My elderly parents have a mortgage on their home. Can they still leave it to me in their will?

My elderly parents have a mortgage on their home. Can they still leave it to me in their will?

Elderly Care And Protecting Their Estate

The way that your elders have a home loan even in their later years isn’t innately an issue. It’s becoming more normal nowadays, particularly as numerous property holders enjoy taking the benefit of low loan costs and renegotiating their homes. Homes with home loans can be placed into trusts or left to beneficiaries.

The issue would be if they ended up in a position where they could. Don’t make their regularly scheduled installments, wherein case you and you would have to step in to guarantee the home doesn’t go into dispossession.

Homes in trusts can stay away from the probate interaction. These trusts will determine how the property should be separated upon your elder’s demise. The trust could be revocable, which means the property could be eliminated from it whenever or unalterable. They can also keep residing in the home even after it’s put in a trust.

Beneficiaries, however, are qualified for a move forward for the reason of property they acquire. That implies that while ascertaining the capital additions for a home offer, rather than utilizing the property’s cost when your relatives got it. You would use the worth on the day they pass.

Before you place their home in the care of a trust, your family should evaluate the expense of your relative’s continuous medical care. This is costly and assuming they haven’t as of now paid into a drawn-out care protection plan.

Your folks could put their home in a particular Medicaid unavoidable trust, which, similar to a standard trust, would go around the probate cycle.

You’d call the number below to know what an estate plan provides and its pros. Today is the best time to make an estate plan for complete protection. For any questions about the following, ask or call (212) 561 – 4299 to get your financial freedom.


 1. What is Medicaid fraud?

Medicaid fraud is simply false information to get Medicaid to pay for all the services you need or someone else.

2. How much does a will cost in NY?

A usual Will can cost you about $1200. However, with an estate plan package, it’ll be around the same price range or even less with a good estate lawyer. Then that can be much cheaper, up to $300 to $1000, depending on your situation.

3. When someone dies, does their debt go away?

No, when someone dies, if that person has any debt, creditors will still ask for the money back, adding more credit to the accounts. After the designation of the person’s assets during court, payment of debts will also be announced to whoever the court would call responsible. So a family member, spouse, or close friend will continue paying everything you owe, so you should make an estate plan to prevent this sort of conflict.

4. Does a trust protect assets from a nursing home?

 Yes, as long as you transfer funds towards your rent, mortgage, or assistant living instead of going to a nursing home.

5. Can I make an estate plan alone?

You are allowed to make your estate plan, but this would leave you with significant errors if an actual lawyer doesn’t view it. So, making your estate plan might be invalid if not looked over.

6.   What does an elder care attorney do?

An elder care attorney has the expertise in arranging any necessary goals for whoever the elder being served needs. It can go along with not just estate planning but also medical care proxies, elder abuse, or dealing with ownership of spousal belongings. This is all regards to any senior over the age of 50.

7. What is a Totten Trust Form?

This trust form allows you to avoid probate due to already assigning a beneficiary after your name.

8. How do I know if NY approved my unemployment claim?

After applying for unemployment at the official NY government website,, you should receive a letter towards your home address two weeks after applying stating how much unemployment you should receive. If NY is not approved, you will receive the same letter in the same amount of time saying you’re ineligible due to specific dynamics in your life that the government won’t give you many benefits.

9. Do you need a lawyer for advance directives?

You can create these forms as long as you are over 18 but have the same disadvantages as handwriting your own Will. This means that advance directives shouldn’t be handwritten to prevent future fallacies due to the inability to read the file or put information that has nothing to do with what’s needed. So you can make your advance directives, but the recommendation is to get a lawyer to guide you.

10. Does a trust override a will?

No, a trust has different functions than a Will, but faith secures the Wills needs.


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