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Elder law encompasses legal issues that relates to the senior masses including their care providers. These issues ranges from health and personal care. This unique type of law aims to cover every facet of the senior masses such as plans regarding aging, sickness, injuries that leaves them incapacitated, financial plans, estate plan, wills and probate, elder abuse, etc.

There also exist another part of elder law and it is known as disability planning. Disability planning involves providing monetary assistance to a loved one who is disabled while at the same time safeguarding public derived benefits like SSI and Medicad. The protection of these public benefits can be done via the creation of unique needs trust.

Individuals who benefit from this law are mostly seniors including their caregivers be it professionals or familial.


Just as we have chartered accountants, we also have certified elder lawyer. What is the difference between a normal Elder Attorney and a certified Elder Attorney? An ordinary Elder law lawyer lacks a certificate that shows that he or she is a professional in the field, while a certified elder law attorney boast of such certification.

It is often advised that you go for a certified elder attorney when looking for one due to their experience and certification. A certified elder attorney is less likely to fail you because he or she is aware that his or her certificate could be revoked if it happens. We are also free to describe a certified elder attorney as one who has gone through training regarding issues pertaining to elder law, and has also amassed lots of experience and knowledge due his or her long-term practice in the field.

A certified elder law attorney receives his or her certification by their State Bar. This title is very important and any individual who parades himself as a certified elder law attorney when he isn’t, could be severely punished for such offence.


A certified elder attorney boast of vast knowledge and has the best experience in the field of elder law. These set of people have lots of resources available at their disposal. With their knowledge and the resources they have at their finger tip, certified elder law attorneys can easily grasp the current state of elder law in their area and can provide the best help to their clients.

Also, a certified elder law attorney is well trained to easily decipher the difficulties faced by their client and provide the necessary solution. If peradventure you opt to work with an Elder law attorney who lacks certification, there is a huge possibility that you may end up being misled by some misinformation due to the complex nature of the field which can be seen in areas such as: Estate planning, Medicare and Medicad, the abuse of Elders, and so on.


An elder attorney is similar to a normal attorney, the only difference between these types of attorney is that, they render help to elders, specifically. At one point, we are all going to age, and when we do, we will need help regarding things like the planning of our estate, retirement future, etc. This is where an elder law attorney come in.

Elder law attorneys are well vast in knowledge and experience pertaining to elder law including issues that could affect you as a senior citizen. The help these unique individuals render ranges from estate planning, the creation of wills, , Medicare, Medicad, Employment discrimination, etc.


If you are in need of an elder law attorney, or you need one for your loved one you can get one via Google. Just input the words “Elder law attorney near me” and go for whoever you think is good for you. You can also visit a law firm in your area.

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