Elder Lawyer Long Island

Elder Lawyer Long Island

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Elder Law

Elder law is an area of law that specially caters to senior citizens. It gives provisions to plan towards retirement, guardianship, Medicaid application, estate planning, long term care and nursing home, etc.

As a senior citizen or having an elderly loved one, you need to make plans to ensure you have peace of mind during your final days. And fortunately, a Long Island elder lawyer can help you.

Who is an elder lawyer Long Island?

An elder lawyer is an attorney specialized in elder law, thus providing senior citizens with assistance in addressing all their elderly needs.

As laws typically vary across states, you should only hire an elder lawyer serving your location.

Living in Long Island? Let an elder lawyer Long Island help you today.

Get help from our Elder Lawyers Long Island

Our highly skilled elder lawyers Long Island can help you and your loved ones plan towards:

  • Asset protection
  • Executing pooled income trust
  • Estate planning
  • Long term care and nursing home
  • Medicaid eligibility and application
  • Guardianship
  • Financial planning

We understand the issues elderly people usually face in Long Island and will always show empathy in dealing with you or your loved ones.

Let us help you secure your peace of mind and that of your loved ones.

Certain concerns your elder law attorney Long Island can help you address

Our estate planning and elder lawyers are located in Long Island and understand the unique needs peculiar to the natives. We address certain concerns including the following:

  • You are worried about what will happen to your assets when you pass away or become incapacitated
  • You or your loved one is having deteriorating dementia or Alzheimer’s and want to know the your personal and estate affairs will be cared for
  • You have certain wishes you want executed when you become incapacitated or deceased
  • You do not already have a long term care plan and in need of one
  • You are worried about how your long-term care costs will be paid.
  • You want to know all about long term care in Long Island and what options you have as a senior citizen.

Asset protection

Asset protection is the legal process of safeguarding your assets against any person or entity that may have a claim against it, such as creditors, litigants, estate tax, and probate, thus enabling the full value of your estate to pass to your loved ones.

You have spent years working to get the wealth you now have. That business, home, bank account, and others are all from years of hard work. It is important you protect them so that you do not lose them at any time to lawsuits. At our elder law firm Long Island, we have competent asset protection lawyers to help you.

How you can protect your assets from nursing home bills

You or your elderly loved one can one day become very weak such that you need nursing home care.

But paying for a nursing home can be really expensive and takes a toll on your wealth. To avoid that, it is crucial to speak with our experienced attorneys who can offer you estate planning strategies by which you can protect your assets from those costs.

If you have funds or a bank account you wish to pass the full value to your loved ones, we can place such assets into an irrevocable trust. Such assets cannot be touched until you pass away, after which they are inherited just as you wanted.

Pooled income trust

Now, you may be worrying that you’d not be eligible for Medicaid and other benefits because you have a good source of income. But at old age, you may still need those benefits regardless. A pooled income trust is one way to ensure you qualify for Medicaid and other government benefits despite having a source of income. The income is placed in trust for living expenses and supplemental needs.

Medicare and Medicaid

Although every American above 65 is eligible to receive Medicare insurance, you cannot use it to foot healthcare if you become sick or disabled. Hence, you would have to depend on your savings. But through comprehensive estate planning and long-term care planning, you can receive Medicaid (instead of Medicare) to enjoy free health care if you’re over 65.

Get in touch with an elder lawyer near you – Long Island

Call us today to speak with a proficient and empathetic elder lawyer in Law Island. Let us hear your needs and offer the best available strategies.

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