Estate Planning Attorney near me 10006

Estate Planning Attorney near me 10006

With several years of serving clients throughout the five boroughs of New York, the estate planning attorney NY is highly knowledgeable and experienced in New York estate planning matters, trusts and estates, offering client representation for executors and families during probate and estate litigation, asset protection, Medicare and Medicaid planning, will contests and checking fraudulent estate administrators. The individualized and strategy-driven approach with which the estate planning attorney NY represents his clients differentiates him from all others and makes him one of the best New York estate planning lawyers. Clients have walked home pleased and satisfied, with the peace of mind that their wishes concerning their estate have been effectively put in motion. There is peace of mind and assuredness when you consult the estate planning attorney NY. His dedication to solving your estate planning or estate litigation problems knows no bound, and is ever ready to receive your call. Contact the estate planning lawyer NY for the best personalized and professional legal representation.

Services offered by the New York estate planning attorney

The estate planning attorney is very helpful during your estate planning. Well versed in the estate laws of New York, he understands the right steps to take and what estate planning tools to use to actualize your goals to your best interests. He also understands the federal and state laws which can affect your estate and its disposal after your death, and would work with you to find ways to avoid the negative effects of such laws, while taking advantage of the beneficial ones. Some of the areas where the estate planning attorney NY will help you include:

  • Helping you create a Last Will and Testament that expresses with utmost clarity the manner in which assets in your name should be distributed after your death, the beneficiaries to receive them, the executor who you’ve chosen to represent you when you’re no more, and also appointing a guardian for minors.
  • Creating a durable financial power of attorney to appoint someone who would handle your financial affairs on your behalf during your incapacity. 
  • Establishing a durable medical power of attorney appointing someone who would make medical decisions on your behalf.
  • Finding ways to reduce your estate tax, income tax and inheritance tax.
  • Assisting executors and surviving families through the complex process of probate.
  • Finding means, such as the use of a trust, for avoiding probate.
  • Helping you plan for Guardianship, Medicaid and retirement. 

Other areas where the estate planning attorney offers esteemed legal assistance

You may desire the estate planning lawyer to just help you create and establish estate planning documents at a flat fee, or you may desire for him to come into your service on a long-term basis, helping you maintain and update your estate plan when necessary, acting on your behalf when problem arises in your estate, and also ensuring that your wishes are effectively carried out when you pass away.

The estate planning attorney also offer assistance to clients who have been appointed as estate executors, trustees, or power of attorneys.

In the event that a beneficiary or other interested party feels cheated, they may sue for a will contest. As a beneficiary or family of the deceased, it is important you consult and obtain legal assistance from the estate planning attorney to protect your interests and that of your deceased loved one, in order to quickly resolve the issue as will contests can get pretty expensive and time-taking.

In New York, only estates valuing over $5,850,000 as at 2020 will have estate tax imposed, but even smaller estates may still find issues with income tax and inheritance tax. The NY estate planning lawyer is highly conversant with the tax laws effective in New York and would work with you in minimizing all forms of taxes that may sap your estate of its value.

Get the Best Estate Planning Services

Estate laws change from place to place and it is important you consult an estate planning lawyer in the territory within which you live. An estate will only be probated in a Surrogate’s Court in the same county where the estate exists. In that wise, only the laws effective in that place will bind the estate, and only a lawyer practicing there will be well versed in the laws of the place. In case you are living anywhere within area code 10006 and asking yourself the question, “how and where can I get an Estate Planning Attorney near me 10006?” worry no more. The estate planning lawyer 10006 is only one phone call away. Contact the New York estate planning lawyer today for the best personalized estate planning services.

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