Do I Need An Attorney For Estate Planning?

Do I Need An Attorney For Estate Planning?

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Do you need a Doctor for performing that surgery? It’s as simple as that. There is no better result from a thing like when it is being done by a professional. You might have the mind to do it yourself but trust me there are little things that will be wrong but you wouldn’t notice. You don’t want to risk making little mistakes in your estate plan. In this post I will try to show you some reasons why you need an attorney to plan your estate.

These are little, little dos and don’ts which you might not even be aware of that can pose as problems in future. Just imagine you that is an architect will now be doing the work of an attorney, there will definitely be mistakes. Estate planning mistakes are not easy to resolve. So work with a professional attorney today and save yourself unnecessary stress tomorrow.

Complexity of state laws

State laws can be very daunting. They regulate the process, style and pattern an estate plan should take. They determine what and what should be included in the various documents of an estate plan. They also determine what shouldn’t be included in these documents. In some states, state laws also regulate your choice of a representative. Some states would prefer your representatives to be related to you by blood and also for them to be resident of the state at the time of your passing.

Rock-solid plans

There is information you can gather on the internet regarding estate planning but how sure are you when it comes to the advice these platforms are giving? You need your estate plan to be solid and standard, meeting every necessary criteria and making provisions for every area of your estate without omissions. Especially if your estate is a bit complex probably you have more than a family and you want to include some specific persons in your estate plan while you exempt some. This might be a bit tricky. You also might want to set for something for your young one for the future while you still leave them with an inheritance they can access immediately after your death. These processes have templates online how to go about them but are these templates designed specifically for your need? This is why you should hire an attorney near you who will guard you through all of these processes.

For the benefits of your heirs and beneficiaries

Not planning your estate with the assistance of an attorney could really put your loved ones through difficult situations when you die. Online templates and do-it-yourself approaches are not totally bad, but what are the chances of your state recognizing these documents. What if after you die, the court does not reckon with this document? This will cost your family more as they will have to be settling attorneys

What if you make some errors which after your death render your estate plan invalid? The burden will be upon your loved ones to pay attorneys who will fix these errors. What if these errors are not fixable? Avoid your estate from going through the Probate process because of minor errors which you can avoid by simply hiring an Estate planning attorney.  Hiring a professional attorney today to help you plan your estate might be the best thing you will do for your beneficiaries and loved ones.

Complex estate situations

There are estate plans that are just too complicated to be done by one’s self. Without the help of an attorney, you might get the whole thing messed up. A complex estate might mean you’re in a second  marriage, you own chains of businesses, you own real estate in more than one state, you have a disabled family member whom you would like to set up something special for, you have minor children, you don’t have any children, you have intentions of giving major part of your estate to charity, you have substantial assets in 401(k)s or IRAs, you were recently divorced, you have a taxable estate for federal or state estate tax purposes, etc. The list of what could enlist your estate as a complex one goes on and on.

With the help of an attorney, you will be able to plan your way through it all and your beneficiaries will thank you for it later. Our attorneys are available round the clock for consult and hire.

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