Life insurance trusts for child beneficiaries

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Life Insurance Trusts For Children

Life insurance trusts for child beneficiaries

Life Insurance Trusts

A life insurance trust can help you maintain a living when needing any medical care. Life insurance is urgent when it comes to any care that you may need that’s possible in the future. Life insurance is also saved up as you work so you will have the funds for any care you may need. With life insurance trusts you’re designating a trustee to designate on how an elderly person should treated with the best care possible from a loved one, a life insurance trust is really plan to make sure you’re alive.


With the trust, things are less complicated because you can pull out the specifics it needs before you’re passing. A trust can also avoid the  probate process which can take at least up to a year with additional fees. A trust is also more private and no one will know who the trustee is until the descendants death while the Will is more public. Trusts are more expensive but you get your money’s worth from your assets and even schedule any money transfers to any relatives every year or every month or so depending on what it is specified in the trust. With a Trust it has the power to lower the state taxes as well.

What We Provide

We provide for you, plans to write a Will and a trust with attorneys to make this estate plan much easier for you. With these experts it’s guaranteed that all your belongings is taken care of and everyone is safe if afterwards. We also provide a free probate consultation to see any future expenses towards the plan.


 1. Must the life insurance trust be irrevocable?

The life insurance trust has to be irrevocable in order to not only skip the probate process but also prevent tax expenses.

2. What is a revocable trust?

A revocable trust is a document you can sign with an attorney involving a trust that can be modified or even canceled upon request. By filing this out you’re assets go straight to you and once you pass, the trustee you assigned will move these assets to its beneficiaries. While alive, you can change who can get ahold of your belongings and something to prepare you for the future.

3. What is a Testamentary trust? 

A testamentary trust is a a trust that is formed after a persons passing and is instructed or assigned according to the last Will. It is also considered a third-party if it is someone assigned as a trustee rather a family member. Then that person would have the right to move the assets around.

4. Can I Create an Plan on My Own?

You are free to create your own plan but doing so would have you leave any important details and is a good chance that will happen because of certain law terms you need to bring up. So creating your own plan may be an invalid one.

5. Does New York Have an Inheritance Tax or Estate Tax?

New York doesn’t include a inheritance tax but a estate tax is included by law with federal taxes.

6. What is an Estate Settlement?

An estate settlements is the process of a decedent’s estate being transferred  to an assigned trustee or beneficiaries. There’s also planning of who obtains all these assets but expenses that go with it all.

7. Should you avoid probate?

There’s an understanding when wanting to avoid a probate and it’s due to waiting a year for courts approval or even having the courts approval rather than your own. Both these things can pile more fees on top of the file the more complicated things get through many disagreements. Though most Wills or trusts are specific which already comes with it’s complications which is why it takes a while for the probate to process. It is necessary to use the probate because if you’re looking through the file rather than an attorney, you will be prone to mistakes and more fees that the attorney could of spotted. Upcoming mistakes can also cause the filing to be longer than it should. So you shouldn’t avoid any probates.

8. Can an irrevocable trust be amended?

One thing you can do by is to remove assets you’ve written within the trust. You will still have the trust on file but it’ll be one that is empty. There’s also booking an appointment with the court through a trustee since he or she is responsible for making any adjustments as well in the trust even if it’s irrevocable. As long as there’s a good reason for the modification.

9. Can I collect unemployment if I go to school?

To receive unemployment you need to document that you’re looking for work and enrolled in school to receive some benefits.

10. How long do you have to work to collect unemployment in NY?

According to the official website, you need to be working for at least a month and in file at least $2,700 in wages.Your base period also needs to be higher than your quarter wages.

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