Estate Planning Attorney near me 10005

Estate Planning Attorney near me 10005

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The estate planning attorney 10005 is a professional and highly knowledgeable attorney who takes pride in achieving the estate goals of his clients. With several years of practicing in New York, he has garnered more than enough experience from looking into the problems of his client, and would offer a solution that is tailored to your needs. For estate planning, probate, estate litigation, real estate matters, settling of estate among others, consult the New York estate planning attorney 10005 today. 

Providing services in trust and estates

The New York estate planning lawyer has served a plethora of clients in matters of trust and Estate New York, including probate, kinship hearings, estate administration, will contests, tax planning, drafting of wills, revocable and irrevocable trusts amongst others. He has offered legal assistance to a great number of clients during probate proceedings in a New York Surrogate’s Court, in problems ranging from a spouse’s elective share, and removal of estate administrators over incompetence or fraud. It is common to find situations whereby the breadwinner of a family dies and the surviving family becomes in dire need of immediate disbursement of the estate. These problems express an emotional and personal nature, one which the estate planning attorney welcomes with warm hands. The NY estate planning lawyer can be called upon to help in probating the will and facilitating the asset distribution by appointing an estate executor or administrator. A will may be contested by interested and disgruntled parties for several reasons, and it is often to see the estate planning attorney representing the family, ensuring that their best interests are well represented and promoting easily settlement of an estate.


By reason of Article 81 New York Mental hygiene law, the court has the power to make decisions for guardianship, and appoint a Guardian for a person who has been proven to be incapable of handling his or her own affairs, be it personal or financial. While this is legal, family members may frown at the court’s choice and bring in litigation. The estate planning attorney is also vast in this area and work hand in hand with families to ensure their best interests concerning their incapacitated loved ones are well protected

Real estate

Buying real estate for the first time may present some difficulties and complications, but you need not worry. Well versed in the estate laws of New York, the estate planning attorney New York is highly experienced in the real estate world as well and gives you coverage in financing mortgages, insurance, lease and contractual agreements involved in claiming the house. He has been involved in many of these real estate affairs for buildings such as single and multi family buildings, condos, and many more. It is his modus operandi to review all relevant documents and determine their authenticity and if they’re updated.

Most estates comprises of real estate, that is landed properties, and there are problems associated with real estates. Often, the owner of a real estate dies leaving tenants in the building, whereas his or her will states that the real estate be bequeathed to a certain beneficiary. Such beneficiary may desire to immediately sell the building or use it for other purposes, whereas the tenants have legal right to stay for a certain duration by payment or whatsoever. This often leads to eviction cases and the NY estate planning lawyer has been involved in countless number of these cases all over New York. He is known for giving full attention to any problem at hand, and guarantees client satisfaction. 

Estate planning

In as much as estate planning is highly crucial for every property owner in New York, the estate planning attorney helps clients all over the five boroughs of New York create estate plans that best expresses their personal interests regarding the distribution of property, providing asset protection, avoiding probate and planning for tax efficiency by creating necessary estate planning documents. These documents include New York wills and trusts, durable powers of attorney, health care proxy, among others.

Estate planning attorney near me 10005

The New York estate planning attorney 10005 is just a phone call away and is ready to give you a free consultation. He provides legal representation for his clients anywhere in New York. With several years of practice, he’ll offer you professional advice in all areas of probate, estate litigation, and Guardianship, Medicaid and estate planning and so many other elder law matters, ensuring that your wishes are clearly spelled out in your estate plan and your interests are protected. Later might be too late, the time is now. Contact the New York estate planning attorney 10005 today.

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