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Capital Tax Solutions is owned by Ernie Mayhorn established in 2003 in Nevada, Carson City precisely. The business is basically about tax and tax planning with 6 workers with a broad mix of clientele, of about one thousand seven hundred customers. The business has been elected as the best many times, however, Ernie Mayhorn was left with no choice but to sell off the business due to his failed marriage. Nevertheless, being so courageous and determined he picked up again even if it meant starting from the scratch.

Currently, the business is up and running with about eight hundred customers. Ernie has said his approach in handling his customers is his secret to business success both during his first attempt and presently. The business is located in Nevada, although they attend to customers from across the nation since Ernie is a registered agent with a license to practice in every state. His approach is not rigid and stereotyped hence, he has a flexible pattern of communication with his customers without subcontracting or any third parties of any kind and simply based on customer’s preference; as the customers have the opportunity to choose if they prefer conversations on phone, text messages or emails.

Himself and his workers are happy to work for anyone and with anyone without discrimination of class or status. As such they work with big corporations in the northern part of the city, likewise for medical doctors, attorneys, architectures, manufacturers, builders and engineering companies, eateries and bars, both prominent individuals and any other person who needs their services even the elderly and hemp industries.

Their services are unique by meeting the needs of their customers satisfactorily via individual and instant response, detailed and useful services rendered, all at an affordable charge. They are not limited by specialties as they are open to serve anyone who needs their services: as a result, they have customers of different cadre and status including millionaires, persons from the middle class and beginners as well. He believes that all individuals irrespective of their social or economic status are entitled to get the best service especially on finance for a just and affordable charge.

Wondering why Ernie chose the city of Nevada?

When he first established the business in the year 2003, he was not in Nevada. He was actually living close to California in Lake Tahoe, however, being a well travelled man, he knew the city of Nevada and the people who live in it to be honorable. He thought there could be no better place to set up his business hence, he relocated to the city with great enthusiasm and focus. Ernie said he loved the city for it’s distinguished way of life and do not see himself relocating elsewhere.

He mentioned how opportune he is to work with amazing set of persons in the city and count this the greatest gift. He said the city of Nevada is a place of value with honourable men and women and families who uphold nothing but true values. The people are ready to work daily without any form of laziness.

A word of advice from Ernie

Gather around yourself experts and willingly learn from them as you work with them. The wealth of experience and expertise from such men and women is nowhere comparable to what you can gather from online. Beyond theories, they have attained a level of success and likewise can tell you what failure truly is as they have tested of failure too. They have made impacts by what they do in the businesses around, so hear them and learn from them. Give them the opportunity to be themselves and take necessary actions as they ought to and that as well will give you the opportunity to do that you are supposed to do. Apart from preparing and planning taxes, they do a lot of other things which include; planning for your retirement, providing solutions for IRS related issues, estate planning, business consultation and creation, auditing, financial consultation and planning, taxes (including all state and federal taxes), employee payroll preparation. The Capital Tax Solutions promises your satisfaction if you request their services when in need of any of such services.

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