Guardianship Lawyer Queens

Guardianship Lawyer Queens

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Showing care and compassion for your family

As a loved one ages, their needs change as well. You taking on the responsibility of guardianship over your loved one requires careful and in-depth commitment, and it is expedient you seek the counsel of a trustworthy Guardianship lawyer in order to establish the right kind of guardianship which best satisfies the needs of that loved one. Having decades of experience guiding the people of Queens through the process of securing guardianship, the guardianship lawyer Queens is your most reliable option. When you meet with him, he will thoroughly discuss your loved one’s lifestyle and care requirements in order to ascertain that guardianship is the right option. The guardianship lawyer Queens will offer legal advise and directives in selecting the best-fit person to appoint as a guardian.

Meeting your guardianship needs

You may desire to be the guardian of that loved one of yours who has become incapacitated due to age or disability. As a guardian and conservator, there are certain roles you’ll have to play on behalf of that person depending on the kind of guardianship established.

  • For Guardianship of the person, you’ll be required to make personal and medical decisions on your loved one’s behalf.
  • For “Guardianship of the property”, you’ll be required to make financial decisions on behalf of the person, regarding their estate property.
  • For “Guardianship of the person and property”, you’ll be required to make decisions on both items as above.
  • For “Guardianship ad item”, the court provides you with legal powers to represent your loved one in court in care they have become mentally incapacitated and cannot speak for themselves.

You may also make estate management decisions for such a person, including decisions about writing a will, naming an executor or establishing a trust, planning to minimize estate taxes or establishing a Medicaid plan.

Whatever the case, take advantage of the readily available and highly competent services of the guardianship lawyer. Guardianship matters are serious and delicate, and you should never thread into such deep waters in ignorance. Contact the Guardianship Lawyer Queens to schedule an appointment today.

Do not delay to establish legal guardianship

Lots of people take this advice for granted to do advance planning with a health care proxy or power of attorney, only to learn too late that a guardian could have saved them a lot of unnecessary stress. If you do not make certain decisions regarding your future now, you may find yourself in a situation where you can never do that by yourself again. Albeit despairing to think about, you may suddenly develop an old people’s disease, neurological impairment or get involved in an accident which may render you incapacitated. Then you wouldn’t be able to manage your finances anymore, your bills and debts will be unpaid, and your estate will be left in shambles. The court will then have to name and appoint a guardian on your behalf if you have not done so in an advanced planning document prior to the illness or incapacitation. But having the court come into the picture often is quite expensive and involves a lot of legal hassles for your family. Who even knows if the so-called guardian appointed by the court will have the best interests at heart? Planning beforehand using your health care proxy and power of attorney will help avoid these hassles. These tools give whoever you appoint the power to make decisions on your behalf without the court’s intervention. But you wouldn’t even know how to go about these things or know the full extent of their powers if you do not speak with s guardianship lawyer. By protecting yourself before hand, you save considerable time and money.

Other aspects of guardianship

Other services you get from having guardianship besides decision making on one’s behalf, is asset planning and protection. Elderly people normally have difficulty in handling their assets and other complex financial matters, and may easily suffer undue influence from family members. Guardianship is used to protect the assets of elderly persons, protecting them from becoming victims of financial abuse. The guardian will therefore act on the person’s behalf to obtain legal tools and assets with which to protect them.

With law firms in Queens, the guardianship lawyer Queens provides you with thorough and sound legal representation, helping you obtain solutions to the last one of your guardianship needs, helping you establish durable power of attorney as well as living trusts. Tomorrow may be too late. Contact the guardianship lawyer Queens Now.

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