Can I Change Attorneys Without Hurting My Case?

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Is your attorney not providing you with the results you need?  Do you feel like they aren’t doing everything that they can to fight for your best interests?  There are countless reasons why you may decide to change attorneys, but it can feel like you can’t substitute the one you first picked.  Don’t worry, you aren’t stuck with your first lawyer and you don’t have to be shackled to inferior representation. Read on to find out how you can switch attorneys and secure the legal team you deserve.

Ask Permission

In some cases you may switch your legal representation on a whim however in others you may need to get confirmation from the court.  The judge may decide to deny your request for any number of reasons, chief among them if the judge feels the switch would delay the case.  In general, the stronger your reasons for the switch, the more likely it is to be accepted.

Replace Your Lawyer

Once you have received permission to switch you should find a new lawyer.  Make sure to search for representation that will not repeat the mistakes of your previous attorney.  Once you have a new lawyer lined up, notify your old lawyer that their services will no longer be needed.  You may be relieved to hear that you aren’t obliged to discuss the reasons for termination with the old lawyer.

Tell The Court

Finally, you must submit a motion for substitution of attorney.  Both of your lawyers will typically be required to sign documents informing the court about the switch.  Once this is done collect both your file and any unearned fees from your old lawyer, pay any outstanding charges, and you’re ready to move forward with your new representation.

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