Estate Planning and Estate Planning Attorney Queens

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Estate Planning and Estate Planning Attorney Queens

What does it mean to make an Estate Plan?

Estate planning is a buzzword. We hear of estate planning often; sometimes in the TV, from individuals, or online. The word estate planning may be a common word, but not everyone is aware of what estate planning really is. Some believe estate planning deals with lands, while some believe estate planning deals with houses.

Individuals who know few things about estate plan believe that it is an easy process. They believe that it is all about the drafting of will that are automatically activated upon the death of the estate owner. Estate planning, is far more than that. In fact, to plan an estate, you need the help of a professional; someone qualified to help you plan an estate that mirrors your wish. This professional is commonly regarded as an estate planning attorney. Before I make you understand who an estate planning attorney is, it is best you are fully aware of what it means to plan an estate.

Estate Planning is More than a Mere Plan

Estate planning is like preparing for a picnic, or a tour; the only difference is that, estate planning involves severe planning and paperwork. The purpose of estate planning is to ensure that upon your demise, your wishes regarding your estate are fulfilled. An estate plan can also be of help when you get incapacitated. So, estate planning is basically a plan made in preparation of one’s death. It involves plans regarding the administration of ones estate, the distribution of ones assets, the payment of undue debts and taxes, etc.

Having known what an estate plan is, why don’t we dive into who an estate planning attorney is?

Who is an Estate Planning Attorney?

An estate planning attorney is an individual who helps to plan an estate. This professional can help you create a will, trust fund, power of attorney, including other documents related to estate planning. Do you live in Queens and wish to escape probate? Talk to an estate planning attorney Queens. Provided it’s related to estate planning, an estate planning attorney can be of help. In addition, if perhaps, your estate wasn’t lucky enough to escape probate, an estate planning attorney can also be of help. They understand the probate process like “ABC” and they have what it takes to guide your family through the process without any complications whatsoever.

An estate planning attorney can also be regarded as an estate law attorney, or probate attorneys. These professionals boast of experience, they are licensed and are very accustomed to the state and federal law that affects how your estate will be administered.

What do Estate Planning Attorneys do?

If you are yet to plan your estate I bet this question crossed your mind while you read through the content of this article. You see, even those who have planned their estate aren’t fully aware of the duties of an estate planning attorney. So, what exactly does and estate planning attorney do?

An estate planning attorney can be regarded as “Jack of all trades” as far as estate planning is concerned. They do everything ranging from the preparation of a power of attorney, the preparation of wills that conforms to the federal and state laws, etc. Below are other things estate planning attorneys do:

  • Estate planning attorneys help clients update their will.
  • Estate planning attorneys help handle probate process
  • Estate planning attorneys help in offering advice to estate owners and their family after their demise
  • Estate planning attorneys help create all kinds of trusts
  • Estate planning attorneys help prevent guardianship of estate for minors or incapacitated individuals ‘
  • Estate planning attorneys help facilitate the distribution of your properties to your loved ones
  • Estate planning attorneys help make the estate planning process very easy

Estate Planning Attorney Queens

A competent estate attorney can help in ensuring that your estate is well managed. He or she can also ensure that your wishes regarding your estate are fulfilled. If you reside in the beautiful city of Queens and you need an estate planning attorney Queens, we have you covered. Our estate planning attorneys can help you pick up the piece. We can also provide you and your loved ones the legal help you need. Contact us and let’s help you plan and estate that you are super-proud of.

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