What is biometric screening?

What is biometric screening?

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Biometric screening is an essential process in the world of immigration law. It allows an individual to determine whether or not they are eligible for a green card based on certain factors that can be identified through their fingerprint, voice, or iris. In this blog, you will learn the basic definition of biometric screening, how the process works, and where you can find other information about biometric screening.

Biometric screening is a new technology which is very helpful for finding out whether a person is lying or not. For example, biometric screening determines whether someone has a criminal record.

Biometric screening uses fingerprints, iris, or other personal data to identify individuals. It is one of the essential tools in the fight against immigration fraud. This blog will look into the uses of biometric screening as well as its importance of it for a marriage green card.

Biometric screening uses biochemical, physiological, or other measurable physical characteristics to identify individuals. Biometric screening typically uses techniques such as fingerprinting and iris scans. This blog post will look at the importance of biometric screening with Marriage green cards.

What to Expect at a USCIS Biometrics Appointment?

A biometrics appointment will be quick as it involves the USCIS taking your fingerprints, photographs, and signatures to confirm your identity and submit it to the FBI to carry out the required background checks for criminal records before processing the green card. 

Blood or DNS testing will not be done during this appointment. It is a relatively quick one since there is no one-to-one interview with the migration officers, and no additional payment is required besides the initial application fee paid at inception.  

What is included in Form I-797C or The Notice of Action? 

This is the form you will receive from your application support center (ASC) after filing your request for a green card. This form will include the details of the biometric appointment along with the following information:

  • Date of the appointment
  • The appointment time
  • Location for your appointment, which is generally scheduled at your local Application Support Center
  • Type of biometrics you will provide to the USCIS office
  • Code 1: All 10 fingerprints only
  • Code 2: Photo, digital signature, and index fingerprint
  • Code 3: Photo, digital signature, index fingerprint, and all 10 fingerprints

What documents do you need for biometrics?

When going for your biometrics appointment, make sure to have the following documents and forms with you to present to the officials when requested:

  • Appointment notice- Form I-797C
  • Permanent resident card or green card
  • Passport or national photo identification issued by your home country
  • Driver’s license
  • Military photo identification
  • State-issued photo identification card

Can I reschedule my biometrics appointment? 

Yes, you can reschedule your biometrics appointment as long as you have a valid reason for rescheduling and inform them well in advance. You can reschedule the meeting via a phone call to the USCIS hotline number. Failure to reschedule well in advance can lead to denial of your application or petition for a green card. 

How long does it take after biometrics to get green card?

The processing time for your green card after the USCIS biometrics appointment may take anywhere between six to ten months. For an update on your green card application progress, you can look it up online or contact the USCIS directly via their toll-free hotline number.


1. Does the biometric appointment involve an interview with migration officials?

No, it does not involve any interviews and is a much quicker appointment. 

2. Do I need to pay extra fees for the biometric appointments at the USCIS?

No, there is no fee payment at this point. The fee paid at the initial stages of applying for green cards covers these services. 

3. How long does it take after biometrics to get green card?

Around 6 to 10 months.

4. Can a green card be approved without biometrics?

No, the biometrics appointment is mandatory to proceed further with your green card application. 

5. Can I reschedule a biometric appointment?

Yes, as long as you inform well in advance and have a fair cause for rescheduling the appointment. 

We hope you enjoyed our blog about biometric screening and its importance for a Marriage green card. Biometric screening provides a way for the USCIS to more quickly and efficiently determine the level of admissibility of an individual seeking a green card. Understand the importance of biometric screening for your green card application by following the tips we provided in our post. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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