New York Booming Divorce Season

New York Booming Divorce Season

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Divorce Court Booming In What Is Usually the Quiet Holiday Season

Have you wondered why the divorce courts are booming in New York today? Maybe you have a relative or your family is in it too. Maybe you have wondered why at this particular season? You can easily connect with the many issues that arise when people are staying together after a long period of work and busy schedules. Just to ask, have you noticed changes in the way people relate after they have been away from each other for a long period of time?

 This is a Tradition in New York among other states in the United States. Not only the United States such as Rochester, Westchester among others. It is becoming a fact all over the world due to the effects of the pandemic. The holiday seasons are known to be slow at the courts with flow of divorce cases. The holidays are known to start in September right through thanksgiving followed by Christmas and then the New Year celebrations. During this period there is a lull in the courts and divorce or separation cases are low or zero. This year and the previous year, the cases have increased as the pandemic continues to affect different people around the world. In New York the number has continually increased. There are various reasons why this is taking place and this are the reasons.

A search engine data company has given a report that the filing for divorce has gone up with twenty two percent from the previous year. Most of the court proceedings have been forced to take place virtually due to the pandemic and the reasons are as follows. One of the judges says that the major reason is that the partners are just done. Normally people would wait it through the holidays so as to not ruin the holiday spirit but this time the tension has increased as people are together at home. Couples have admitted to the fact that the wait only makes it worse and hence seeking divorce as soon as possible is just the solution.

Due to the pandemic people have been forced to work from home and have to live under the same roof. If there was any tension between a couples then the pandemic only worsens it and makes the living together a living hell. Since the virus was announced in early March couples drifted to their homes and living together only makes issues worse and by the time of the holidays the couples could not bear to live together and hence filing for divorce. Couples have reported that some of them had to sleep in hotel rooms just to have a private space away from their partners. The pandemic lifestyle worsened the marriages that had issues but in some cases it increased the connection of others.

Traditionally people would visit parents and friends during the holidays such as thanksgiving and hence they would avoid the whole divorce process. Due to the pandemic people didn’t travel to their parents and hence all reasons to hold off the divorce process have reduced and hence the spike in the number of divorce during the holiday seasons.

One of the other reasons why this year has had a spike of cases during the holidays is due to the fact that court hearings were delayed due to the pandemic. Some of this cases were filled earlier in the year but once the physical hearings were suspended due to the virus the hearings were pushed to the end of the year. The courts had to take some time off to come up with a stable virtue systems that would be used during the hearings and hence couples had to have their hearings at the end of the year.

The pandemic has forced couples to stay together and there has been a spike in the cases of domestic violence.  Stress levels have been reported to increase in New York as people work from home. People normally would wake up and go to their work places and only meet with their partners in the evening and hence quarrels were ways to avoid. Working under the same roof has seen couples in each other spaces and causing the rise in the violence. This in turn leads to the increase in the number of divorce filed and the number of separations increasing. Other cases that are on the raise are the children’s custody cases that has seen parents struggle to fight for the children’s custody in different states and also the seeing of each other or the visits being difficult to deal with due to the virus.

Lastly one of the major reasons why there is a spike in the divorces is the spike in the mental health issues. People have lost jobs due to the pandemic and others have had their salaried reduced. These reasons have caused a lot of people to fall in to depression as the lockdown also increases the risk of people suffering from depression and anxiety. The staying indoors in closed spaces gives room for heated arguments and a lot of self-harm. This has led to so many couples falling out and lacking a solution in their marriages. Couples have also suffered losses and difficulties in raising children and hence leading to the spike of the divorcees. Some of these issues have piled up over the month and hence filling for the divorce around the holiday seasons increasing the hearing around the holiday season. These are the reasons why there has been a spike in the cases in the usually quiet holidays.


What is the main reason for Divorce in New York 2021

The main reason for divorce in New York today is the drastic effect of Covid_19 that has had people stay idle at home, loose jobs, rise economic uncertainties among other problems.

Can I afford filing a divorce in new york?

It is not easy to determine the cost you will incur in the process of filling a divorce case or the entire process all together. However to some states you can manage through with very little cost while some processes are expensive. It will be determined by the people involved among other factors.

Do I need to acquire a New York Divorce Attorney?

At times some terms and conditions cannot be understood by a common person and thus there may be need to have an attorney intervention who is well versed with the divorce law. At times you may not need them if you cannot afford them.

How long do i need to be separated from my spouse to file a divorce case?

The period may matter to some extent but  it is determined with the grounds of divorce that your case is all about.

How long does the divorce case take

It is difficult to determine the how long the divorce case will take. This is because Divorce cases are soo personal and emotional and thus they proceed according to the feelings of the parties.

What is a contested Divorce case

This is a case where by the spouse do not agree with their divorce issues and they have to seek the courts intervention to sort out their issues.

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