Estate planning with the estate planning lawyer Paramus, NJ

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Estate planning with the estate planning lawyer Paramus, NJ

Why people often ignore estate planning

Many people refrain from creating an estate plan because of its seemingly difficult nature. There are many forms to fill, documents to create, and laws to uphold, and some busy individuals hardly find the time to even sit down and think about what happens to their estate and hard-earned life’s work if sudden death, accident or disaster occurs. Some are even scared to even think about death itself, and so fail to plan towards it. Whether or not one plans for death, it must surely come. So it is better to plan towards your last days; how to disburse your assets to your loved ones and keep them financially protected even after you’re gone. While the whole issue might seem burdensome and scary, estate planning with the estate planning lawyer Paramus, NJ, is the best thing that can happen to you.

Consulting the estate planning lawyer Paramus, NJ

If you feel you do not have the time or knowledge to create an estate plan, the best thing to do is not to ignore the matter but to speak with an estate planning lawyer Paramus NJ, and leave the matter in his hands. The estate planning lawyer in Paramus, NJ is a highly skilled attorney, having years of experience handling the estate planning matters of Paramus residents. He is empathic and insightful; he will look into your situation and come up with an individualized estate plan that best addresses every peculiarity in your estate. All you have to do is discuss with him openly about your wishes. He knows what legal tools to use that would handle your particular situation, and what estate laws to take advantage of that offers you the best benefits.

1. He will help create and establish estate planning documents

Estate planning documents require a lot of formalities in their creation. A slight mistake made, and you can watch your estate plan crumble down like a sand castle. For example, when a will is found to have violated any of the requirements, the will is rendered void and the deceased is said to have died intestate, i.e. without a will. In such a case, the wishes of the deceased for his or her loved ones would no longer hold any water. To avoid such cases, have the estate planning lawyer establish the documents for you. He is highly knowledgeable in the creation of wills, living trust, irrevocable trusts, life insurance policies, living wills, advance health care directives, durable power of attorney, and knows which to use and which not to use.

2. Helping through Guardianship

The estate planning lawyer in Paramus, NJ also handles Guardianship proceedings. He’ll help your loved one file for Guardianship in court and help prove the need for conservatorship to the court.

3. Helping through probate

The loved ones of a deceased can call on the estate planning attorney to help during probate. Probate is quite burdensome for the mourning, and getting help from a professional becomes necessary. He’ll help the executor of the will go through the legal steps and ensure every step is carried out cautiously and legally. If there is a will contest during probate, he is also an expert in resolving the issues among the disgruntled parties.

4. Helping you update your estate plan

As time progresses, the need to update your estate plan often arises. Divorce, marriage, new births or deaths, acquisition of new assets, creation of new businesses, all demand for a change in your estate plan. Many people keep their estate plan after creating it without going back to review it from time to time. This may be as a result of lack of time. But the estate planning lawyer in Paramus has your best interests at heart, and this is why you should always remain in touch even after creating your estate plan. He’ll notify you for an update should the need arise, and advise or help you on what changes to effect in the plan.

Get the best of estate planning by contacting the estate planning lawyer in Paramus NJ

Do not delay your estate plan because you find no free time due to work, or because of the burdensome nature of estate planning. Delay may be calamitous as anything can happen at any time. Simply contact the estate planning lawyer today.

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