Are You Hesitant to Start Planning Ahead? An Estate Planning Attorney Can Help

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Estate Planning Attorney Can Help

Do you know the importance of an estate plan? Many people often think that they have plenty of time to file one or they simply put it off until they are much older. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with this, it is risky says our estate planning attorney.

The reason it is risky is because an estate plan is your line of communication with your loved ones once you have passed away. Without an estate plan, no one will know what your wishes and desires are.

It is important for you to establish an estate plan as it will make sure that your family is cared for once you pass and that your inheritance is delivered exactly the way you want it to be.

Without an estate plan in place, your estate will go to the state and this can leave your loved ones empty handed.

If you do feel hesitant to start the process, you are not alone. Many individuals feel hesitant as they do not want to face the idea of passing away or dividing up their items. However, it is a good way to help give you peace of mind knowing that when you do pass, everything is already taken care of.

In addition, you may find some comfort in knowing that your loved ones will not have to argue, fight, and compete for your estate.

An estate planning attorney in NYC can assist you through the process and our team is not only experienced, but knowledgeable and compassionate. If you would like to schedule a consultation with us, do call Morgan Legal Group PC today!

Steps to Ease Hesitation: Our Estate Planning Attorney NYC Can Help

Below, our estate planning attorney will talk about some of the steps you can take to help ease the hesitation you may currently feel. If you need any assistance, we are always available to help.

Get your thoughts down on paper

Prior to having anything written in stone, you can jot your thoughts down on paper. Once you start the process, you will likely see how easy it can be.

Some of the things you want to write down on paper are your ideas about how you want your financials and final affairs to be addressed, how you want your assets divided up, and what type of burial you would like to have.

While writing your ideas down on paper is a start, remember, it is not a legally binding document and you will need to create an estate plan for your wishes to be brought to fruition.

Fortunately, your estate plan can be adjusted at ANY time, so you can get one started today and adjust it as needed when the moments arise.

Discuss everything with your family

In the end, your estate plan is YOURS ONLY and no one can make changes to it. However, sometimes, family members want to discuss with their loved ones their ideas and it is encouraged.

One of the reasons you may want to do this is to inform your family about your wishes and what you want/expect. You will also be able to answer questions that your family may have, and you can hear what they have to say as well.

After you have created an estate plan, you want to make sure that you let your loved ones know where to find it or who to get in touch with.

Discuss your options with an attorney

Now it is that time to discuss your options with a qualified estate attorney. While the whole thing may seem overwhelming to you, it does not have to be. An experienced attorney can handle everything for you while documenting your wishes and desires.

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