What Is The Medicaid Application Process In New York?

What Is The Medicaid Application Process In New York?

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It is relatively easy to apply for Medicaid in New York now that almost everything is done online or via telephone. If you want to apply manually, you can request a Medicaid application form by calling, mailing, or visiting your local department of social services (LDSS). Ensure you go in person.

You can also call us and a New York elder law attorney will be available to guide you through the Medicaid application process.

You can as well apply online on the Access NY Health Care website https://nystateofhealth.ny.gov. Simply follow the instructions and you will be well on your way.

If you hit a jam, you can also get assistance by calling the New York Health Options at 1-855-693-6765.

You may also apply for NY Medicaid in the following ways:

Things you will need for your Medicaid application in New York

You will need the following things to apply for Medicaid in New York:

  • Address with proof showing mortgage statement or rent receipt, etc.
  • Birth certificate proving your age
  • ID verifying your citizenship or alien status
  • If you are still earning income, you will need to provide four weeks of recent paycheck stubs
  • Medicare benefit card
  • Insurance benefit card or policy
  • Provide information on bank accounts, insurance policies or other resources if you or anyone living with you is above 6 years or have special needs.
  • You must show one or more documents proving your income from sources like supplemental security income, social security, child support payments, Veterans benefits, etc.

Whether you are a legal alien, are pregnant, or require emergency treatment, Medicaid coverage is made available.

Medicaid eligibility in New York

Typically, Medicaid is a government provision for people who cannot afford to foot their own nursing home and health care costs. Hence, only people with very limited assets can successfully apply for Medicaid in New York.

But how will they determine whether you are rich or poor? Can’t rich people simply gift away their assets to their loved ones so they can qualify for Medicaid due to their depleted wealth?

That’s why the government will check your financial history. And this brings us to the financial requirements for Medicaid eligibility.

The 5-year Look Back Period

To prevent people from simply giving out all their assets to their loved ones and then relying on Medicaid for their health care, the government will penalize you if you have made gifting within the last 5 years before your application.

Your financial history will be reviewed to check if you have transferred any asset without receiving its fair market value. (If you give out a house and then receive money for it, it’s as if you sold it. But if you give out without receiving anything in return, then this is gifting, and may disqualify you from Medicaid.)

The 5-year window which your financial history is reviewed is what is referred to as the look back period, or Medicaid look back period.

The look back penalty period in New York

The look back penalty period is the length of time during which you are denied Medicaid benefits as punishment for having gifted out assets during the 5 year look back period.

The look back penalty period in New York varies according to the value of assets gifted. It is calculated by dividing the value of the gifted assets by the New York Monthly penalty divisor, which is $13,834 in 2021.

However, the following gifting and asset transfers will not be counted:

  • Gifts to spouses
  • Assets placed in a special needs trust
  • Property given to a child who is the senior’s caregiver (child caregiver exemption)

Who qualifies for Medicaid in New York?

The following persons may qualify for Medicaid benefits:

  • A  Legal resident of New York that has a limited income and is above the age of 65
  • A disabled individual above 18
  • Someone whose medical expenses outweigh their income
  • Someone that has Medicare or receives support from Supplementary Security Income (SSI)

Get assistance from a New York elder lawyer near you. Call us for expert assistance for Medicaid application in New York.

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