Finding a good probate lawyer

Finding a good probate lawyer

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Most people find it difficult in getting a very good probate lawyer around them and it is more of a hard task whenever you need one right from the location where the deceased passed on. A handful of probate lawyers may be available where ever you are but there is a higher chance of you finding a very few amount of them that are qualified and ready to help you with the probate process.

Just before you start asking questions, let’s talk about who probate lawyers are and what they do specifically.

Who is a probate Lawyer?

A probate lawyer is a state-licensed attorney who can help the beneficiaries of an estate or you (the appointed Executor of a particular Will) through the process of settling the final affairs of a deceased person. There are the people responsible for providing advice and assistance to an executor of a will or the beneficiaries of the deceased’s estate.

What does a probate Lawyer do?

Assisting the personal representative of a particular estate is one of the sole duties that a probate lawyer is expected to carry out and most of these duties may feel very hectic for you, especially if you just lost a loved one. Assisting a personal representative means a lot and most of what it entails are as follows:

  • Determining and paying inheritance taxes
  • Retitling and distributing assets to the beneficiaries
  • Obtaining appraisals of properties
  • Assisting with the sale of estate properties
  • Settling disputes
  • Identification and collection of assets
  • Handling overall finances
  • Collecting life insurance policy proceeds
  • Preparing and filing all court documents

If you eventually find a probate lawyer who is fully capable of accomplishing most, if not all of the tasks listed above without breaking a sweat, then you should consider yourself an individual full of luck.

Should I or should I not find a probate Lawyer?

Most of the tasks listed in the paragraph may seem easy to you as an executor or beneficiary but it is often advisable to get a good probate attorney if you feel lost during the probate process. On the other hand, probate lawyers are not really necessary once you already know what you’re dealing with and how to deal with it but before you jump into conclusions, you should ask yourself these following questions:

  • How complex is the estate I’m about to deal with?
  • What are the potential problems to be encountered?
  • Did the deceased have a Will
  • Did the deceased have a Trust
  • Did the deceased have both a Will and a Trust?
  • Are there any past controversial relationships with other beneficiaries that are to be considered?

After asking yourself these questions listed above, then you can now make decisions on wether you should or should not get a probate lawyer.

How do I find a good probate Lawyer near me?

A probate lawyers that are competent, experienced and flexible with whatever issue they face are the first set of attorneys you should consider. This is because you don’t want a situation whereby the designated attorney fail to handle the estate they’ve been assigned to. A good probate lawyer would always have the following qualities:

  • Takes you along almost the whole process and doesn’t leave you behind
  • Communicates effectively with you
  • Hundred percent honest to you
  • Surely experienced
  • Resilient and filled with perseverance
  • Offers an affordable price

Once you already know that your probate lawyer is highly qualified and has the features listed above, then you can higher one online or make an enquiry at your local probate court or at the ones where the deceased person died. Also note that the price for hiring a probate attorney is based on a variety of factors but the bottom line here is that you should pay for a probate lawyer who is experienced and knows what he or she is doing.

Need an estate planning attorney?

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