Probate Attorney near me 10010 — Probating an estate

probate attorney near me 10010 — probating an estate

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Losing a loved one

When you lose a loved one to death, you want to make sure that the probate following their death is as easy as can be. This is because of the grief which accompanies death. A court process known as probate must be done to settle the estate of your loved one, and the state of mind following the death of a loved one hardly ever accommodates the difficulties that probate comes with. Probate is often laced with obstacles and challenges. Nevertheless, with the right guidance, probate can be shorter and much more comfortable for you.

Probate Attorney near me 10010

Our probate attorneys 10010 understand the grief and emotions you pass through after losing a dear one. For this reason, we ensure you receive the compassion and empathy you deserve all through the probate period. Our aim is to see that you have the simplest, shortest and least stressful probate as possible.

How our probate attorneys help you

Our attorneys at our probate law firm 10010 New York are well versed in New York probate laws. We know the best way to get around all the challenges that New Yorkers often face when probating estates. This is because we have worked with a plethora of clients throughout the 5 Burroughs of New York. Sometimes, families are faced with a situation where the deceased left no will. In some cases, their will is discarded by the court because it doesn’t comply with the New York requirements for writing wills. In such cases, the family and loved ones are thrown into confusion as they do not know the wishes of their deceased loved one.

Some families also go through estate litigation cases. Estate litigation often arises when a concerned party has a reason to believe that the will does not represent the true wishes of the deceased. This could be because the will looks biased, benefiting some persons and leaving other family members out of the inheritance. Our probate attorneys understand that such cases can even worsen the grief that the family is already going through, so we find ways to resolve such issues amicably within the family while avoiding public escalation and family feuds.

We assist you in the execution of your fiduciary duties

Our New York probate attorneys help the personal representative (executor or estate administrator) in carrying out his or her roles efficiently. The estate would have to be appraised, estate bills and debts will have to be paid from the estate funds, and all these have to be done professionally. One area of specialization is in estate appraisal since this is an important aspect of probate. We’ll also help in settling only legitimate creditors of the estate. It is crucial that estate funds are spent wisely and only according to the law. Any fraudulence on the part of the personal representative will be dealt with, and such things cause unnecessary problems in the family. They slow down probate, and then it would take too long for beneficiaries to receive their inheritance. The probate attorney will help keep the personal representative on the right track, thus enabling the smooth running of probate.

Dealing with taxes

Estates of significant value are often subject to state and/or federal estate taxes. In New York, estates valuing over $5,850,000 will be taxed when the owner dies in 2020. Taxes are a delicate matter to handle. Failure to prepare the necessary tax return forms can result in penalties of fine. Imagine a mourning family dealing with grief. Such family may not even find the time or sobriety to fill these forms and make payments. The probate attorney’s assistance becomes very helpful here as well. The attorney will help in preparing the documents and pay all estate taxes as at when due.

Contact a probate attorney 10010

We offer proficiency and empathy in dealing with clients. We know how tough probate can get, and we seek to make it as simple as possible. We offer legal representation with not your pocket as our target, but your satisfaction. Mistakes made by executors due to incompetence or oversight can end up being costly and catastrophic in the long run. We are very insightful when it comes to probate, and help avoid costly mistakes by offering relevant advice to the family and personal representative.

We ensure that the rights of personal representatives and beneficiaries are represented and enforced. Contact us today.

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