The big list of Free Trello Power up for everyone

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The big list of Free Trello Power up for everyone

The best things in life aren’t actually directed by a specific size, except if they are pieces of candy or arrangements of valuable Trello Power-Ups, obviously. Catalysts are basically superpowers that your Trello board can have to make your sheets, not to be excess, all the more impressive. You can single out with Power-Ups to add to your sheets for a cool custom encounter. A large number of them are incorporations among Trello and your other most loved apparatuses.

How can Power-Ups respond that is so invigorating? First of all:

  •            Create a schedule for you to see all your card due dates
  •            Attach and show your documents from Google Drive in a smart manner
  •            Reveal more detail on the facade of your cards (less snaps!)
  •            Let you and your group vote on their number one cards/thoughts continuously
  •            Automate certain assignments so you don’t need to rehash exactly the same thing again and again and over.
  •            And a lot more.

Our whole rundown of more than 130 Power-Ups can be found in Trello’s Power-Up Directory. Each Trello client utilizing the free form has one Power-Up empowered on their board, and we additionally have more than 30 Bonus Power-Ups that don’t check towards the breaking point. This large estimated rundown of famous Power-Ups features simply the allowed to-utilize Power-Ups, no membership or month to month expenses included. We should investigate how you can make your Trello sheets more impressive than any other time.

Google Drive

The Google Drive Power-Up for Trello makes connecting Google Drive joins easier than any time in recent memory. Connect your Google documents and organizers from just inside your card. You can either copy+paste the connection of the particular archive/sheet/show into your card OR you can make and join a Google record straightforwardly from the card. You’ll likewise see an upgraded thumbnail perspective on the Google Drive connections, which can prove to be useful on the off chance that you’ve appended an envelope of plan resources and you need to effortlessly see which one you need to open. With the Google Drive Power-Up, there’s not any more to and fro of, where’s that record once more? Everything waits in a single spot as your group teams up, makes changes, and makes new archives, together.


The Calendar Power-Up isn’t (so furtively) one of my #1 Power-Ups—indeed, it’s the most famous Power-Up we have! Other than being not difficult to set up, it’s a distinct advantage as far as seeing your cutoff times in a significantly more visual manner. An implicit usefulness for all Trello sheets is the capacity to set due dates on your cards. With the Calendar Power-Up, all your due dates can be seen on one goliath schedule. While you’re on the schedule, you can see your tasks, click on them, move them around to other due dates, and even see their comparing marks. This Power-Up is the thing that controls Trello’s article schedule, a considerable lot of our group off sites, and simply broad association. You can even fare your board’s schedule to outsider schedules with each board’s special, produced Calendar connect.

Custom Fields

Another top choice, Custom Fields may not sound however energizing as they seem to be, yet this Power-Up will shake your reality. A few subtleties should be seen on the facade of the card and names aren’t generally the most ideal approach to impart that. Enter: The Custom Fields Power-Up. Initially, you can see subtleties that might should be shown forthright. For example, who paid which receipt, the sum, or even the last time you addressed them. It tends to be really essential data to get an overall feeling of subtleties on a particular errand or task, or you can change your board like this Sales Pipeline with a profoundly point by point work process, with a dropdown menu, a checkbox, a book box, a number info, and surprisingly an extra date box, very little makes your interaction more flexible than the Custom Fields Power-Up.



One of the greater kahunas, the Slack Power-Up permits you to send your Trello cards directly to your number one Slack diverts or in DMs, directly from inside your Trello card. Also, the Slack Power-Up is a Bonus Power-Up that doesn’t check towards the Power-Up limit, so you can add it today, Besides sending a card over, this Power-Up permits you to get notices and updates about your Trello board inside your preferred Slack channel. No really exploring two warning bars get a Slack ping about what is expected for sure has changed as of late.

A consistent strategy to get everybody in your group in total agreement is to allot your Trello board to a particular Slack channel that is indicated directly on the board! This is an incredible method to keep your group and administrators circled in on progress and notices without guiding them to various sheets and cards. To do this, go to Menu, then, at that point click on the Slack Power-Up symbol, pick Alter Power-Up Settings, and you can allot a particular Slack channel to the board.

Google Hangouts

We’ll keep this one short and basic: The Google Hangouts Power-Up permits you to have one normal center for all video calls (outside of that Gmail inbox.) With this Power-Up, a choice to join a Hangouts call lives directly towards the highest point of your board for you and every one of your partners to handily get to.

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