What are the Duties of an Estate Planning Attorney?

What are the Duties of an Estate Planning Attorney?

Estate planning is all about deciding what will happen to your estate after your demise. When you eventually leave this world, you’ll leave your cars, boats, houses, investments, etc., behind. Estate planning is simply done to determine, beforehand, how all these things will be managed and shared when you are no more.

Why is Estate Planning Important?

Estate planning is one of those significant plans you’ll have to make while alive because your future and the future of those you care about depends on it. Without an estate plan, your estate will be managed and distributed based on what is regarded as the intestate laws of your state. This means that the house you wanted your mother to inherit may be given to someone else. Or the car you wanted your son to inherit may be given to your brother. Everything will be done in a way that you wouldn’t approve if you were alive. So, it is very important that you plan your estate while alive to avoid this kind of occurrence.

What does Estate Planning Do?

Estate planning is a significant move taken to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled and your loved ones are well catered for after your death. Aside from ensuring that your assets are shared according to your wish, an estate plan can also:

  • Reduce the amount of estate tax to be paid before your assets are distributed to the designated beneficiaries.
  • Help settle the cost associated with the probate process
  • Dictate how you wish to be buried.
  • Set forth the type of medical care you desire in case you become incapacitated.

What are the Duties of an Estate Planning Attorney?

An estate planning attorney can help with anything related to estate planning. What is it that you need? Do you want to create a trust or is it a power of attorney? Name them! An estate planning attorney can be of great help. However, to ensure that everything is done smoothly, always ensure that you hire a competent estate planning attorney Queens. With that being said, what are the duties of an estate planning attorney?

Like I said, an estate planning attorney can help with several aspects of the estate planning process. An estate planning attorney can help you create a will that mirrors all your intentions regarding your assets. This professional can also provide you with valuable advice concerning how you should plan your estate, create your will, etc.

Below is a breakdown of what an estate planning attorney can do for you:

  • Help plan an estate that avoids probate
  • Give you valuable advice regarding their choices and decisions
  • Help create a trust
  • Update your estate plan when needed
  • Draft an estate plan that conforms to your wishes
  • Tell you how to secure your estate planning documents
  • Help  you find the best legal way to avoid overpaying estate taxes

Estate Planning Attorney Queens

When it comes to estate planning, people have several intentions. Some estate owners may even decide that none of their children is fit to inherit their assets, while others may decide to give their estate to charity. Regardless of what your intentions are for your estate, an estate planning attorney Queens can be of help. When planning an estate, you will want to hire an estate planning attorney that can bring your wishes to pass. What is the purpose of planning your estate that doesn’t fulfil your wishes at the end?

An estate planning attorney Queens will help plan an estate that mirrors your wishes and one that conforms to the laws of your state. These professionals are skilled in estate planning. They have been in the game for a while so they have the required experience needed to plan an estate that protects your assets, facilitates the easy distribution of your assets after your demise, and safeguard the future of those you care about. If indeed you love you family, you’ll hire a competent estate planning attorney Queen for your estate plan. And how do you fins such attorneys? Quite simple; just contact us and we’ll provide you with the best attorney for your estate plan.

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