

A four-day workweek enables employees to work reduced hours. Around 28 hours over four days and have a three-day weekend

How helpful is a four-day work week?

It create times for employees hence, increases productivity, enhances metal wellbeing, improves family relationships etc.

What are the downsides of a four-day workweek? It will take time for customers to adjust to the limited number of working days

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