Australian Unity Trustees hires National Manager – Industry Moves

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Australian Unity Trustees hires National Manager - Industry Moves

Australian Unity Trustees

The Australian Unity continues to expand its reach and borders in the financial advice business, launching a new estate planning and trustee services section known as Australian Unity Trustees. Rohan Mead, Australian Unity group managing director said the Unity Trustee was launched to fill up the space in estate planning and administration advice, which is unfavorable for the unwealthy Australians.

The chief executive officer of Australian Unity Personal Financial Services (PFS), Steve Davis said the new extension of Australian Unity will aid clients to meet up with their long-term financial goals and needs. He said the major interest of the financial community in previous years was to make plans for the few years prior to retirement and the years after retirement. To make sure clients get and utilize their retirement benefits judiciously. So, estate planning coupled with trust accounts will make it less burdensome to approach and resolve the complexity that has been neglected over time in the financial sector.

He recounted their partnership with other professionals including the accountants, lawyers, financial advisors etc as an approach that makes them stand out. This method of partnership with other service providers enables them to satisfy their clients who get to retain the professionals they like to work with and are used to. They believe they can positively impact the lives of the unwealthy Australians based on their framework as a mutual organization who is loyal to its principles.

The New National Manager

Anna Hacker has been appointed as the new national manager, estate planning of the Australian Unity Trustees. Although, Hacker has been a part of the Australian Unity Trustees since the year 2016 in August precisely, her appointment was only declared lately to match with the launch of the trustee. Before becoming a part of the Australian Unity Trustees, Hacker was a senior manager estate planning at Equity Trustees. Her career journey started with Moore’s Legal where she was a solicitor and later moved higher into a number of senior leadership roles. She is experienced in the field of elder law, estate planning and succession law. She loves sharing knowledge about estate planning, and believes that it is something vital that people should understand.

She says estate planning is not just about will, but also about what happens in one’s lifetime. As there will be no estate after death if everything is not well protected and taken care of in one’s lifetime. Hence, just as one is consciously planning about what happens after death, one should also ensure these estates and properties are in good hands, under the care of the right persons whose personal interest do not compete with their professional interest and duty.

She has also emphasized on the importance of nominating an executor in the process of arranging one’s affairs, who will administer his or her estate when such a person is gone to ensure his or her assets are protected after passing away. Hacker says the role of an executor is very important and choosing someone for that role is a vital aspect of the process of estate planning, but people just make choices without considering the outcomes.

People are tempted to be sentimental about choosing their executor, they easily lay hands on a member of the family or a best friend, however, considerations must be made to ensure such person has what it takes as reagards time, interest and patience to assume the role. Unfortunately, people just choose anyone randomly to be their executor. Some do not even see it necessary to inform whoever they apoint as executor.

Some persons without requesting for the role of an executor are appointed to act as such. They may find the role too difficult and demanding and may not even be interested, as such it is good to sort all these out before completing the estate plans, as one can look further for a more suitable executor.


1. What industry is Australian Unity?

Australian Unity is a national healthcare, financial services and retirement living organization which provides services to about 850,000 Australians, including 300,000 members nationwide.

2. Who is the manager of the Australian Unity Trustees?

The manager of the newly launched Australian Unity Trustees is Anna Hacker

3. Who is Anna Hacker?

Anna Hacker is the recently appointed national manager of the Australian Unity Trustees.

4. Anna Hacker is specialized in what field of law?

Anna Hacker has a background as an elder law lawyer and an accredited specialist in wills and estates.

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