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When people die, they don’t always leave their projects in order. The majority of the time, there is a will, but it has problems. On other moments, there is absolutely no will. If there are significant assets involved and you are a likely heir, you may need assistance navigating the challenges posed by New York’s probate and bequest organization laws. Our bequest planning attorneys have extensive experience with probate and bequest administration and can help you secure the legacy and honor that you want for your loved ones.

When Does Probate Become Necessary for an Estate?        

If your loved one specified beneficiaries and spelled out his or her intentions in a will, and passed away with assets solely in their name, the house should go through probate, which is the process through which the court accepts a will. An applicant, who is usually the will’s agent, must show that the will is valid by obtaining affirmations from witnesses and informing beneficiaries that the will is being probated. This can be a long and difficult cycle, especially for an agent who has never dealt with the law. Our law practice assists agents and beneficiaries by completing necessary tasks such as:

Probate is the process of proving a person’s will.

2. Notification to the primary beneficiaries

3. Sorting of resources after probate

4. Assisting with the planning of annual government forms for the decedent

5. Assisting with bank cases installment

6. Governmental planning and state bequest assessment forms

7. Legal and informal will accountings

8. Distribution of bequest resources

As a result, when a friend or family member leaves a will, we assist with each step of the process. For relatives who have lost a friend or family member, the current circumstance is difficult. With our legal assistance, some of the burdens are alleviated, and the major heirs to a bequest are given more time to adjust to their tragedy and cope with other time-consuming tasks. If you are a named executor of a will or are hoping to inherit when a loved one passes away, contact our Brooklyn law firm so we can guide you through the time-consuming and sometimes difficult process of probate.

Imagine A Scenario Where Someone Dies Without A Will.

If a relative passes away without making a will and there are significant assets or property that you believe you have a claim to, you should hire a bequest organization lawyer to protect your interests. If there is no will, the state of New York will distribute the property according to its legacy laws. Nonetheless, certain relatives retain the right to file an organization hearing in order to ensure the resources before the state intervenes. Our bequest organization lawyers help relatives who need resources right now as well as those who need to prove a family link in order to get them.

If a person dies without a will and has no living relatives closer than a first cousin, family members who believe they have a case should present their case at a hearing. This is a lengthy interaction that will require multiple hearings; nevertheless, having experienced lawyers in your squad will save you a lot of time and effort. Our legal team has handled countless similar hearings and will work hard to make this a productive cycle with the best possible outcome for you.

We Believe in a Client-Centered Approach

Many of our probate and bequest clients are devastated by their loved one’s death and further harmed by the struggle to obtain the property or resources they believe their loved one would have wanted them to have. Regardless of the scenario, whether there is no will at all, a challenged will, or a clear will that should be probated, our lawyers will make an effort to get to know you so we can understand your goals and aid you in fighting for what you believe you are entitled to. We are a customer-focused organization dedicated to assisting people during a difficult period, such as when probate is required. For more enquires about the probate process or if by chance you need the services of a probate lawyer on any case, you can reach us today.

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