New York City Estate Litigation Attorneys

New York City Estate Litigation Attorneys

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Estate Litigation

In a state litigation happens usually when a descendent tries to pass down his estate but he owes money to a creditor or and anyone else. Estate location can occur if there’s any disapproval of the persons trust when it comes to the estate that may have been passed down to anyone in the family but he or she has to discuss it with the creditors. So really I litigation is a disagreement I’m on where the estate is destined to be. This can even happen if I will or trust is disagreeable among all parties and even his or her representative. Then the process of planning on modifying the last will or trust.


If you or a family member are going through an estate litigation process the best thing to do is to hire an estate litigations attorney that’ll give you some suggestions and a way on sorting out this conflict. Our lawyers are trained and have been studying this field for most of their lifetime so the service is a guarantee. There are family wants once hiring an estate litigations attorney and they are willing to be working for you for this exact reason.


1. When Do I Decide To Challenge An Estate?

The best thing to do is message your attorney immediately because the longer you’re news takes to get to the court the longer the process can be. Though it should be done if the correction in the will or the distribution of the estate needs to be 100% corrected or even accurate. If it isn’t, then that is time and more money wasted.

2. What if I can’t afford an estate litigation attorney?

You can always rely on the cost affect situation. The cost affect situation is when you are the attorneys client and don’t have to pay until the court is over or even won. This will give you time to plan what assets you want to pay with and save up money for the case.

3. What is an Estate Settlement?

An estate settlements is the process of a decedent’s estate being transferred  to an assigned trustee or beneficiaries. There’s also planning of who obtains all these assets but expenses that go with it all.

4. Often Should I Update My Estate Plan?

Your estate plan should be looked over every 5 years or so but may need adjustments if you’re involved in marriage, bear any children or filed for divorce. This is due to legal laws within the state and now who’s involved.

5. What is the benefit of hiring an attorney if free forms are available online?

Once an attorney is hired you have a professional say towards your Estate and where it’s being distributed. Free aren’t very beneficial and reliable because you’re not getting as much service as you would from an actual attorney. There may be some fallacies and interferences on these forms. This can cause difficulties at any court process difficult, longer and expensive.

6. Can a probate be avoided?

There’s an understanding when wanting to avoid a probate and it’s due to waiting a year for courts approval or even having the courts approval rather than your own. Both these things can pile more fees on top of the file the more complicated things get through many disagreements. Though most Wills or trusts are specific which already comes with it’s complications which is why it takes a while for the probate to process. It is necessary to use the probate because if you’re looking through the file rather than an attorney, you will be prone to mistakes and more fees that the attorney could of spotted. Upcoming mistakes can also cause the filing to be longer than it should. So you shouldn’t avoid any probates.

7. Can I make a handwritten will?

You can make handwritten Wills but some states have different procedures when it comes to this which makes the process itself more complicated. It’s best to get an official legal document from an estate attorney because it’s more organized, effective, and official.

8. Can an irrevocable trust be amended?

One thing you can do by is to remove assets you’ve written within the trust. You will still have the trust on file but it’ll be one that is empty. There’s also booking an appointment with the court through a trustee since he or she is responsible for making any adjustments as well in the trust even if it’s irrevocable. As long as there’s a good reason for the modification.

9. Can I collect unemployment if I go to school?

To receive unemployment you need to document that you’re looking for work and enrolled in school to receive some benefits.

10. How long do you have to work to collect unemployment in NY?

According to the official website, you need to be working for at least a month and in file at least $2,700 in wages.Your base period also needs to be higher than your quarter wages.

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