Estate planning as a DIY challenge

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Estate planning options

Although several online resources appear to be available to quickly prepare a fast succession or estate plan and supply relevant documentation, the issue is whether such plans and documentation are accurate and acceptable. That phrase ‘do it yourself’ may not be considered a secure choice in the context of estate planning.

Estate preparation does not only involve the documents, but also the quality of the inclusions in documents, the signature process and the implementation. The challenge of creating one of your life’s most important documents has its complete disadvantage. You might lose money, valuables and jeopardize your family and loved ones ‘well-being. Instead of making such a mess of your estate plans, you can contact an estate planning lawyer for the required guide. Estate plan documents are legal documents and should be treated with authenticity, legality to avoid simple and yet costly mistakes. Most notably, these mistakes are usually encountered when you prepare estate plan document yourself. 

Wrong inclusion in estate document

For the layman, legal jargon can be very confusing. Much more, the ambiguity of certain terms used in estate planning documents and it meaning differs in separate context leading to wrong inclusion in estate document. 

Furthermore, you may not be aware of the state laws and its directives on estate plans. State laws depending on where you live usually dictates what document can be included in you estate plans. They also control the formalities, processes of signing and implementation of such document. When wrong details are supplied in estate plans, the document may turn out to be invalid and revoked.

Whatever your personal thoughts are on lawyers, the fact is you need an estate planning lawyer to help you through estate planning processes. 

Challenges with estate evaluation and taxes

The first of estate planning is usually to make an assessment of your estate, assets and evaluate them after you might have removed all expenses and liabilities. Taxes are placed on estate and other properties. Although with fluctuating economy, taxes placed on estate can be uncertain at different point in time and thus making it difficult for an individual to figure out.  

As a result, you need an estate planning lawyer to help you navigate through changes on estate and also prevent you from too many taxes.

Lack of third party influence

When you make estate plans yourself, you may be limited to ideas that would help you make better plans. Asides the long and difficult process of planning your estate alone, unknown to you, you may be blinded to making the right decisions, coerced to take wrong decisions. There is always a chance that estate plans made in this situation go into probate with families or beneficiaries of the estate disputing over the details. 

However, an estate planning lawyer can step in and act as a third party influence, also, the estate lawyer can act as a custodian of the original copy of the estate plan preventing it from being revoked. With so many factors going against it, you should not consider doing your estate plan alone. Without the proper knowledge of the procedure, the state laws directives on estate plans, creating an estate plan yourself would only create more of a mess for you and or your loved ones to clear up.   

Although, you may consider it as a way of cutting cost and saving money, but is it truly worth it? With the mistakes and problem associated? When you or your loved ones may end up paying more on legal fees and time on probate issues.

Contact our Best Estate planning lawyer New Jersey today

An estate planning lawyer is pivotal to making well informed decisions that would definitely result into making solid estate plans. 

Planning with our estate lawyer is the only way to ensure all appropriate formalities are with proper protocol. With this, you stand at better chances of achieving your goals of estate plans with its adequate execution. On the other hand, doing it yourself option may leave you and your loved ones to chances of revoked, invalid and void estate plan documents. 

With the well-being of you and your loved ones at risk and safety of your assets in question, is preparing estate plans yourself worth the risk? Contact our estate planning lawyer New Jersey today.

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