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Is it ever too early to plan?

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Elderly law attorneys are lawyers who represent the interests of the seniors as well as their loved ones. These attorneys specialize in matters of estate planning and help the elderly to legally and efficiently plan for their assets and properties as well as other affairs in case of their death. Contact our professionals for any aid on elder law as well as planning for your estate when you are a senior.

Why hire an elder law attorney?

An elderly law attorney helps senior citizens navigate legal issues that are complex whenever they encounter them. They handle an array of legal issues including healthcare for the elderly, guardianship, as well as estate planning, and the creation of the medical and financial POA. For these attorneys to deliver the best in their transactions with the clientele, they will require substantial information concerning the elder’s affairs. The information to provide to your estate planner and elder law attorney may mainly include:

       i.          Information about your family.

During your consultations with your estate planner, you should provide the names, ages as well as contact info for your partner, former partners, and your children. These people will be involved in your plan for your estate as possible beneficiaries or even guardians. It will be critical to avail their details to your elder law attorney and estate planner.

     ii.          Information about your finances.

Bank accounts, bonds, stocks, and other forms of securities information should also be relayed to your estate planner. You should also avail of current statements of balances and whatever your estate planner will need to know.  This information is important for your estate plan as it will be made certain that all your finances are included in the estate plan correctly and legally.

   iii.          All your tangible individual properties.

You should inform your estate planner about all your stuff; your automobiles, art, jewelry, antiques as well as all other items that have an intrinsic value to you or your loved ones. This information is crucial to help avert any probate proceedings on any of your personal properties.

   iv.          Information concerning your business.

It is crucial to include details of your businesses during your estate plan consultations. Information about your businesses such as their location, the type of the business, the level of interest in the business should be made available to your estate planner. One can also intimate whom they would like to take hold of their businesses and properties to their estate planners. By so doing, you will have saved your business from management wrangles and this could help keep your businesses afloat long after you have gone.

     v.          Your overall estate planning goals.

It is critical to relay your overall desires as well as goals for your estate plan to your elderly care attorney. This will go a long way into helping and guiding your elder law estate planner in the development of a plan that is comprehensively and keenly tailored to meet your personal needs whatsoever.

   vi.          Information about your life insurance.

Providing information to your estate planner about your life insurance, mainly info touching on the type of policy, its ownership, the insurance provider, and information about your beneficiaries, is critical especially after you died the determination of your exact death benefits.

On top of that, it is also important that you provide honest and current information to your estate planner whenever they ask of it. By doing so, you will help make the estate planning process easy and smooth and may also save on your time. Majorly, providing competent information will help your loved nest avoid the probate process.


What does an elderly law attorney do?

Elderly law attorneys are lawyers who represent the interests of the seniors as well as their loved ones. They help the seniors in planning for their estate and avoiding probate.

Can an elder law attorney plan my estate?

Elder law lawyers perform many legal tasks for senior citizens. Among them is estate planning. These attorneys help and guide the elderly in planning for their affairs and their estates and properties.

What is guardianship?

This is an option that parents will have to choose a caregiver and empower them legally as regards the care of their children in anticipation of their incapacitation or demise.

What is the medical POA?

 It is legal documentation that will enable you to relay legal rights to someone to make medical care decisions on your behalf in case of your inability to do so.

How is Life insurance info useful in an estate plan?

 This info will be critical, especially after your death, in the determination of your precise death benefits.

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