Estate planning lawyers near me 14216

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Estate planning lawyers near me 14216

Who is an estate planning lawyer?

An estate planning attorney is a trained professional that handles the processes of estate planning and other estate matters, while mitigating costs and complications. They are different from general practitioners as they are more objective in the area of estate planning. They oversee the entire process of documentation to due representation.

The benefits of creating an estate plan with the help of an estate planning attorney cannot be overemphasized. Due to the severity and cruciality of the various processes involved, a misstep can lead to invalidity of a plan that might lead to loss of assets, no estate owner wants this and as such the estate attorney otherwise known as the probate attorney is one to guide you through this future securing process.

Important documents the estate planning attorney would help you prepare

  • Last will and testament: this is a document that contains the desires and directives of an estate owner usually for how they want their estate to be handled or allocated in the event of their death. This is gradually becoming less in use as it is bound to undergo the long process of probate- a curt prcess of verifying the authenticity of a last will. There are several will templates online but how well can they keep up with the ever dynamc state and federal laws and also can dey accomodate adjustments to your plans when life changes occur. You have nothing to worry about when you prepare your will with a professional estate planning attorney.
  • Living trust: in place of a last will, a trust can be more appropriate if you want to bypass the often complex and expensve legal process of probate. Your estate planning attorney will transfer your estate into a trust, a document that declares an indvdual the trustee to take charge of managing yur assets for the eventual beneficiary it is allocated to.
  • Power of attorney:  A power of attorney is a document that enables an estate owner to pick a qualified individual of choice to make crucial decisions on their behalf in the event of incapacity. Quite similar to the trust in that it also grants power to an individual. This individual is able to make decisions in the best interest of the estate owner for example, consider health issues, they can make decisions in getting you the best treatment available. You have to appoint someone you trust to think as you would in these situations.

The estate planning attorney efficiently handles the tedious process of creating the best estate plan you deserve. They apply the best method to avoid surprises that may risk you losing a large part of your assets and also advise you every step of the way.

Bottom line

Estate planning is an important life plan that oversees the proper management and transfer of your assets without hindrance as you would want after incapacity or death.

Making an estate plan is different from having a will. Many estate owners have this misconception about the will and it is false. The will is just one of the documents involved in the estate planning process; it is often being replaced with the living trust, as it tends to attract probate- a long, time and money consuming court process to verify the authenticity of a last will testament.

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Estate planning professional consultation and help is readily available to every individual and it is not for the wealthy and high income earners alone. An experienced attorney will guide you through the best estate plan and ensure that your best interest are fulfilled and the best of what you have are passed down without complications to your loved ones.

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