4 Reasons Research Says We Should Have 4-Day Workweeks

4 Reasons Research Says We Should Have 4-Day Workweeks

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Back in early 2020 when the Corornavirus was still raging and taking a huge chunk out of some company’s working flexibility, workers were advised to stay at home and work remotely if they could. Many people thought working remotely would actually affect most companies, industries and other businesses, the truth here is that it did affect some of them.

On the other hand, other business owners noticed that working remotely and working less than the supposed working time actually increased the level of productivity, effectiveness and zeal in their workers. Most businesses that allowed their employees work a little bit less, had their sales and revenue skyrocketed but for others, it unfortunately did not work the same way.

Before we go deep into why a 4-day workweek system should be implemented, let’s talk about 4 reasons research says we should have 4-day workweeks.

4 reasons research says we should have 4-day workweeks

Implementing the 4-day workweek system sounds like something most workers would want and this has been tested by some companies around the globe. For some of them, it turned out positively effective, so if the research has pointed out that this kind of working system can be of great help to businesses, why should we believe that?

1. It is better for the health of employees:

Health should be considered first before any other thing and as an employer, it is advisable to make sure that your employees are not using their body to the extent where they feel so stressed out. Once they end up stressing themselves out, it can actually lead to several unforseen circumstances that you may not want any of your employees to experience. Working for a lesser amount of time can give business men and women more time to disconnect themselves with whatever that has to do with work and allow them take care of themselves.

2. It provides time for employees to look into other interests:

Working for five days straight in a week may actually not give employees enough space and time to focus and develope themselves in other areas they have set their mind on. As an employer, you shouldn’t expect your employees to throw all their apples in one basket even if they look very devoted to whatever job they do for you. No, that’s not how things work because people would always want to find how they can develop themselves in either hobbies or tasks that they feel can help them financially or otherwise. A 4-day workweek system can provide enough time for them to focus more on those other areas of interest.

3. May curb student unemployment:

There are lots of students out there that are willing and zealous to keep working even if it is just for a little upcoming business, so that they can be able to earn quite a reasonable amount of extra cash for themselves. Most of these students study at school during the day before moving on to work either afternoon, evening or at night and they do these for 5 days a week. This is actually something that can make them stressed out and eventually, they would want to quit that very job they held unto because they didn’t have enough time for themselves. With 4-day workweek in place, they would be able to rest, observe leisure activities and also have more time to study.

4. Increases productivity:

Lots of surveys have proven to business owners that the level of productivity within employees is boosted to a noticable amount when they work a little less than usual, just like it was stated earlier on. With a 4-day workweek system in place, employees can garner more flexibility, space and time to deal with other issues they might not have dealt with if they’d been working for 5 days a week straight. This makes them more open to lots of new ideas, allowing them to improve and develope the way they reason, approach or solve difficult problems.


Many companies in the United States of America have already started to implement the 4-day workweek system, some countries are even considering this for their workers and trying to see if it would be helpful or not. Although, research might have provided a lot of eye-catching proofs, making you believe that the 4 day workweek system will bring your business to its promise land but try to consider the type of business you have before moving along with this working system.

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