Estate Planning Attorney near 11211, Brooklyn, NY

Estate Planning Attorney near 11211, Brooklyn, NY

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There are so many things an estate planning attorney can help you do. Being a legal affair regulated by state laws, a lawyer is better equipped to help you draft your documents so that they are consistent with state laws, contain the right wordings, and that the provisions are used to your advantage. An estate planning attorney ensures that your wishes are carried out just as you want them, and that your surviving loved ones suffer no complications in inheriting what you let for them.

We serve Brooklyn NY, 11211

Our team of estate planning attorneys has assisted a plethora of clients all over New York. We understand how convenient and advantageous it is for you to be able to reach an attorney in proximity to you, so we make ourselves readily available. If you live around the area of zip code 11211 and wish to speak with an estate planning attorney near you, kindly contact us.

How we can help you

At our law firm, our lawyers are proficient, experienced, and empathetic in dealing with clients. We offer professional assistance and consultation if you have any questions as regarding your estate or estate laws. With a precise understanding of your wishes, we can also help you establish the following essential estate planning documents:

  • A will — an estate planning document basically used for bequeathing properties to your loved ones. With a will, you can leave assets for just anybody or entity, e.g. charity. It goes effect after you die. As your estate planning attorney, it is our priority to ensure that the wordings in your will say exactly what you mean. Wrong choice of words can cause problems during probate. Depending on the nature of your estate, We would also guide you on the right assets to transfer with a will. Some assets should be left outside a will, such as those with designated beneficiaries and highly valuable ones. This will help to make probate less time-consuming expensive and complicated.
  • Power of attorney — As sad as it is to think about, one might become incapacitated later in life. To ensure that your estate continues running under efficient hands, we would help you establish a durable financial power of attorney. In this document, you name a competent person to make financial decisions on your behalf in the event of your incapacity. If you do not have this document, a guardianship proceeding would have to be conducted — a rather complicated process which you can very much avoid now.
  • Power of attorney for Healthcare — which allows you to name someone who would be responsible for making medical decisions for you during incapacity.
  • Living will — this document allows you to spell out your healthcare preferences during a terminal condition. If there is anything you would want or not want at that time, we can help you express such wishes now so that your voice can be heard then.
  • Trust — some estates are better off with only a will as an asset transfer document while others are better off combining a will and a trust. Using only a will for a large complex estate can be detrimental as a huge part of the estate funds would be used to foot bills and taxes during probate. Depending on the nature of your estate, we may advise establishing trusts for your loved ones and funding them with the assets you want to give to each beneficiary. This way, they can inherit the trust quickly and privately without probate. In the event of your incapacity, your successor trustee named in the trust would now take responsibility of managing your estate and the trust. He is bound by his fiduciary obligations to always act to your best interests.


Proper estate planning does not treat each document as a separate entity on its own. Our method is to use these documents each as a bit of a whole to serve one purpose. That is why we review each document to ensure there are no inconsistencies but proper coordination.

Tax planning

If your estate would be subject to state and federal estate taxes, we would draft your estate plan with an eye towards minimizing or avoiding those taxes as possible.

Through estate planning, you can continue to provide for your loved ones and even charity. Estate planning can immortalize your legacy. Not only that, but it gives you peace of mind in life that comes with knowing your wishes will be honored when you die, and that your family’s financial future would be secured. You need to get it right. Call us today to get expert assistance from an estate planning attorney Brooklyn, NY, 11211.

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