Probate attorney near me 10013

probate attorney near me 10013

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When looking for a probate attorney to help you out in probating an estate, you have to decide whether what you want is full legal representation, or limited services in the form of consultation. If the estate is not so complex and you have the assurance that probate will proceed without unexpected complications, then you can hire a probate attorney to give you limited legal help (unbundled services). For instance, all you may need is answers to a few questions on unclear areas. Not hiring one at all can be detrimental to your position as the executor and to the estate as well. Any wrong decision on your part can lead to loss of funds or can bring about heavy disaster upon the estate. If you live in NYC zip code 10013, simply contact a probate attorney 10013 New York.

In what areas can my probate attorney assist me?

The probate attorney is well-versed in all areas of probate. With years of experience handling probate cases in NYC 10013, NY, he knows what advice to give you that will yield the best possible results in sensitive situations. In addition to offering professional advice, he can help with all or any of the following:

  • Collecting the original copies of the death certificate and will
  • Submission of the death certificate and will to the appropriate probate court
  • Inventorying and appraising the estate
  • Preparation and filing of tax return forms
  • Solving family disputes and claims over the estate
  • Disbursement of assets to heirs.

Discuss openly with your attorney

All these things involve a lot of paperwork and you need to know which of them you would be handling, and those that your attorney would be handling. You can do some of these tasks yourself, while others are best handled by the legal professional. This brings about efficiency. It helps speed up probate in the long run. You just need to talk openly with your probate attorney to know which aspects either of you would be responsible for, so that effort is not wasted on one task, while another is being neglected. It is often advisable to document your agreement in writing.

Be in touch with the family

Probate takes time — can take up to a year or even more — and the family of the deceased would love to be updated regularly with the proceedings of probate. You could do this by sending emails or texts periodically. Your attorney can even advise you on what kinds of message to send so that they can have a clear positive picture of what’s happening.

How to work efficiently with your probate attorney

To work efficiently with your lawyer for a smooth successful probate, there are things you need to do:

1. Give relevant information

You would have to provide your attorney with relevant information as requested. He will need inventories of deeds, insurance policies, tax returns, etc. If you do not provide all these, there will be a delay.

2. Ask questions

If there’s anything you are uncertain about, do not hesitate to ask your probate attorney. If you are paying by the hour, then you can write down all your questions and lay them out to your attorney on your next meeting. If you need to take an atypical action which probably may aid your cause, it is important you first ask your attorney about the consequences.

3. Have a clear idea of the goings-on

Regardless of whether your probate attorney is handling the significant aspects of probate, you have to stay abreast to the goings-on of probate. This is because when the family of the deceased wants to get updates, it is you who they will call and not your attorney. They may want to know how long it will take before they get their inheritance, and you should always have an answer ready for them. Your probate attorney should also fill you in on what time creditor claims will be due, and when the final probate hearing will be heard.

Get legal help

Our probate attorneys are specialized in helping you get the best probate experience that you deserve. Losing a loved one to death is enough pain for the loved ones, and knowing that they will get the estate settled as quickly as possible can help ease the tension. Our probate attorneys at New York county 10013, NY, can help make this possible. You can contact us today.

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