Estate Planning lawyer New Jersey

Estate Planning lawyer New Jersey

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We offer personalized and comprehensive estate planning to clients throughout the State of New Jersey. Our estate planning lawyers are highly-skilled with appreciable years of experience working with New Jersey residents, and we wish to assist you also.

Our approach to estate planning is personalized. We seek to understand your goals, family, and estate situation through keen discussion. We then work around these points of interest to develop an estate plan that addresses all your needs and enables the easy and effective management and distribution of your assets in the event something happens to you.

As your situation warrants, we shall help you prepare your will, trust, power of attorney, among other estate planning strategies. Contact us today for a free consultation with an estate planning lawyer in New Jersey.

Why you should get help from an estate planning lawyer in New Jersey—and quickly

Estate planning varies across different states. The estate laws of New Jersey are quite different from those in other states. Hence, it would be best if you had the assistance of a lawyer highly-knowledgeable in New Jersey laws to be able to plan in compliance with New Jersey laws while taking advantage of its beneficial provisions and strategies.

For example, there are legal strategies by which you can avoid making your loved ones pay huge estate taxes before they can inherit from you. If you do not adequately plan for that, then a huge chunk of your estate may be going to the government.

Furthermore, estate planning is something you should do quickly. This is because you do not know when disaster will strike. As sad as it is to imagine, one can become incapacitated at any time due to sickness or age. Who then will run your business and make decisions on your behalf? And what if you pass away before your minors attain the legal age of 18? How do they inherit? In every way we look at it, estate planning is in your best interests. It gives you peace of mind for the future.

To ensure your wishes are honored when something happens to you, we advise you to start making plans now. Get started by calling us to speak with a New Jersey estate planning lawyer.

Essential estate planning documents for a New Jersey estate plan

We can help you create the following estate planning documents:


A last will and testament is a document expressing your last wishes. In this document, you lay down instructions on how you want your estate disbursed when you die. Our goal is to ensure your will:

  • Complies with state laws for validity
  • Contains the right terms
  • Does exactly what you want it to do
  • Addresses the right assets to avoid confusion and squabbles when you pass away

Living trust

A living trust also allows you to transfer property to whoever you wish, but without going through the costly and time-consuming probate process. Assets held in a trust pass outside probate. However, not all assets can or should go into a trust. We will advise you on what to include and what not to.

Power of attorney (POA)

 As you get older, there is always the fear of incapacity. It may be Alzheimer’s or dementia. It may never come. But it is best to plan for such a situation. A power of attorney is a document by which you can authorize a trusted individual to make decisions for you when you are incapable of doing so yourself. This agent, known as your attorney-in-fact, will step into your shoes to manage your property, legally bound to act in your best interest always. There are different kinds of POA, and we will discuss and create only that which suits you. 

  • Medical power of attorney: you grant your agent powers to make only medical healthcare decisions. Here, your agent has no authority over your financial affairs.

Living will

Legally known as the New Jersey instruction directive, this document allows you to lay out your terms for the end of life treatment in a case where the quality of life can no longer be extended.  You can instruct that you should not be kept on life support, and your wishes will be honored when the time comes.

Estate planning lawyer near you New Jersey

Need to speak with an estate planning lawyer near you in New Jersey? Kindly call us today to get in touch with one.

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