Wills and Trusts Attorney 10035

Wills and Trusts Attorney 10035

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Our Wills and Trusts attorneys NY 10035 serve the entire New York City, helping residents in creating their wills and trusts. We understand the challenges that come with estate planning in New York and will always use our knowledge and legal provisions to protect your best interests.

While wills come with the complications of probate, we can help you coordinate your wills and trusts so that probate is minimized. This is because assets held in a trust avoid probate, so if only few assets pass through the will, probate can entirely be avoided or minimized.

Our New York estate planning attorneys can always help you design your wills to reflect your wishes, ensuring your voice is heard and honored when you pass away, and that your surviving dependents get the kind of care you wish for them.

If you are looking for a Wills and Trust Attorney near you NY, 10035, give us a call.

A Wills and trusts attorney ensures your documents are state compliant

One typical reason why you should consult an estate attorney is because estate laws differ across states.

For example, in NYC, a non-resident of New York can’t be your executor or trustee. Your spouse or child also cannot serve as a witness to your will. These among other laws do not bind all states, so it becomes important you consult an attorney in NYC to ensure your wills and trusts are compliant to New York laws.

Requirements for writing a will in NYC

  • The will must be in writing.
  • You (the testator) must be 18 years or above.
  • You must be of a sound mind at he time of writing the will.
  • There must be at least two witnesses concurrently present who must each sign and attest to the presence of each other.
  • The will must also contain the written signature of the testator.

Updating your estate plan

Another reason why it’s best to hire a wills and trust attorney 10035 is because estate planning is not a once-and-for-all affair. You would need to revisit these documents anytime your estate situation changes. For instance, you may acquire new assets, lose some, get divorced, lose a beneficiary, or get a new child or grandchild you would like to include as a beneficiary. It’s a great idea to keep a wills, trusts, and estate attorney close who can always make those updates without ruining the validity of the document, or its overall goal.

Furthermore, even people who think they have a simple estate may later find that they need support as their situation changes. Hence, it’s always beneficial to keep an attorney close who you can always rely on.

Planning for digital assets

In today’s world, digitalization is taking center stage. Almost everyone now has at least one digital asset or the other, and it is important you address these in your estate plan to prevent valuables getting lost just like that.

Digital assets your wills and trusts attorney can help you include in your estate plan includes but are not limited to:

  • Cryptocurrency wallets
  • Monetized social media channels
  • Tokenized investments
  • Important account passwords and emails, etc.

Incapacity planning

As you get older, you may likely have concerns about the management of your estate when you become too old or incapable of running things your self. To this end, you would need to appoint a successor trustee in your living trust. When you become incapacitated or deceased at anytime, your successor trustee will manage all trust assets according to your laid down instructions. With these provision, you would have peace of mind that only a trusted and competent person will make financial decisions on your behalf in the event you become incapacitated.


If you leave behind minors, these ones are not allowed to inherit by NY laws. To protect their interests, your lawyer will help establish guardianship in your will, whereby your appointed individual will manage assets for your minors until they come of age to inherit.

If you also have an elderly loved one who needs to be looked after because of their disability, we also represent you in guardianship application.

Wills and Trusts Attorney near me 10035

To get peace of mind for the future, get help from our attorneys near you 10035 for your wills and trusts. Call us today.

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