What Is Special About A Living Will?

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If you want your estate planning to be comprehensive then it’s important that you have both a will and a living will. However, if you want to stay informed about your affairs then it’s important to recognize the distinction between these two documents. Those who don’t know the difference risk their desires being discarded in the event of misfortune. In order to help you stay both informed and protected we’ve prepared an introductory guide for you.

What’s a Will?

Your last will and testament outlines the distribution of your assets after death. Among other things, your will may include who you want to take custody of your children, how you want specific heirlooms or other belongings distributed and who should be the executor of your estate. This is the will that most people are more familiar with and it is one of the most widely known estate planning documents.

What’s the Difference Between a Will and a Living Will?

Most importantly, a living will doesn’t concern what happens after you pass. Instead, a living will details your wishes in the event of serious illness or injury. If you are alive but, for any reason, left incapable of communicating your wishes regarding medical care then your loved ones and doctors will rely on your living will. The document can also be used to delegate someone to make healthcare decisions for you in the event of incapacitation. Of course there are countless medical conditions that could fall under the scope of a living will. That is why it’s important to have it made by a knowledgeable expert who can work with you to ensure a complete representation of how you want to respond to different conditions.

Trusting a legal team that doesn’t put your best interests first to create either your will or your living will is a recipe for heartbreak. At Morgan Legal Group we have earned a reputation for providing tireless estate planning services to each and every client. Our team will not only work with you to create a complete estate planning solution but will always ensure you understand exactly what each document dictates. Contact us now and we can get started drafting up a will or living will.

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