Elder Law Attorney Long Island

Elder Law Attorney Long Island

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As you get older and look forward to retirement, nursing home, Medicaid and long term care, there are possibly many questions on your mind. This is a time when you need the services of an elder law attorney (or elder lawyer).

Elder Law is an area of law that caters to these people as well as seniors with disabilities. An Elder Law Attorney Long Island is a lawyer specialized in helping these people in their areas of need with regards to estate planning, asset protection, Medicaid planning and Medicare, Family Law in Long Island.

If you’re a senior citizen in Long Island or you have an elderly loved one, call us today to get in touch with a seasoned elder law attorney near you.

Important questions your elder law attorney can help you address in Long Island

Our estate planning and elder lawyers are located in Long Island and understand the unique needs peculiar to the natives. We address certain concerns including the following:

  • You are worried about what will happen to your assets when you pass away or become incapacitated
  • You or your loved one is having deteriorating dementia or Alzheimer’s and want to know the your personal and estate affairs will be cared for
  • You have certain wishes you want executed when you become incapacitated or deceased
  • You do not already have a long term care plan and are in need of one
  • You are worried about how your long-term care costs will be paid.
  • You want to know all about long term care in Long Island and what options you have as a senior citizen.

How your elder law attorney Long Island will help you

As a highly reputable law firm in New York, we have over the years helped countless senior citizens in Long Island. We are reputable for our keen listening ears and attention to the needs of the elderly. And we are very skilled in harnessing elder law in meeting your needs through the following:

        Estate planning

Estate planning has to do with making plans for the management of your personal and estate affairs during capacity, the distribution of your estate when you die, and minimizing taxes and cost of the distribution. Through proper estate planning, you can have peace of mind knowing that your dearest ones will receive exactly what you have in mind for them to receive.

As your estate planning lawyer, we can help you create a last will, trust, living will, and powers of attorney.

In your last will, we help you address the distribution of your assets among your loved ones. If you do not want them to suffer the cost and stress of probate, we can help you execute a trust document by which your loved ones can inherit directly without going through probate. Your power of attorney determines who manages youraffairs when you become incapacitated.


When an elderly loved one becomes unable to make decisions for themselves probably because of Alzheimer’s or any other sickness, guardianship may become necessary. Guardianship is a provision whereby a competent adult is given authority to care for another adult as their ward.

However, before seeking guardianship, it’s best to seek legal counsel as there are other alternatives better than guardianship.

Our estate planning elder lawyers can help in executing medical, financial or general powers of attorney in which the elder can appoint a trusted person to handle their affairs when they become unable to make reasonable decisions. We can also create health care proxies, trusts, etc. These documents are easier to establish than guardianship but must be done long before the incapacitation. If such provisions are not already in place when incapacity hits, then guardianship becomes necessary.

        Asset protection

Asset protection is the legal process of safeguarding your assets against any person or entity that may have a claim against it, such as creditors, litigants, estate tax, and probate, thus enabling the full value of your estate to pass to your loved ones.

You have spent years working to get the wealth you now have. That business, home, bank account, and others are all from years of hard work. It is important you protect them so that you do not lose them at any time to lawsuits. At our elder law firm Long Island, we have competent asset protection lawyers to help you.

Other areas we provide help includes

  • Advising you on comprehensive financial planning to avoid overpaying for nursing home
  • Creating a Pooled Income Trust to allow your elderly loved one qualify for Medicaid benefits despite having other sources of income
  • Prepare and file the Medicaid application.

Get in touch with an elder law attorney near you Long Island

Call us today to speak with a proficient and empathetic elder law attorney near you in Law Island. Let’s listen to your needs and offer the best available strategies.

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